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Story of YOLOing after a Barred Owl

It is said that I used to be very brave in my youth.

It is also said that I’ve lost a lot of that outward bravity. (And apparently some vocabulary, too. :P )

I don’t know what happened, but it seems that all I need is a reason, something to draw my eyes up, to keep me from staring at the danger all around, and I will timidly creep to places yet unknown to me. It’s great fun.

I’ve wanted to explore a section of woods near my house for a while now. But I was almost always with Rimfire, and I didn’t want to trespass, and, and…

I wouldn’t say that I am a scaredy-cat, but I am unfortunately very aware of every kind of danger known to man, and I don’t like to haph-hazardly risk something when there is no reason. I think it is fun!, but can be really stupid, for me. Not my opinion for everyone else, I just haven’t fully thought out the concept of risks and what constitutes an acceptable one, and a foolish one.

I can’t wait till I do – there will be so much I can do!

However, over the last few days, I’ve decided to take a risk if it had nothing very risky about it and see where I went. It’s not YOLO (You Only Live Once – which is true, but I don’t adopt it’s complete mindset as others have expressed it). My set of thinking is “God gave us this earth, once, and we won’t have this earth to enjoy in Heaven, so we are to enjoy it as we want to now. Don’t skimp out because of something small.”

So, that is how I went “YOLO”ing after an owl.

I was taking Rimfire out, when I heard a rustle in the trees, and I saw an owl alight on a tree branch, dead ahead of me.

“Rimfire, come on!” — and I ran full-speed + 1/2 all the way home.

Breathlessly, I left a confused Rimfire at home, grabbed my camera, and ran halfway back. I walked the rest of the way so as not to startle said owl.

I spied him. He was deeper in those woods I had wanted to explore. It’s between two houses. It wasn’t until I had gone halfway to the owl, and the second house, that I thought maybe they would mind. Especially since my camera was pointed to them. “I’ll be quick” I thought.

Oh! Why did I go after the owl so passionately in the first place? Well, one – it’s an owl, dude! In daylight! And secondly, one of my family absolutely loves owls. What a cool thing it would be if I could show them I saw an owl?!

My camera battery was “dead” – it’s eons old and loses power even when I don’t use it, so I had about 30 seconds to snap the picture.

I found the owl, zoomed in – the battery symbol went “blink, blink, blink” and the screen went black.

I repeated this process 2 times. The third time I got the picture. I wanted a more zoomed up pic, so I tried turning the camera off, and then on again. It wasn’t convinced this time. Before I could even zoom, it went black.

I ran home. I set up the charger, and got the battery going.

I leashed Rimfire, and completed his takeout.

I brought him back – checked the battery. Still “0 battery”. That meant I had a minute or two, though.

I gave it some more time to charge.

Then I grabbed everything and went on a solo quest for the bird.

This time, as I approached, I didn’t hear the other birds sounding calls as I had before, when the owl was there. He maybe had left.

But I espied him! Through the trees!

Trying not to step on anybody’s toes lawns, I cut a diagonal path through public land to where I saw him. As I did, I selected my camera settings, so the minute or so of power could be used just to snap a picture.

When I looked up, he was gone.

I thought, no biggie. I’m going in!

And I traversed into the woods, looking up.

My friendly neighbor came out like 2 minutes later – I was still in view of her house.

“Hey!” She shouted from her deck. “You know those woods are full of poison ivy down there?” My mind flashed to my holey crocs.

“Uh, no. I didn’t. Thanks!” I ended optimistically. At least she didn’t say, “Hey, you’re not allowed there!” – but my brain went to that conclusion anyway, until I reiterated to it the truth. “No, she didn’t say that. Now act normal!”

But I had lost sight of the owl. And sound. All I heard were cicadas.

And they weren’t sounding the alarm. I guess. I mean, they always sound the same!

I stepped (carefully, now) scanning the treetops. It was beautiful to see, but no bird.

