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Natural Product Review: Desert Essence Mania!

A long time ago, I was having trouble spelling the difference between “desert” and “dessert”. So the teacher said, “Think of it this way, which one would you rather have?” And I thought it over, and eventually my kid side won out (over trying to logic it all out) and I said “Dessert.” :) And she said, “There you go. Dessert has more s’s in it, because you want it more. And you don’t want desert, so it has less s’s.”

I still use that to this day.

Somewhat unrelated, but I think of it almost every time I spell Desert Essence. :)

As you know, I really champion biodegradable products. I haven’t got my “Why” page up for that, yet, so here is a little explanation:

If something isn’t biodegradable, (and anything naturally occuring is – at least it is in it’s own cycle), then there is nothing to get rid of that product. So human-created substances that can’t be broken down by any natural processes are “non-biodegradable” – meaning that there is no method or way that it will ever leave our soil, or water or where it washes to. I do not like that idea, so I try to use biodegradable stuff.

My first step was to get a shampoo that was biodegradable. Desert Essence has come highly recommended and for my beleaguered hair, I wanted something great for it. :) And many, if not all of Desert Essence’s products are biodegradable!

Honestly, a long time ago, I’d tried their Raspberry Shampoo and Conditioner and was not very happy with it. My hair wasn’t clean and the conditioner did nothing to help the extreme dryness.

So, this time around, I read all the web reviews on their site, and then ordered just over $30 worth of product (free shipping!).

I got:

  • Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo
  • Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo
  • Jojoba Conditioner
  • And a deodorant

Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo:

3709NDEThis was the product description: “Australian Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Peel Extract gently wash away excess oil and product buildup without stripping hair of its natural moisture. Organic Maca Root Extract helps strengthen and protect hair. With regular use, hair is soft, smooth and more manageable. Certified to NSF Organic Standard.”

I really wanted a good deep-clean shampoo that was pretty “stripping” so that if my hair got really *blech!* that I had something perfect for it.

This is perfect for that. It’s actually a bit too much for the weekly grease (sorry! :) ), but awesome to know that I have an entirely natural product that can wash away any kinda dirt and grime I’m gonna get on my hair. Far from what I am used to for natural products. :)

I loaned this to Mom, the other day. Her shampoos (just regular stuff, ya know) weren’t cutting it, and so I said that the Lemon was working surprisingly well, would she like to try it?

She did, and she said it worked perfectly!

So yay!

Tea Tree Replenishing Shampoo

3313NDE_Tea_Tree_ShampooThis shampoo is supposed to be for dandruff-y scalps:

“• Helps restore moisture balance to hair and scalp
• Adds shine while helping to reduce flaking
• Deeply cleanses without stripping hair’s natural emollients

The natural medicinal properties of Eucalyptus are formulated with powerful, yet gentle Australian Tea Tree Oil to help bring healing to a flaking scalp. Aromatic Peppermint Oil offers reviving, cooling comfort while Yucca conditions for a shiny, beautiful finish.”

I might be too worried about people’s thoughts to buy a dandruff shampoo when I don’t have dandruff – Why is she getting it? She doesn’t have dandruff? IMPOSTER!!!!

But with online shopping, I have no ‘shame’, and this review clinched my choice:

“Several months ago, I decided to go natural with my shampoo and tried making my own. It started off okay, but ended up leaving my hair feeling oily and it became unmanageable. So I gave up on homemade and picked up this shampoo from my whole foods store.  It is the BEST shampoo I’ve ever used. Somehow it made my hair become silky even before I put conditioner in. My hair is naturally curly and tangles very easily, and after I got out of the shower and combed my hair, the comb slid through my hair like warm butter. Smoothest my hair has EVER been. It remained silky, smooth, and tangle-free all day long. I couldn’t stop feelings it. I wasn’t expecting to be excited over this shampoo, but I am! And I will be buying and trying out different products from this brand now. For people who say the “new formula” isn’t as good. I can’t imagine it working any better…  Also, no one payed me to write this, I am genuinely impressed enough to write this review! Try it!”

Exactly what I was looking for – and I had to narrow down my choices somehow. :) So, I bought it.

Cool things:

  • It comes in one of the bigger sizes – more shampoo for the dollars
  • It is exactly the right cleaning strength for me
  • I can treat it just like a regular shampoo, and it lathers great

I haven’t any complaints for this shampoo. It’s just great. I really like how it kind of is “heavy” it sinks right down to my scalp, through my thick hair, and it’s hard for me to get normal shampoos to do that. It’s like the foam usually just stays on top with normal shampoos.

