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Spring – The Time for Baking

ūüé∂ Spring-time for Ba-king… and Choc-o-late!¬†ūüé∂

BT used to go around singing the snippet from¬†The Producers¬†(2005, not the original), “Spring-time for Hit-ler and Germany!!” — and would meet with really odd looks from us.

“Oh… You haven’t seen it yet.” He’d say every time. I saw it a few months ago. Suddenly, the quote finally¬†made sense… but without that…

I do recommend¬†The Producers¬†(2005). It is fun to watch with family (older audiences only), and has several usable and totally funny quotes¬†for daily situations… and also if you see it, you won’t think I’m crazy for the “Springtime for Hitler” thing… ;)

Anyways. I had a photo shoot with chocolate cake today! I used the Springtime as a backdrop. I totally had fun!

(Captions tell some of the story behind the shots.)

The recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookbook (available at a good price from – support the bookstores! :) ) but¬†the frosting is one that I made up. Not entirely original; made up from how I know the ingredients go.

I’ll give the recipe here, but I didn’t measure, so I’m sorry for the lack of details… Hopefully you can recreate it by feel??

Chocolate Frosting (Redux – I deleted the last one I posted here :/ )

  • Butter – 2 Tbsp?
  • Cocoa – pour some in
  • Powdered Sugar – pour some in
  • Vanilla – less than 1/2 tsp
  • Almond milk – 1 1/2 tsp?
  1. Put the Butter, Cocoa, Sugar and Vanilla into a food processor.
  2. After it starts mixing, and forming, (and not pluffing up a lot of powder) pour in the smalll amount of almond milk in the top.
  3. Eventually, it will turn into like whipp-y frosting.

Frost the cool – mostly cool – cake. It will kind of melt on there, but it doesn’t fall down the sides. I was surprised, because it worked really well! I didn’t tear the cake, the frosting coated the sides, and spread easily.

I first smeared it on the top, and from the “pile” that accrued in the middle, I could start edging down the sides, without glops falling off.

Behind the Blog:

I use Pixlr for a lot of the pictures I take with my real camera – not to edit, but change the file size. They are each about 1-5 MB and if I don’t make them “smaller”, I will soon run out of storage on my WordPress account. The Pixlr desktop app has a cool feature when you “save as…” you can determine what quality you want it saved at! It looks as good¬†I can’t tell the difference, and all these photos went from megabytes to kilobytes. If my mail application didn’t automatically do this, that would be another time I’d use that feature, but I thought I’d share, because there are so many times I need a photo file to be smaller, but look just as nice!


Have you baked or creating anything recently? What was it?

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Purposeful Incompetence

Purposeful Incompetence: When you end up not being able to do something, and it later ends up you shouldn’t have done that something.

I’m not good at anything. And at the times I’m worse at something than I think I could be, I wonder just how terrible I really am – like at life? Ya know?

Okay, that was probably sorta vague… Sorry.

A few weeks ago, I decided. I’m going to do this. I controlled my butterflies, I made up a form, and formulated a plan. From start to finish.

Next was the talking. The door-to-door fundraising. The talking and finding a way to each person’s door – through the garden, the doorbell-less people, the ones who aren’t home. All o’ that. But I wasn’t chickening out, no, this was for the good of the young cat who was pregnant. I was first trying to see if she had an owner, (I was pretty sure she didn’t), and second asking for donations¬†so I could get her medical care.

If it were for me, I would have said, “Nah, it’s not important,” and given up. Only the fact that it would matter to somebody else propelled me, and also gave me strength to give it my best.

And I failed.

Failed horribly.

Person number one, was home, and even had their door open for breezes. But they couldn’t hear me. I snuck off their porch, and walked down the road. “Nothing to see here!!!”

The next place I tried, I started walking down their lane, but got an ominous feeling, causing me to shrink back.

Then I kept walking… and kept walking. It was a dead stretch. Not home… wouldn’t be interested… not home… not going to ask them… not interested… Until I was back at my house and hadn’t knocked on a single door.

