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As you have probably noticed from this post, I like to be prepared for things. I like to know that I’ll be able to handle whatever life is going to happen to me.

Stuck in a lifeboat because the ship was attacked by thieving pirate turtles? I’ll make sure I have the strength to fight and the resilience to survive that.

Getting old? I’ll figure out all the aspects and issues that I’ll face now, so I’ll know what to do then.

Living in the End Times? I’ll prep myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to be prepared for all of that! – biting scorpions, earthquakes, wars, and persecution.

The only problem with this extreme thinking, is that it takes a big chunk away from life right now. Instead of doing something because I want to, I’m doing it because it because something in the future might necessitate a grim outlook and a tough countenance.

I want to know I’ll feel qualified for what comes my way, but I had to realize that that wasn’t up to me.

It was up to God. He said that He would do that for me, so I need to stop worrying about being prepared by my own little wisdom, and live the life He set in front of me right now.

Plus it’s highly improbable all the things my mind wants me ready for would happen to anyone in one lifetime!

So, I made this quote, and I taped it to the wall at the head of my bed. Even though I don’t think it is proper grammatically, or something, it reminds me of the revelation to let God prep me for times ahead and stop putting myself through so much anguish.

Though it’s still fun to theorize about how I’d handle situations… (Like a pirate turtle attack? I just made that one up. :) )

I thought of this, this morning, as I went to face a possibly life-changing event. I had done everything I could to make it a success, but had been hamstrung by several things beyond my control. So, I tried, didn’t worry, and if it made my plans change, I was still going to fit right into God’s plan for my life.


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Somehow Saying Something Sunday

Hello Peoples!!

It… is… Sunday!

And I don’t know why,

I have all these thoughts

Forming brain clots

And I wish I could just say…

Okay, so that didn’t really go to, a-hem, Baby Got Back that well, sorry.

(I’ve only picked up on that song from TV shows…. I haven’t even heard the full version, ever.)

I’ve been working really hard, playing hard, and thinking lots, and that is not a good combo for spitting info back out to the world.

I’ve spoken to people, chastised myself for what I’ve said, and what I didn’t say.

I have had terrific days, though.

I got tea! Three teas!

I found an amazing movie, typed lots of posts.

I recorded new vids, and tried to dye my hair (it didn’t work.)

I wonder if when an INFP says, “I shouldn’t have said that!” How many times that they should have. How many times are we wrong?


I’ve been thinking about, you know, what my impression would be when I die. What could I change in my everyday life? Is there something I could change that would make me actually less stressed out and more of who I want to be?

I’ve come up with yet another business idea.

I’ve eaten a tonfeeling like I’m burning through the cheese I bought and tortillas that Mom gave me, but knowing that it’s not really true. They make a terrific, surprisingly-good, quesadilla. Galbani mozzarella, and sprouted corn tortillas microwaved for 20 seconds. The quesadillas have finally returned! However, I’m so hungry I eat like 2 at a time. (Or one, and then one 20 minutes later.) :)

I had a good longboarding session that BT was surprisingly optimistic and cheery about. He even said, “Hey, and you did good, too! I don’t want you to think that just because you can’t do blank that you’re not progressing, too.”

I’ve been making a wishlist, and coming up short on ideas! Haha, who has that happen?

Have a terrific end of your weekend and a great Monday. I’ve got a lot to do before a deadline in the next few days, so I may not be able to post for a few days.


How was your week?

Did you watch a great movie, read a great book, or rediscover a great meal recently? :)

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Tall Glass of Lemonade

(And yes, this is a lime, dropped in the lemonade... I was trying to find something to add interest! :) )

(And yes, this is a lime, dropped in the lemonade… I was trying to find something to add interest! :) )

I came back from walking my dog and poured myself a large cup of lemonade.

Hmm… Lemonade.

So, I’ll be sharing my essential, go-to recipes on the blog!

Yes, this means that if you come over, I’ll have nothing novel to serve you. ;)

But it’s better that you can make it all the time for yourself.