Jojoba Conditoner

2314NDE_Jojoba_ConditionerI haven’t anything to mention here, except that it’s got the same smell of oranges that my Jojoba sunscreen does. It’s pretty cool. As a conditoner – in-shower, I could wish for more, but out-of-shower my hair seems fine. :)

Natural Roll-On Deodorant


*Warning: Some Details Ahead* — I am extremely sensitive to how I smell. I do not like to be at all smelly. My breath must be fresh, my teeth must be smooth and clean at all times, my “odor” must be non-existent. I would like it to be like I’m not even there.

But during the winter – more than in the summer – I have issues with sweating? or something? At night is the worst. I try to get warm and I end up smelly :( So, deodorant is a MUST in winter.

Usually I use Speed Stick, because it has no aluminum and no overwhelming smell, and for the price, is surprisingly free of horrible ingredients. When I looked it up, the only thing that raised concerns for me was the propylene glycol (first ingredient).

So, when I saw that Desert Essence has deodorants, I couldn’t wait to try!

The best-reviewed and (I couldn’t tell) but maybe most natural, was the “Natural Roll-On Deodorant.”

“Organic Lavender and Aloe Vera Extracts are combined with Organic Tea Tree Oil in this gentle, soothing formula that delivers effective control of underarm odor without inhibiting your body’s natural perspiration function. Aluminum and propylene glycol free.”

Several reviews commented that it didn’t cause, or actually reversed, irritation in the underarms (something I have had happen – it’s the pits. … Sorry, couldn’t resist!) and that it worked fine, but you might have to reapply.

I was used to reapplying with the Speed Stick – and very used to reapplying when I used to use Tom’s (the brand).

I like this stuff!!

I apply it at night (when I remember) and wake up smelling like a fragrance-free rose. I use it during the day, and don’t need to reapply all day! :0 If I really want to, I would only want to in the late afternoon – so it’s pretty long lasting :)

It’s easy to apply; it is a little damp on application, but dries SUPER quick. It smells cool going on, but doesn’t give overwhelming scent wafts.

So, yeah, I’m more than happy with it. :)

These together, make up just over the “$30 – free shipping” thing that they offer. Which is pretty amazing, because shampoo is heavy! And they almost always have some other kind of offer on skin care or something, and so that is pretty cool to check on.

When I went to look up about the products for this post I saw they are actually doing 25% off right now! So, if you’re interested, it might be a cool time to try.

And I see other bloggers state this – and I really don’t know whether I am supposed to? But, no, I wasn’t paid. Yes, I bought these with my own money. And I’m not saying anything for any reason except that these are my thoughts about it – I’m just expressing my own opinions :)


Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

What shampoo/conditioner/deodorant products are you loving right now?


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Winter N.A.C. – Christmas Tree!


Today’s Winter Nail Art Challenge was “Christmas Tree”!

I started thinking about what I wanted to do for this challenge, and I decided I wanted to do a Christmas tree that would span all nails. :)

– — I once succeeded at making Rimfire a dog costume by thinking about the solid concept I wanted and then abstractifying it. Hmm… spell check tells me ‘abstractifying’ is not a word.

Well, like looking for the concept behind the concept. This probably comes quite easily to some people, but I tend to be very literal, so I have to conciously do this. For Rimfire’s costume, it was instead of making him a hat with a feather on it, I merely put the feather on his shoulder. Conveyed the same, and he placed first :D — –

Now, I’m not sure I conveyed exactly what I wanted here, but out came some cute nail art, despite the abstract ending up… well, pretty abstract!

This is a thumbnail image... of a thumb nail!

This is a thumbnail image… of a thumb nail!

So, the idea is that the top finger is a tree-topper (and since I didn’t have yellow, (and orange came out looking like nacho cheese) — it’s a red bow. :) ), and then the middle nails would be the tree — kinda as if you were zoomed up on the tree, and it was just a sea of green and ornaments, and lights and garland — and the bottom nail (my thumb, in this case) would be the presents around the tree. :)

Right Hand 2

I was thinking of this concept (of the bow at top and presents underneath), with all the fingers lined up in a straight line – but they don’t do that! And when I was cropping the above image, I realized that our hands in a natural finger-formation, look kind of roughly like the outside of a Christmas tree shape! Hmm.. It works either, way, I guess! :D

And here is a typical nail-glam shot ;)

Right Hand 1

I had fun doing Christmas tree nail photos, against a Christmas tree!