Looking down, I opened my camera and took a look at the photo. “What did I actually get?” I said to myself.

Boom. Centered, perfectly in focus, was the owl, clearly on my screen. I was delighted!

I took a last look at the scenery, and leaped my way out of the forest, and into the gravel walk, smiling so broadly. “Yes!” I could barely stop from saying. I got the picture for them! Too bad I couldn’t get another.

Then my brain flashed again. I had just downloaded a terrific photo editor this afternoon! I can clean this up and make it amazing for them to see! And share with everyone!

I broke into a run, tearing for home again.

Some peer pedestrians looked at me, with an odd look. I was like, “Whatever. I have a photo editor!” and “My dog’s waiting for me!” Haha, I am usually a little more worried what they think of me!

Here is the original photo. (I haven’t actually done anything in the editor yet! :) )


I realized, when I got home and researched to find out the type of owl, what had been nagging me in my mind. Tons, and tons of people have already taken photos of this owl. They’re able to show, so much better than I could with a pixelated, far-off picture, what people want to see. The owl.

Yeah. That’s true. But just a little bit of me says, “Yeah, but I saw this owl. It’s a little closer, then. And maybe it was okay, that I also took a picture. Maybe.” The jury’s still out on this issue, but I’m so glad I got to do this. :)

DSC09419 2


What is a quest you went on? (This is a big question – long comment welcome!)

Got any ideas on how I could have said the 2nd-to-last paragraph better?

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Self-Doubt and Cashiers


I go from thinking I’m fine, I can hang out with people, and melt with the best of them.

To, I’m totally unfit for human consumption.

Today is one of those days.

I think everyone else was okay with my behavior today. But I violated my own code.

I made up silly remarks when I could have been quiet, coming off smarter and making my INTJ more okay with me.

I hate when I do this – this being not holding to my own code. I like not how I be trite when I want to be serious, how I laugh when I want to frown, when I giggle when I’d rather bring out my smarts, why when I’d rather be happy, I am focused on me and my pain…

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Supporting Internet Neutrality

I signed up to support internet neutrality! Tomorrow is the Internet Slowdown day.

That is why some of my posts have been replaced by a spinning wheel (until you click on it). I encourage you to see a little bit about this issue, as I have, because I think it is good to know about, even if you cannot do anything to help at this time.

For more info: WordPress Blog about the issue, Easy Guide to the issue in pictoral format!!

The petition you can sign if you like!

Thank you so much for taking a little time out to learn about this!





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Party Food Line-up

Here is what I did for the party! Everybody, including me, loved it!

I had a a giant watermelon that I bought from the organic store, kiwis, blueberries and strawberries, all chopped up and put in a serving dish.

I served that first, due to the expiring nature of watermelon.

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Nyam, Nyam!

Rimfire’s favorite game is tug-of-war. To spice it up a bit, we usually will use sound effects. Grr, grrr, is the most common, along with a softer, low Nrr, nrrr, and various other understandable sounds.
Today, for some inexplicable reason, while playing with Rimfire, I pulled out a higher pitched sound. “Nyam! Nyam!”
BT wheeled around and looked at me, “What was that!” he laughed.
“British dive bombing kitties?” I started laughing uncontrollably. He continued, “Piloted by a little British girl, with cat ears, and whiskers?” He said tongue-in-cheek.
Nice use of pop-culture BT. Way to go. :) And I’m pretty sure I won’t be using that sound effect again, because yes, it makes no sense. :)

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Mtn. Lion Cubs, Daily Troubles, and a Natural Solution

Finally! Internet and time come together so I can post! :)

The party went fine! I have a post prepared to share what I did for snacks because it went so well! I got to clean it up a bit, and then I can publish it!




This is one of the cutest things ever! I saw the pictures on the Weather Channel, and I thought, I have to share that! Here is the best article about what happened, I thought. But here are more pictures! – CNN – and here is actually, a more detailed article – Inquisitr.

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