I called myself “The Worst Fundraiser in the Whole World” and felt like giving up. Giving up on everything.

Well, so.

Then…. I saw the kind lady. I decided I would ask her the “easy question” – “Do you know who’s cat this is?” and leave the “money” question for later. ;)

I ran out, and since she had always been kind to me, I was assured of a good reception, even if I came off odd at first.

I started, stumbling, but finished strong.

“Oh, you know, I don’t know… but I would ask ____. They would be the only ones who keep their cats outside.”

I went inside, hopeful, and glad that I had a good encounter.

It was in fact ____’s cat. So, from there on my plan was null and void!!! It was great that I couldn’t fundraise! And it didn’t matter that I couldn’t find the owner, because just one small conversation with Kind Lady I’d been wanting to meet anyway, gave me the answer, and avoided the multiple dead-ends.

I know this may sound like sheer-luck. But I also feel like it’s got a purpose. This has happened before.

I feel like it’s my incompetence, my weakness, my short-fallings and utter fail-itude.

However, sooo many times, because I “couldn’t” or “felt like I shouldn’t” it gave me a boost some where else in life. It was a very good thing I didn’t do that – at that time, or I got more information later…

I don’t follow every small whim that I “feel” I should do¬†– that has gotten me in trouble before (anorexia, extreme Spock-ness). But when I¬†try¬†and it doesn’t, doesn’t work, something different happens.

If something doesn’t go well, and you tried, I encourage you not to hate yourself for it. Maybe you need to give it another try, or maybe it’s its built-in protection.

We have natural built in stop-signals and these “incompetences” have protected me from over-excercising, over-dieting. And I felt like a weak failure. I felt like I couldn’t complete a regimen I started with. But it was actually my body’s systems kicking in and telling me what I needed, though my brain had thought it logicly through¬†a different way.

And here, it kept me from having to have several difficult encounters, and possibly have to call “false-alarm”. Not being able to keep my mouth shut when I’ve resolved to has sometimes been the only way I’ve actually shared with my family, and many other times it’s acted for various random good things. I’m not saying be “superstitious”, but I think sometimes these things work out for us like this for some reason.

Our so-called “incompetence” can have a purpose. Either to save our bodies from false thoughts, protecting us from things that science later proves wrong – Lionel telling King George not to smoke, even though his doctor’s recommended it for strong lungs, or just some fortuitous series of events that works out for our good in the end. Waiting to go to college, but then finding your perfect degree. Not getting a cat, and then having a pet fall in your lap.

It actually happens, so just … don’t hate yourself. :)


Have you ever felt like a failure but had it end up good that you stopped a heading?


It’s Earth Day today? I think… anyways, although I am not a proponent of most earth-y organizations, since I find most founded on weak foundations — not important right now — is doing a “Earth Day” event. At 8:30pm your time zone people participating in the event are turning off any unnecessary lights.

It’s just for the hour, but it’s also a good everyday practice. Anyways, solidarity and all that. If you’d like to participate go to to find out more, or just turn off your lights during that hour! ;) (I couldn’t figure out how to “sign up” so I’ll just try to do that.) :)

Peace out!

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Crazy Eights Home Rules


Today, BT and I decided to play a card game. It fit in really well with the day’s lazy Sunday, overcast feel, and I chose Crazy Eights.

BT despises home rules for games. But I guess we both thought Crazy Eights was due for some change, because when I brought this up, he shrugged and said, “Yeah.”

Crazy Eights

  • at least 2 people – I will describe 2 player play
  • Deck of cards
  1. Deal 8 cards to each player.
  2. Put the deck in the middle.
  3. Turn over the top card. This is the pile you will lay down on.
  4. Person not the dealer plays first.
  5. Match suit (diamond on diamond) or number (jack on jack) – so lay one of your cards on the face-up pile. If you can’t do this:¬†a. if you have no matching cards, you can lay down an 8 of any suit. It’s a wild card. Then say what suit you would like it to be – play continues in said suit., OR b. draw from the draw pile until you have something you can lay down – an 8, or matching suit or number card.
  6. Keep playing like this, until one person runs out of cards. That person wins!

