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I’m so excited because working on some really cool ideas/concepts in my brain right now.

If they pass my feel-inspection (too negative…or… can’t-put-my-finger-on-it? but doesn’t feel right?) they’ll get published when I write them! (Very few pass this test… aherm.)

Well, anyways. I’m excited for the hope that I can put down in my brain what is going on… and well, yeah, just write and not forget the abstract concepts that are currently wordless! (This iffy time where if I force words I get one idea down, halfway, but the 2nd and 3rd ideas flit away, but if I let it stay unsolidified I can get it more solid or just forget altogether…)

But I can’t write them right now, because I have to get focus on getting facts into my brain (ie study). And I’m just distracting myself if I write blog posts right now!

Later and have good Friday!!!

(This came up on a “Happy Friday” search on Pinterest. :) )


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Abstract Words make for Abstract Questions

I’m getting so confused by these questions, I thought it might be worth a share.

“I seek out activities that make me happy.” – What? Who seeks out activities which make them unhappy. I mean we all do, probably, but most of the time, we are probably trying to avoid stepping on nails and falling down stairs!

“When I am in a positive mood, solving problems is easy for me.” – Yes, and also when I’m in a negative mood. Solving problems is easy for me.

“I know why my emotions change.” – I don’t like this word! Why do you have to ask so many questions about it? It’s a very weird abstract word.

“When I am in a positive mood, I am able to come up with new ideas.” – Again with the positive mood.

“When another person tells me about an important event in his or her life, I almost feel as though I have experienced this event myself.” – Wait, wha…? It goes in my memory bank, but I’m not Barney. I don’t paint myself into every story somebody tells me, but I definitely can sympathize with them.

“When I feel a change in emotions, I tend to come up with new ideas.” – What in the world????

“When I am faced with a challenge, I give up because I believe I will fail.” — Haha! Finally one I can answer. I like and accept challenges… Oh wait. What about the ones where I don’t know what to do first… Erm. Erm.

“I help other people feel better when they are down.” – No, I rather just sit there and sympathize. But there’s no way I’m telling you that!

“It is difficult for me to understand why people feel the way they do.” — This is an impossible question for me! Yes, it’s obvious what people are feeling. Yes it’s obvious why. But why they should choose to feel that way is something I don’t understand.

I’m almost 100% sure my answers weren’t accurate with how I really am, but they were pretty impossible! Like what?

And this was all for a dog-training questionnaire. The sole thing that I know that I know anything about!Ā šŸ˜…

Anyways… That was a little slice of weirdness…


Do you like answering questions like these on personality tests or surveys?

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A Portrait of My Move

I stepped out onto our stair tonight to look up at the sky as I took Rimfire out – barefoot, of course.


I felt rain under my toes, but there had been no precipitation.

“Dew,” I thought, “like that…”

Yes, like that time I realized recently.

I’d always heard of dew points, and had it explained to me multiple times. I read about dew, and felt it in the early morning rambles. But never had I felt it form as the night wore on.

I was up so late, with the sky so dark, and the hours stretching so long that IĀ felt the dew form. I saw it condense on the doors, felt theĀ unassuming droplets under my hand as I picked up each item. I sensedĀ the misty water form around me and settle on every single object.

And finally, I knew where dew came from!

It was so cool.


What is one of your fondest or most a-ha late night memories?

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How Things Look vs How Things Are | A Rambling Discussion


It was like sitting down and having a cup of tea with my thoughts! Hehe.. I could relate to it so much I wanted to reblog in case some of my readers could relate to it, too. Thanks Cass! :)

Originally posted on Cass's Useless Opinions:

WARNING: The following mess of text has no structure. Proceed at your own risk.


I was just thinking about how I donā€™t have an opinion on a lot of things.

There are a lot of things that I see both sides of the argument and my brain is like, ā€œWell, this side has thing which is like that thing, but that side has that thing too which is like this thing, and both sides donā€™t consider the other stuff!ā€ and then I give up because I canā€™t wrap my head around my own thoughts.

I guess this is odd-sounding you, but it happens to me all the time.

Another slightly related bitĀ to this is that people probably think I donā€™t think about important stuff, and I do. I just think about it so much that I prevent myself from coming to a conclusion. And of course, people must thinkā€¦

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Out Gishing!