Today, it’s lemonade.

It’s the middle of summer, so it’s the perfect time to bust out the cooling drinks without pulling out the stops.

I first started using sugar-alternates as a result of guilt. Now I do it because I don’t like sugar in my drinks. My teeth feel so weird sugared-up. :(

I use Stevia – and a stevia brand which is non-GMO, and uses only inulin fiber as an additive. Inulin fiber is a prebiotic. :)

But in deference to the work that the stevia plant went through to make these little packets, I try to curtail my use. Plus, honey and maple syrup have health benefits not to be overlooked.

But not in my drinks, no thank you.

Anyways, this recipe literally takes 30 seconds to make if you have the ingredients! :) Bring on the family! the friends! the acquaintances! You and your squeeze bottle are ready ;)


  • Glass of water
  • Stevia packet
  • Juice of lemon/lemon squeeze pod
  • Opt. – Ice
  1. Pour the water.
  2. Squeeze in the lemon, or pour in the lemon juice. Maybe about 1-2 teaspoons.
  3. For a traditional sweetness in a 16-20 oz cup of water, use 3/4 – 1 packet of stevia. I use as little as 1/4 packet depending on what I’m going for.
  4. Wallah!

I hope you enjoy!

I hope you are having a terrific day! Stay awesome!


What recipe would you like to see next? 3 chocolate recipes, or practical recipes?

Do you have any lemonade recipes you’d like to share?

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Tuesday Today .12 – Morning Routine

Today’s Tuesday Today will feature my morning routine, so you can see what it’s like, the natural changes I’ve made, or chosen in it, and probably have a couple laughs! if it’s very different from yours. :)

Wake up and do this:


Not my photo! Click on photo to see story and more pics.

I get out of bed, and get Rimfire out of bed, too.

Natural Change: His bed is made from recycled material. Around $5 @ Walmart.

In the bathroom I have this:


Zumbar soap. I am very passionate about using biodegradable things, because if we use things that we, humans, have synthesized and they aren’t biodegradable, that means that it will last forever. Nothing breaks it down, as far as we can tell. So, although we can’t save the planet (according to my beliefs), that is an issue that I think is very important for everyone to realize. :)

Natural Change: Replacing my Softsoap usage for a biodegradable bar soap has cut down on our soap usage by 1/2! (I also am switching to natural, biodegradable shampoos and conditioners.)

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10 Moby Sleep Songs for a Baby (or anyone)

My first day watching the baby, I came prepared with CD’s.

Moby, Flamenco and other neutral background “songage”.

I listen to all sorts of music to go to sleep, but I figure neutral and instrumental was best when watching somebody else’s child.

(And side-note: Yes, I have considered Christian music, and it is awesome, and I have some favorites for sleeping from that, but Moby is doing the trick right now, so I don’t want to do something just to feel pious.)

Well, I had a very hard time trying to get her to sleep the first day, and after trying many things, I put on one of the CD’s.

She was sleepy in 5 minutes, and asleep in 15! The first day I only played the ones from the “Best Of” CD (CD is mentioned in captions).

Since then, I have used the same songs (plus a few more) every nap time. (Only now I know her parents are okay with her only taking a nap when she starts being sleepy, vs at 12 or whatever. Whew. :) )

The playlist runs 44 minutes, and so 1- 2 go-throughs covers nap-time. And it’s really awesome, because it helps her sleep, and doesn’t make me sleepy.  :)

Since I cannot play the songs for you, I added Screenshots of the iTunes visualizer. :) Okay, in order:

(And if the pics are too big, I’m sorry. I optimized it for my particular browser size and screen. I don’t like in your face picture slideshows, so hopefully these don’t pop out at you!)

#1 - Now I let it Go

#1 – Now I let it Go – Best of

#1 – Now I Let It Go: I start with this one. At 2 minutes, it’s a great intro. And oh so nice!


Alone 2014-07-21 at 12.12.01 PM

#2 Alone – Moby – Best of

#2 – Alone: A 10 minute song that features soft a djembe-like drum theme in the background.