That is how normal play goes. I added in this rule.

  1. Keep the Jokers in the deck and deal like normal.
  2. If a Joker is overturned as the start of the discard pile, put it back in the deck and turn over another card.
  3. Jokers are a wild card – but you are not allowed to state what suit you would like it to be. — (I’ll clear this up..)
  4. With a Joker, you can lay down 2 cards – on any card. You must have more than 3 cards in your hand (excepting the Joker). The top card (of the 2 you laid down) is the suit and number you continue to play on.
  5. If you do not wish to lay down two cards, or one of the previous rules prevents your doing so, use the Joker like a wild, able to be laid down on anything.

This did make play more interesting!

And it was really weird, too, because I dealt about 5 times in a row – and every time, BT picked up or was dealt both Jokers!!

When he dealt: first, both Jokers turned up when he tried to start the discard pile, and second,¬†I received both Jokers!! Finally on the 7th or 8th game, he got one, and I got one… but it was really weird. :)

After the 8th or so game, BT suggested his own new rule.

Have you ever played Egyptian Rat Slap? It goes by other names as well… If you have, this rule will be a little easier to understand. If you haven’t that’s cool, I’ll explain it. :D

  1. K, Q, J and Aces will all be special.
  2. A = 4, K = 3, Q = 2 and J = 1.
  3. If you have one of these cards, and the corresponding amount of cards in that same suit, you can lay down, for example, 3 heart cards with the King of hearts, or 1 spade card with the Jack of spades, and such like.
  4. So, if there is a 5 of hearts on the discard pile, and you have a Q of hearts, a 6 of hearts, 9 of hearts, J of hearts and 3 of hearts, you can lay down the Q and any two: 6, 9, J or 3, or the Jack and any one other card.
  5. The card on top is the card play continues from. You can order your cards before laying them down so this card is the one you wish it to be.
  6. NOT COMBINABLE. You may not lay down the K, 3, 6, J, and then say “oh, I laid down the Jack, I get to lay down one more card in that suit.” … Cool?

These really made playing Crazy Eights fun for us today!

(See my earlier post about new way to play Go Fish.)

Hope your Sunday is going well. :)


What are some of your favorite card games to play?

What game would you play all the time? Even if someone came and woke you up, you would be happy they did, because you like the game so much?

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Girl, Put the Kettle On…

Welcome to Tea Time!!


Some who know me know that I like to make new songs out of songs that exist. “Reworked ditties” – I once phrased it.

They aren’t that great, but they bring smiles to my face, and usually to my family’s faces when I tell them.

Usually the similarity of the lyrics prompts the association in my mind, and the craziness springs onward from there.

I don’t actually do it often, just regularly.

So, with Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Girl Put Your Records On” song a frequent-flyer on my favorite Pandora station, it wasn’t long before I meshed it with “Girl, put the kettle on…” and thus my longest project yet, ensued.

I hope you enjoy!

I’ve added a link to the Vevo video, as it is blocked on YouTube. You can have her on in the background and follow “Girl, Put the Kettle On” while it plays. I was worried listening to one and reading the other would get quite “whoah” but it didn’t – I tested it on me 3 times, and my Mom also tested it. She also sang it XD

Anyways, I enjoyed making this. I had no intention of parodying Miss Rae; hopefully it’s more of a nod to her than anything else, because I really like her song…. I’d have no problem if she’d like to go ahead come out with this version, too… that would be so cool!¬†A tea anthem!

Girl Put Your Records On

Three little mugs, sat on my counter

And they all told me a different story

Someone drank cinnamon tea, so sweet,

I started to doubt my caffeine drink


Maybe sometimes… we got it wrong, but it’s all right

The more things seem to rush, the more we gotta hush

Ooo, don’t you hesitate.