Sorry I’ve been away from blog! I know that has become not-so-unusual, but I really am sorry! :)

Anyways I actually did sign up for gisHwhes and for the last week (Aug. 1-8), I’ve been completing tasks inĀ the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen with 14 other people.

I’ve written a horror story (a first, yes, for this optimistic INFP)Ā with only letters (in the amounts found) in the periodic system.

I’ve travelled 150 feet on a level grassed surface with no one pushing or pulling me and never touching the ground with only two 5 foot lengths of rope, a clothespin and a skateboard.

I transformed my living room into a snow-globe, and made a grandiose piece of living room furniture out of only recycled or repurposed materials (boxes, tablecloths, plastic bags, popcorn, and ratchet straps – no tape!).

I did 11 giShing items (and 1 that wasn’t successful enough to submit) and I had a lot of fun. I think I want to do it next year!

I may have also found a way to leave this blog a wee-bit less neglected. I’ll see if it works.

But right now, I want to catch up on what ya’ll have been doing! :D

See you later. :D


How has your week been?


Happy! Happy! Happy! or, a.k.a. – The Liebster Award

I told myself I wouldn’t do it, when I opened my email, and I saw I had a pingback on my About post. It was a pingback from Cupid orĀ Cats to a post called “Awaaaaards!” …

I told myself, you will stay calm. You will not assume (one of my major weaknesses), and first you will see “why? Why was I pingbacked?”

Then I saw my name on her list of nominees. All restraint was cast aside as I squealed at my dog – I GOT NOMINATED! RIMFIRE! I GOT NOMINATED! I then danced around, and did a bit more squealing.

Ah, who needs propriety when they’re alone?

(Me. I do. I will blame myself if I am improper by myself. I say “excuse me” when I sneeze – in bed – by myself…)

So, yes! This made me extremely psyched!!

As you can see, I have been in a sort of blogging slump. I get a little discouraged when I come up with a bunch of posts I’d like to publish, but then cast them one by one, aside. It’s too personal. It’s too down. It’s too superficial.

So, yes! I was so excited!!

Thank you, so much, Cupid orĀ Cats for nominating me!! It’s such an honor! :D I really appreciate it!

By the way, go check her out right now!

Here are some ideas:

Check out her humorous Awards post!

Or check out her sticky post, “My Blog is Weird”.

Go check it out!

Okay, you back?

Here are the rules for accepting the Liebster Award:

-Thank the blogger who nominated you and display the award on your page


-Nominate ten other bloggers (under 1000 followers – the rules are a bit loose on this, though – I did under 1,000) for the award

-Answer the ten questions asked by the person who nominated you

-Ask your nominees ten questions

Allright! Now I get to nominate 10 other people!!!

I have been wanting to share and show some love to these blogs for a long time. But seriously, I’m no good at complimenting people. I feel like I’m going to leave somebody out, or sound too exuberant.

Now I get to tell everybody about you! heeeheeehhee.

(I currently follow 51 59 WordPress blogs – but I’ll have to pick just 10Ā 11 (I fudgeth the rules a little bit) wonderful people…)

Oh… and now I see they have to have under 1000 followers. So I’ll probably do another post shouting-out to the over 1,000 follower blogs. :D

Okay, so I nominate:

Today Has Been Canceled. Go Back to Bed. Ā – She writes the most sweet stories. Some are sweetly sad, some are deep and like a thick beautiful forest. Her writing is amazing! I love all her posts.

Life of a Fluro ZebraĀ – This girl. She just blows me away every time I read her posts. She can’t be an adult – simply for the fact that she is, as yet, not an adult – but man. You would think that she had lived 100 lifetimes with the wisdom and insight she writes with.

Kattie KateĀ – Kattie Kate brings a smile to my face! She writes, usually short, posts which have so much packed in to the few words and sentences. She loves vintage things and being herself. She always leaves an encouragement at the end of each post which makes the day I read it amazingly brighter. She’s one of my “cheerleader” bloggers who leave comments and like almost every post and keep me going on my blogging journey.

Life as Lisa Knows ItĀ – Life as Lisa Knows It writes so bubbly-y! She loves her dog – (I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Bosco). She is another “cheerleader” and I just love it when I get in the message “Life as Lisa Knows It liked your post!” – She reminds me that blogging doesn’t have to be complex – it can be simple and down-to-earth and still marvelous.

