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Laugh Until Our Ribs Get Tough

Yesterday, I actually got back into working out – instead of just talking about exercising – and so I did.

I used a great YouTube video for it that I found here. (A friendly reminder – You are terrific as you are, you don’t need to exercise out of guilt, because you ate something that didn’t agree with you or to lose weight. You are good enough as you are – do it for you, and how you feel.)

I did the beach one, and stopped when it got repetitive and skipped to the end warrior pose.

Do you know how much fun warrior pose is??

And then I went on my merry way, and stuff.

Then, later that night, BT had some new memes to show me… His memes reminded me of a few memes I’d found… then he wanted to look at more memes along the Sherlockian meme vein I’d found — and we found some awesome ones!! — we went farther down the Pinterest search (which I’d already done like 3 times) than I ever had before, and having him there, we clicked on different ones, and found some good ones.

Some that made me laugh out loud.

Some of those memes reminded me of Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show videos I’d watched earlier in the day, and then I showed him those… And those videos reminded BT of a video he’d seen, and then we watched that… and we finished off with a video that bridged both genres.

But then we got another person added to our group. Mom came in, and I told her what we’d been doing, and then BT wanted to share some of them, and so did I, so we re-shared, re-read, and re-watched and also re-laughed…

Some of the memes had already made me laugh, not harder, but lonnnnger than I had for a looong time — and I was thinking about it, and I believe it was just because it was a reeeally long “meme” and comedic the whole way through… and since we read it twice the first sitting, it had the unique ability to make me laugh a long time, by nature of it’s length. Most things are short bursts, ya know? And that makes sense.

Anyways, enough with the thinkings.  (There’s never enough thinkings!) (<— Yes, there is! Like at night, when you are supposed to be sleeping!!)

I found my ribs just starting to hurt, (something I hadn’t had in forever) from laughing, at the end of that silly meme.

And today — every time I laugh I get this pain/soreness all through my mid-section. The fact that laughing makes me hurt, makes me laugh, and the cycle goes on… and then if the thing I’m laughing at continues to be silly…. Oh dear.

This morning, when I wasn’t that sore, I thought it must have been the meme – that’s kind of odd, but maybe? Maybe laughter is the best medicine  workout.

But as the day progressed, and the soreness increased and spread, I realized it must have been the workout (too?)!

Well, that’s cool. I didn’t work that hard, I just had fun, and I still gave my body the challenge it needed.

However, whenever I laugh today – at more Sherlock Pinterest searches, BT, the baby I was watching, life and all it’s funny moments, or hilarious YouTube videos (see below!) — I remember the Lorde song.

This is the aforementioned “YouTube video”. I was looking for something on YouTube, and BT wanted to show me this video. He didn’t expect me to think it was funny.

Er, I couldn’t stop laughing for most of it :P

(By the way, if you want to see the meme that made BT and I crack up so, it’s this one.) It does kind of take an understanding of Benedict Cumberbatch, and maybe Sherlock, or the fandom or the crazy/silly memes that spring from Benedict or Sherlock.

But the only thing you really need to know is the actor’s name is “Benedict Cumberbatch.”

But, also here is an introductory meme, to the craziness…:


I hope you have had a terrific day! :D


What is your favorite meme series?

Are you a crazy fan of anything? I am not familiar with it, but it seems a lot of people are really fans of something – or else I don’t think “SuperWhoLock” would exist. Even if I don’t understand it, some of what they come up with makes me laugh — ow.

Does being sore make you laugh?


40 Teas and 40 Nights

tea-time-mediumI’m at the house…. “It’s day two, and tea supplies are running low…”

Ahem. Tea drinker’s probz. ;)”….. I wrote this in a draft to a friend while I was housesitting for someone.

Whenever I’m cold, I will get a cup. I have trouble staying warm, otherwise. And I drink only herbal tea, most of the time, and it’s hard to overload on that. While I was housesitting I was taking it real easy, and I drunk about 5 cups a day, re-using tea bags, but still using the tea supplies faster than predicted.

I took them up on their offer, and I used some of the resident tea. I learned to like green tea – the rainforest-friendly green tea they had was actually rather tasty!

So, anyways, I knew that I should bring a goodly amount as I am staying at my friend’s for an indefinite time. I had recently gone to an organic store, and I find all sorts of goodies on their discount rack. Guess what I saw? ALL my favorite Christmas teas (those made by Celestial Seasonings)!! I put one or two in my basket… then I put more… I really wanted all of them. Oh, what the heck! I put them all in my basket, and then checked with Mom to make sure that wasn’t selfish of me.

