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Colbie Caillat chats about ASPCA and ‘magic pants’

After finding out that Colbie Caillat sang one of my favorite songs (Brighter than The Sun), about a month ago, I went to see what other songs she’d sung.

I found several other favorites, and then I saw that she was going to be making a song (Try) which seemed to line up with my goals quite a bit.

Then I saw this article, and I thought it was too coincidental. Magic Pants!! :) (My Magic Pants post.) And animal rescue (which I am also very involved in)!

Pretty cool.

Colbie Caillat chats about ASPCA and ‘magic pants’.


Anorexia, stress, parties, and snacks.


When my family isn’t getting along, I don’t feel like eating because I’m not being ‘good enough’ therefore; I don’t deserve nourishment.

When I find that resources are scarce, I feel bad for using so many, and stop wanting to eat.

When I’m planning food for other people, I see just how much needs to be done, and how many things it takes to feed a small group. It causes a lot if internal stress and frustration, and I don’t want to add to it, so I don’t want to eat. Maybe then I’ll have enough money to buy all the food they need.


When I feel bloated, it is an artificial feeling of “fat”. This is really good to know, I think, because if you can eliminate the bloat, you can get rid of those horrible negative feelings, that are complete lies. And at least “bloating” is easier to get rid of than the ill-treated “fat”… For me, a lot of times, I’m not upset at how I look, I am upset at how I feel – like an extra 3 inches is sticking out from every side and everybody sees a person who eats irregardless of need. None of that is true in the least. I use probiotics and listening to my body’s needs to try not to get bloated.

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Impressions of 2 Episodes from the Carol Burnett Show

A while ago, Mom said, “Hey! Let’s get the Carol Burnett show. That could be fun.” So, I tried to locate it on Netflix. Unfortunately, I only succeeded in ordering a “Reunion of the Cast” type of special, which featured cast members reminiscing, and short clips of what they were discussing. 

We didn’t get a good feel for it, at all.

I checked again, to see if I’d missed something, or maybe Netflix had added the full-length show episodes. I found them! They are said to be Carol Burnett’s picks, and so they come in random order, but they are full episodes. 

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Go-To Hot Chocolate

As promised, another of my go-to recipes!
This has been adapted many, many times over the years, from Hershey’s single-serving Hot Cocoa recipe.

BlogHC pic 2
I like hot chocolate. I have it often!
Here is how I make it – it is super easy to change-up according to what you need!

  • A little hot water
  • 1-2 Tablespoons of Cocoa
  • Sweetener: stevia, sugar, or other
  • Enough milk to fill your mug
  1. When the water is heated, add about 2-3 T of it to your mug. You will melt the cocoa in it.
  2. Add the cocoa and sweetener to the hot water. Stir it up, until it is clump free. (1T or less of cocoa for low-caffeine and lightly cocoa-ey, 2T  for traditional tasting cocoa.) You don’t have to measure, measure – I just use spoons, and approximations!
  3. Pour in the milk until it is full.
  4. Heat in microwave until there is a light layer of foam on the top, about 30 seconds – 1 minute.
  5. Drink!

By the way, why do I use the microwave?:

If I heat it on the stove as traditional cocoa is made, then there is high percentage chance that it will “burn”. Sugar substitutes (and even sugar one time) – get this weird “burnt” taste even though I heated it gently. :) So, that is why I skip heating sugar-subs on the stove.

Happy Wednesday and have a great rest of your week.

What is your favorite hot drink?


Tuesday Today .14

Playing this:

I have been really enjoying playing this game. Leveling up, the animation, and lots to do! Valitharian Arc 2 

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.29.09 AM

Screenshot from my game account.

Cooking This:



Homemade Corn Tortillas! Have you ever made homemade tortillas before? They are lots of work, completely different than store-bought. I’ve made them at home with flour, but not with corn, until today. I am not sure how these are going to turn out! :)

Watching this:


NEW EPISODE OF BONES!! TNT got new episodes in! Yes! :) Hahaha, I should not be this excited, should I?

Did a lot of work and then ate this:

Pizza! Crafted at my local Domino’s. I love being able to eat at mainstream places by tweaking it. Here it was provolone instead of ‘pizza cheese’ (which contains modified food starch), and no garlic spread after being baked. A nice treat. :)

Have a terrific Tuesday! I’m tired so I’m gonna go and do yoga. :)


What did you do today (or yesterday… this is getting out late!)?



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