Girl, put the kettle on, tell me your favorite tea,

You go ahead, get your mug down

Earl Gray and Bergamot

They’re tasty, doncha know

Just go ahead, choose a tea now

You’re gonna find your brew¬†somewhere, somehow


Blueberry Slide, Chai tea and Honey,

Sipping tea in the cafe on the sidewalk

Don’t you let those flavored teas fool you

Better tea has no fake flavors


Maybe sometimes we feel sleepy, but it’s all right

The more you drink no tea, the more you drink coffee

Don’t want no caffeine


Girl, put the kettle on, tell me your favorite tea,

You go ahead, get your mug down

Earl Gray and Orange Pekoe

They’re tasty, doncha know

Just go ahead, choose a tea now

You’re gonna find your leaf¬†somewhere, somehow


It’s more than I could take

Caffeine for wakeness sake

Some nights kept me awake

I thought that I was stronger

When you gonna realize that you don’t even have to buzz¬†any longer?

Brew what you want to


Girl, put the kettle on, tell me your favorite tea,

You go ahead, get your mug down

Green Tea and Orange Pekoe

They’re tasty, doncha¬†know

Just go ahead, choose your tea now

Girl, put the kettle on, tell me your favorite tea,

You go ahead, get your calm on

Mint tea and Chamomile

They’re tasty, doncha¬†feel

Just go ahead, choose your tea now

Ooo, you’re gonna find your fav somewhere, somehow.



What is your favorite tea?


I am aware that most of the teas I mentioned above actually do have caffeine. Yeah… so, um. I don’t really have an explanation.

Yeah. Less caffeine than full-caf coffee, though…



Beauty Tag – from Say Hello to Gorgeous

I was doing some badly needed catch up reading from the blogs I follow, today, and I was catching up on V’s blog, and I saw this post.

It was so fun, and not completely-beauty-centric, so I actually have opinions on most of them (at least I thought I did… sorry.), so I thought, hey, why not? :)


Blush or Bronzer?

Bronzer, but I’d prefer neither. On second thought, I’ve always liked blush, but I prefer not to use either (look-wise), but since my stage-performance days I got used to blush, and kind of really love the idea of using it. :)

Lipgloss or Lipstick?

Totally lipgloss. All natural kinda theme, but if I want to make a statement, lipstick. And it in a dark red, because it always comes out just right on me. I’m kind of branching out, while trying to hold onto my root thinking, as well.

Eyeliner or Mascara?

Eyeliner!! I’ve found I really like the stuff, actually. Hahaha…

Foundation or Concealer?

Oy. Neither? Foundation, but really light!

Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow?

Oh, haha! I love doing a great Black/grey look, but I totally love my colors, too (because I just generally like color). I think I’ll say neutral.

Brushes or Sponges?
Um. Brushes? I don’t really know. (You can tell my total lack of make-up personal knowledge, by this question!)


OPI or China Glaze?


I haven’t actually used either, I just have been eyeing buying OPI since I learned it was a more natural/earth-friendly polish.

Long or Short?

Long! Not creepy long, just pick-up-card well. Don’t want to impair my ability to be a floundering crazy Speed opponent!

Acrylic or Natural?

Oy vey, I can hear the clacking now. – really though, feel free to wear acrylic, I just don’t have good experience with it. – Natural!

Brights or Darks?
Oh, dear. You’ve dug into my faux-goth side again. I love the semblance of darks on me – but in real life, I’m afraid of concerning people because I don’t want to combine too many black things together (although they tend to go well with my skin tone? or something?). So, I’d say Brights, because I like to cheer people up with my nail art.


Perfume or Body Spray?

Er, I don’t really know!

Lotion or Body Butter?

Um. Again. What is body butter? And lotion? haha! that’s for people who remember!

I’m actually looking into purchasing some body lotion soon. I’m super excited, too, because it’s from Desert Essence and so it’s all biodegradable and friendly to body, earth, and everything, and because it comes in Lime & Coconut!!

Can you dig it? Every time I apply it, it can be a reminder of Bones, and a reminder of Bones is a reminder of all the lessons I’ve learned in Bones! :) Haha, I’m weird.