I bought all 7 boxes of discounted Christmas tea – I would have bought them at full price, but I hadn’t seen them, then. In fact, I’d thought I’d completely missed out on the deliciousness.

I buy only one or two at a time usually, so this windfall of tea was unexpected and nice for me. It joined the couple I kept on hand.

When I buy almost all of my purchases from the sales rack, I feel bad, but the cashiers usually thank me or make some kind of kind comment. Apparently it’s of mutual benefit, that I hadn’t expected. Yay!

Mom and BT also really like Celestial Seasoning’s tea, so I bought them for them, too, giving BT a whole box of his own, and sharing them with Mom whenever she came over, and then I started keeping a couple at my friend’s house so I wouldn’t drink all her tea when I came over.

Did you know, BT has more drinks – tea, hot chocolate, and coffee (though he isn’t a coffee drinker) than food….

Due to how I used up my boxes of tea while housesitting that one time, when I went to my friend’s house, I knew I ought to bring some more tea to build up her cabinet full of tea so that while staying there I wouldn’t tax her tea supplies (ah haha – tax/tea).

I decided to bring one of each of my flavors to share and drink — that ended up being 7 (not the seven Christmas teas, 4 of those were the same flavor)…

And she has a WHOLE cabinet full of ALL sorts of different teas. She likes to try them, and then go buy more to try, leaving me and her guests quite a variety to drink. :D It’s a tasty deal.

So, on a whim, yesterday, I counted. How many teas did our joined stashes make???


FORTY TYPES of tea! And some of her “boxes” of tea are actually repurposed boxes to hold multiples of old teas stored together.


Many of those are herbal — I think that is why there are so many; you can have so many different flavors in the herbal type, youknow?

What about you – do you have a bunch of types of tea? And if so are they herbal or caffeine-containing? How did it happen that you do, or don’t, have a lot of teas? I’m really curious what your stashes or quiet collections are like!!

And now I’m off to make some Néstléy Touloùsé Cookies ;) to go with that crazy amount of tea, I think… I really want some classic chocolate chip cookies, and it’d be so fun to introduce the cookies at an upcoming potluck Phoebe style!!


I mean, if I’m going to be uncomfortable it’s better to be uncomfortable with a Friend(‘s reference) right?

Okay, yeah, my friend would probably disagree – don’t ruin my church potluck with your bad jokes!!! (She WOULD NEVER say that, by the way). I might make them (cookies, not the jokes) anyways, because making chocolate chip cookies is always fun, and then I can share them!!

Wish I could share them with you. :D

This is my first time joining in Eclectic Odds and Sods awesome tea time series! Check out her great tea time Chia recipe post, and from there you can see the other posts, too, if you like :D

I’m sorry for feeling disjointed today; I had so many tea-related things in my head, and I was out of practice writing!

I hope you are having a great week and have a great tea time with some great biscuits/cookies, today!!


What’s your tea stores like?

What do you like to drink at home? Out?

What is your favorite Friend’s quote?

What do you like to bake?

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Geek-Out Fridays: Virtual Piano!

Geek-Out Fridays

I was looking for an online piano, that would work with my computer keyboard, and that was free. A tall order!

And I actually found one!

And it is amazing because it runs well, has an elegant logo, and they come with music sheets.

Now, as my mom always told me, if I just write down the notes of a song, I won’t know the timing, and therefore a song may not come out recognizably.

That is the problem I’m running into (a lot) with the Virtual Piano and their music sheets. But it is very cool how they have them available. :) And it works so flawlessly, that it’s great to be able to bang out some notes, even if they don’t form a recognizable tune. :D

Of course, now I want to buy an upright piano for reals (they only cost like $100!!), but that is going to be a farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr off objective. Plus, by then I might have already become indifferent to piano once again.

Well, I’ll never be indifferent to piano music, or the magical ability people have to sit down at this grand machine and bring music into the world, but I might again decide I don’t need that superpower… Or maybe I won’t, and this will actually spur me on to learn an instrument!! That would be so cool!

Anyways, this is what I’ve been geeking-out over this week!!

Peace out!


What instrument do you know or have always wanted to learn?

What instrument do you like listening to?

Have you geeked out over anything this week?