(And sorry about the bad lighting, it was already dark…. and the dry skin…. my hands are not liking winter!!!… and the over-finger-polish-painting….By the way, that is remnants of the “nacho cheese” star on my thumb — not something weird. :D  )

Second, I told Mom what today’s challenge was, and how I was trying to think out-of-the box for it, and she said Hmmm…

And then she came up with an idea.Left Hand 2

I tried to implement her idea, and although not as elegant as her Post-It drawing, we are pleased with it. (Though, I hope that it doesn’t say “Vampire” to too many people. )

Left Hand 1

Mom commented that it looks “Scripty” like Japanese or Chinese, we thought that was pretty cool. :D

Rimfire came over while I was trying to finish taking pictures of my nails. I got to snag a couple good photos of him!! He can be difficult to photograph, so I was glad to get these :) He is so cute!

Hope you are having an awesome one wherever you are at!


Do you have a Christmas tree, yet, this year?

Are Christmas trees a tradition for you?

Which nail art hand did you like better?

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That’s What Christmas Means to Me, M’Deer!

There’s been lots of thought about what Christmas means

What it should mean

I’ve gone back to it’s roots

I’ve lived it in typical modern fashion

I’ve gone somewhere in between keeping Jesus as the center

For all festivities

But nothing felt right

I knew that to “make sense” it had to work when there was no snow

What was Christmas, in God’s eyes, in the original days, and now?

Then, this year, I walked out my door, and looked across the street.

The neighbors had decked out their yard in full gusto

Lights hung from the gutters.

White reindeer paraded on the grass.

It was completely unexpected.

And I smiled.

And I realized what Christmas meant to me.

The reason that people can have jollity comes from Jesus, no doubt.

He gives a reason to be happy, every Christmas. But that is also every day.

But I had to find why do we go out and deck our houses? What is the meaning that does that?

For me, it had to be more close than a birth of a Savior many years ago, on a symbolic day — though that was almost enough, the connection was too timorous.

The heart and cheer and ephemeral feelings that some occasion this season

is just because.

It’s like a ball gown

When can you use it?

But when you can, you deck it out and rock it like you are a princess

We don’t always dress up our houses, we don’t always have trees

That doesn’t make it illogical

Every year, a little something gets added to an original idea and it keeps morphing

It might merely have been a celebration about winter solstice and bringing in some nature

It might have been merely a change to that holiday and said “Let’s celebrate God’s saving us today”

But now.

But now.

It’s all that and more.

With Christ in our hearts it makes it richer, for God was the first to give good will to man, but all can join in. It’s just a jolly time for all to share.

It’s writing to people we love.

It’s singing and listening to Carols and Christmas songs.

We make Cookies, and break out all the ingredients and give them to people we love.

It’s having hot Chocolate after coming in from the Cold and receiving love in a Hot drink.

It gives us Reason to do things that fill our heart, minds and senses with things everyone loves, in the darkest of the seasons.

It’s Ice and sledding

It’s Snowman painted or rolled

It’s Trees in the house to smell pine or palm, and see beautiful boughs and old ornaments.

Bright Tinsel is jolly and shiny

and we break out anything and everything that is Merry and bright to us

Together or Apart, Christmas is a season full of things that can fill your heart.

And that to me is what makes Christmas so Special.

There aren’t necessarily any rules to follow. Getting “swept up” is okay.

It’s just a chance to be jolly.

That is why we can meet people on the street with a smile.

That is why we can bellow our hearts out to a song.

Shiny, bright, sparkly, furry, colorful, and velvety.

Stuff we all enjoy

We bring it all out to play

And that is why I love Christmas day.

(Bonus: The last sentences spell “Christmas” with the captilized-for-no-reason words. :) Merry Christmas!!

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Geeking-Out Fridays! – Forever (TV show)


When Forever (a TV show that premiered this year) was coming out, I wanted to give it a try. When I told BT about it, he wasn’t too sure. (Did you know time-traveling and immortal are two totally separate, yet somehow alike things?)

I said, “Hey, there is a new TV show coming out and it’s about a time-traveling autopsy guy, and he can solve crimes,  because he has lived in so many eras and picked up so many different techniques, or something like that, I don’t know, but it looked cool, because there is like all these cool stuff and styles and time!”

BT just rolled his eyes. Sounds lame, he said.

BT said, a week later: “Hey, did you hear about this TV show? It’s like a guy that lives forever. He solves crime as a pathologist. It looks cool.”

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Winter NAC – Christmas Where You Live


There are so many aspects to Christmas where I live!


And I love them all! There is Christmas lights, trees, garland, tinsel and baking. When it comes to legends, there is Reindeer, Santa and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Scrooge. And when it comes to meaning, there is Jesus’ birth and the general goodwill that occurs during the holidays.

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