Body Wash or Soap?

There’s a difference?!?

Lush or Other Bath Store?

What is this Lush you speak of? (Sorry V! I know you keep mentioning them, and love their products, but I have not yet had the pleasure of trying them. :) )


Ooh! Goody!

Jeans or Sweatpants?

Jeans! Since needing to find replacement pants, and working in animal establishments, I’ve come to re-like jeans. I really like my like-wash, boot-cut, stretch jeans. I usually like the look of dark-wash, but these jeans are just awesome.

Long Sleeved or Short?

I’m with V. Depends on the season, right?

However, in a way, I do wear short-sleeves all year long. Silly of me, but I have T-shirts that I enjoy galore, and my fashion setting is confined to which slogan I wear that day with jeans or with velvet? And always for bed it’s short-sleeves, especially in Winter.

Dresses or Skirts?

Oy. Um. I like dresses because they are all one thing, and skirts tend to be bi-secting. However, I own more skirts than dresses.

Stripes or Plaid?

Oi! Idk at all! (I don’t own either…)

Flip Flops or Sandals?

Is Crocs an option? I actually own a pair of (Skecher’s) “Crocs”. I didn’t mean to, but I started wearing them all the time (started with an injury), and I wore them all winter long. (Yes, we’ve now established I’m crazy. ;) )

Scarves or Hats?

Hey, hey! I actually have one I like better, for this! — SCARVES! Benedict Cumberbatch and Ioan Gruffudd just reinforce my already leaning toward them. All the fashion looks re-reinforce the lean. I like seeing what is possible by adding or adjusting a scarf.

Oh, and BT is the biggest scarf connisseur. He adjusts¬†my scarf to make it look right. He also has an awesome friend who made him a totally manly scarf that doesn’t leave his side on cold days.

Studs or Dangly Earrings?

Hahahahah! Sometimes when I think of these things on me, I just realize how much I do not do in the world of “normal”.

I like … um… stars? (I don’t have pierced ears, and my ears are more sensitive than an open wound, and so every option I’ve ever tried has crashed and burned. I absolutely think earings look delightful! But I unfortunately cannot tolerate any non-peirced option.)

Necklaces or Bracelets?

Ooh! Chokers – I mean Necklaces! Bracelets are a no-no for me due to…– (OOH! 21 Guns just came on! I like this song altogether too much. Why do I like it? I don’t even know what it means!) –… because I do a lot with animals and the bracelets catch on their hair, (and mine), are in my way, and they make noise, and I bang them into stuff, and I can’t wash dishes well with them. I’m just too clumsy and deal with too much hair for bracelets for me. :) (Another reason I like short-sleeves.)


Now “hair” I might have something. Ah hahaha.

Curly or Straight?

Straight! I’ve always kind of wanted Jennifer Aniston-style hair. Not gonna happen, but I’m learning what it is my hair wants to do. It hasn’t been clear about what it is yet.

Bun or Ponytail?

Ponytail! :D

Long or Short?


Light or Dark?

Um, you mean me? Or preference?

Side Swept or Full Bangs?

Side swept! It’s a new trend it seems, but I think it’s a pretty cool one. (And one my all-one-length hair does not have.)

Up or Down?

Oy vey. Ponytail up, and otherwise, down. It really depends on the hour and mood. Sometimes I absolutely cannot have it up anymore, and other times, I must needs put it up.


What about you??

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Things I’ve Been Enjoying

‚ôę And it’s been awhile…¬†‚ôę …

Since I posted. :)

One of the few rock songs I like – partially because of Pandora’s preemptive interference.

Fer as I can tell, the only rock I like is what I think could be dubbed “reflective rock” — it has gentle elements and¬†intricate melodies – Linkin Park (“Castle of Glass”, “What I’ve Done”, “Leave Out all the Rest”); “Through the Glass”; “It’s Been Awhile” — ones like that. It’s not all noise and anger.


Since it has been a while, I thought I’d post a recap and share some things I’ve been enjoying.




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