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The Flying Shower

I was very afraid of new showers. Gallons of untamed water rushing out at you at an indeterminate temperature from orifices unknown – it’s a scary thought!

And I’m staying at my friend’s house for a few days while my house gets fixed up, and I was resting in bed and thinking, “You know, I used to be afraid of a lot of things. And now I’m not.”

And then I went to take a shower.

It was a new shower, but I was like, “I got this.”#2 fav, defending yourself-cookie

Up went the tap… the water came pouring out like a waterfall, and I just kept turning it higher, as it roared on. giphy-1

I’d done this at another new shower, it didn’t get hot unless ya turn it high, and then as you get into the “hot zone” it starts tapering off the water pressure again.

Okay. That was done. It was at a good temperature. I am the one who determines the water heat, I don’t need to be afraid of it changing it’s mind and alternately scalding and freezing me. (Yes, I have some weird concerns… Don’t ask me about my fears about toilets…. or power tools. ;) )

So, having already lugged all my shampoos, conditoners, soaps, clothes, and towels in, I was ready to shower.

I stepped in, and having courteously secured the curtain, I switched it to shower.

“See? — No reason to be afra- —– EH?!?!

My reassuring self-thoughts dropped off suddenly as the shower head came flying at me, landing with a crashing sound on the floor of the tub.

Anymore crazy stuff, and you would have seen me come flying out of that room declaring a hygenic equipment uprising. But, gladly, the water obeyed the principles of nature and my mind was able to wrap itself around what had happened, quickly. The water was dribbling out in a weaker stream than the head had propeled it in little jets, and I was able to relax for a second as I assessed.


What in the heck had just happened? Was it my fault? Should I start being afraid again?”

These disjointed thoughts sprang quickly and got answered just as swiftly as they ran through my mind.

Obviously, there was a bad connection between the pipe and the head. Being the guest shower, no one knew about it before. No, it can’t be your fault, nothing is cracked and you did the normal process. Eh… being afraid isn’t so good for you or the people around you. And you need to get clean, so that’s a no.”

Still, my heart was pounding. My fears had come to life in like the only humanly way possible! Wow! Like, really?

I ran to the other bathroom, hauling all my stuff, and jumped in, fixed the water up, switching it to shower – cringing just a bit, but thinking, “she uses it allllll the time, it’s got to work better and stay on, than the other one.”

It did. And it was hard leaving – the water was so warm, and I could take as long a shower as I wanted without running out of hot water… Aaaah.


And you know what? I’ve faced my fear, right? What worse could happen (baring a robot uprising where they decide to mess with my water supply and make a shower miserable for me…. but I don’t think that is going to be very likely ;) ….)

So, fear faced, gotten over, and tamed. The water may always be wild, but my unconscionable fears won’t be. :D The shower can do its worst, because I don’t think it can get much more scary (or funny!) than that. :)


What are your worst fears? (We don’t have to go deep here – I don’t want to be bringing up bad memories — like surviving tsunamis (I just watched The Impossible – veryyyyy good.) and stuff, and then you are aren’t sleeping well for a month because I had to ask about the most terrible time in your life — I mean like beetles, and stuff.) Have they ever come true? What did you do?

Media Connection:

While I was trying to find gifs for that I was thinking of times where the shower was ridiculously cold (or hot) and they had to spring out of the shower — There was the American guy with the French lady and the bank heist, or something and his like super-automatic shower (the movie wasn’t that good), — Bill Murray in Groundhog Day — Cary Grant showering with suit and tie (wash and wear) in Charades (very good) — and Clouseau in the Pink Panther. :D What are your favorite shower movie moments?

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Neighborhood Kitty Names

Okay, okay, I know this probably isn’t important to anyone but me. But I’ve always done it – name the animals I see around me. To me, it’s saying “I notice you, and though you’re not “owned”, you are unique and important to me.”

This wouldn’t feel like a problem, but I feel like a dreamer burden because I like to share all my newly named friend’s names – like immediately… I’m always so hyped and excited – because… well, I don’t know why, exactly.

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Ion Hair Color-Dying

This post is all thanks to my friend. I hope I do her justice in my explanation of how I color my hair. :) I don’t exactly follow the rule book…

Also, thanks to my family for supporting me in “being totally crazy” and breaking out of a virtual box I’d put myself in.

Anyways – Yes! I dye my hair. This is how I do it and stay as natural as possible.

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