#3 - Novio

#3 – Novio – Best of

#3 – Novio: This seems to be one of her favorites. It starts with strings and such, and then, midway through the 2 minute song, there is a gentle choir chanting background.


#4 The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders

#4 The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders – Best of

#4 – The Rain Falls and the Sky Shudders: I think this is one of BT’s favs. It reminds me of a New York scene in the rain. Yellow Taxi Cabs, Black-Glass buildings, and White Pavement, all covered in dripping, silver/gray, refreshing rain. It has rain and subtle honk sounds in the back :)


When it's Cold I'd Like To Die

#5 When it’s Cold I’d Like To Die – Best of

#5 – When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die: Yes, yes, the title is a downer. However this song is actually one of my favorites. 1) It’s got lyrics. 2) I have no idea why… But it’s still good for sleeping, apparently because she is sound asleep all through it. And besides, who does want to swim the ocean and fight the tide when it is cold outside?



#6 Grace – Best of

#6 – Grace: a 5 minute song featuring in-and-out, single note, swelling strings. It’s cooler and more subtle than it sounds. :)


Guitar 2014-07-21 at 12.19.24 PM

#7 Guitar Flute and String – Play

#7 – Guitar Flute and String: This one’s fun. :) And peaceful.


Jtff-1 2014-07-21 at 12.19.49 PM

#8 Jltf-1 – Wait For Me

#8 – Jltf-1: I don’t know what’s up with this title :) This song is like an intro for the next song, but it can stand alone.


Jtff-e #3

#9 Jltf – Wait For Me

#9 – Jltf: This song features several recognizable instruments, including cymbals, and also has lyrics. The lyrics are of a sweet-singing, love-lorn lady, however, it’s still somehow soothing. Only Moby can do that. And some other artists in the Electronica genre. :)


Hope is Gone

#10 Hope is Gone – Wait For Me

#10 – Hope Is Gone: Judging from the # of plays, I more often than not skip this song. It’s a little haunting, a little too sad, and even though she still sleeps, I like to skip it. I had only added it to my playlist because it was slow. I still sometimes play it.

… Random Share: I made up this word while working with a kitten, today and I wanted to share it.

Rapscaffle: n. Synonym for rapscallion, ragamuffin, and other such playful terms for a mischievous or for redirecting a frolicing kid, kitten, or dog. “Come on you rapscaffle,” she said, laughing.” :)


Moby – ever heard of him before?

Favorite songs for sleep?

What term do you use for fun for redirecting kids? Scallywag, ragamuffin? Rapscaffle? ;)

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Why I Picked this Sport


(This post includes words that I will strive not say out loud – even though they are incredibly descriptive without any real meaning. Until I find a great way to say this using forgotten, equally expressive English words, I use “bad-ass” and “lame” in order to convey. Cheers!)

Now I’ll never be risk-taking bad-ass, however much I want to be. (I really want to be!! But I am too logical about the pain!)

And for once I didn’t pick up this sport to be that.

Really! I usually think – I’m gonna do this! I’m gonna be better than anyone — so you don’t have to judge me!

See, I figure, in order not be thought of as not trying hard enough, I have to be the best.

Ha. Truth is I am terrible at sports. I have zero coordination.

Funnily enough, I am actually pretty good at some stuff, (but never the stuff we expect).

So, why did I choose this?

There are lots of great longboarders out there. Skateboarders too. They do amazing stuff.


I don’t want to do that. :) It feels so great to say that.

I am willing to watch them, and ride my board sitting down.

I got my board because I like to do stuff outside. I like to do stuff with BT. And I like to do stuff with my dog.

And it might be handy transport in cities.

And it’s just too fun to scoot along on the ground on a plank with four wheels!

I’m lame. and I’m okay with that  – for once. It’s important to me to hang out with my sibling and my dog and goof off and have fun.

And if that is all that I do on my longboard it is worth every second, every minute, every penny. :)



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