Eclectic Odds & Sods – This lady is a superstar!! Somehow she blogs, runs several blog events, takes long walks in the beautiful park, cooks up delicious dishes… And she is soo encouraging! I made one comment – and it was like she saw my insecurity right away, and said just the right thing to make it go away. She always seems to know just what to tell somebody at their time of life, and it’s so cool.

Paper ButterflyĀ – Her writing style is so amazing. Though she lives with pain I could never, ever begin to fathom, she has a bright outlook in her words that is contagious. I like reading her reviews of books and movies, and hearing about her perspective on life. Always interesting and fun to read, sometimes simply just because how she puts together the words.

Storyteller’s AbodeĀ – I met Storyteller’s Abode in the photo challenge, and since have enjoyed her short stories, writings, and photos, and various blog events. She has quite the skill at taking a few sentences and spinning a whole story in it. :)

High CountriesĀ – I love reading about this family’s adventures in Japan. If it wasn’t enough to be living in a foreign country, homeschooling and raising young kids, her understated style of writing is so cool and pretty.

The Grand Parade in Our PastĀ – This is “Today Has Been Canceled, Go back to Bed”‘s Sister’s blog! Awesomely beautiful writing. :)

Cass’s Useless OpinionsĀ – I love this girl ;) Haha. I really enjoy reading her insightful posts. She’s an INFP, too, so it’s like similar brainwaves so many times! :D

Taino NomadĀ – Although Taino Nomad doesn’t post often, I love what I’ve read. With simply enchanting storytelling, they tell the stories about theĀ adventures they take. So, even when I have absolutely no clue about something (like ice climbing) it’s super interesting, and instead of getting lost, I am entranced by the words and information.

Here are the questions I’ve been asked by Cupid or Cats:

1. If you could get rid of one word from the English language, what would it be and why?

Rude. I mean it’s a totally true word, and some people are just plain rude, but it seems like this word cannot be used personally describing oneself. It’s like a judgement word, and also isn’t about the exterior – it’s very about the “inner workings” – and I think only oneself should be stating what is going on inside.

I mean, go ahead and tell somebody they were mean – if they hit you, or disloyal – if they ran away from battle, or some other words, but don’t try and tell them why they did something.

If it didn’t have connotations that the personĀ meant it that way, I wouldn’t mind. But it does… so I do.

2. Are you good at keeping secrets?Ā 

Absolutely! I’ve always been great at not breaking confidence.

However, I’m rather too transparent when I don’t know it’s a matter of confidence. I have an incredible drive to tell the truth, the whole truth, and that can get me in trouble, because that is also the definition of “lack of tact.”

3. Do you think your favourite food reveals much about your personality?

Hmmm…. Favorite foods: cheese, apples, peanut butter, definitely chocolate. I like lentils and quinoa, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… I’m vegetarian now, but I also like sausage and hotdogs. Love egg rolls, and Chinese food – but I don’t really eat much since I haven’t been able to find any non-MSG of that… Cookies are probably what I’d think are the closest to being “me-food”.

And, yeah, all this probably does reveal a bit about my personality. I don’t like complicated things, go with classics that please many people, and are mostly fresh.

I don’t even like complex foods. As far as I can, I avoid garlic and onion – the flavor lasts too long!!

4. Would you prefer to visit the theatre or a museum?

Oh, Gosh. THEATRE! I have been to a museum.

Sure, they are fun, but with anybody else… it can beeee soooo boooorrr —- zzzzzzz.

See, I’m not very good at being placed in a dark, sound-proof place, and reading about a bunch of out-of-context facts about something I don’t really know what is being talked about.

I like the opportunity to learn, I really do, but sometimes, it just is a bit sleepy-inducing. And I really don’t likeĀ being tired.

5. What is the best holiday you have ever been on?

Oh! So many! Unfortunately, they are all personally identifiable and so therefore falling in the wide plethora of things I am not able to share on this blog. :)

A future vacation I want to takeĀ so badly,Ā is taking Rimfire on a cross-Europe trip. Get him some pizza in Italy, show him the Eiffel Tower in France, see the bicycles in Copenhagen, maybe use my German skills in Germany, and enjoy Britain. Yes, I know it sounds silly to have my aspirations be to enjoy a vacay with my dog… but it’s true! I think it would be totally awesome and amazing!! I want him to have the same mind-opening experience of traveling as I have been blessed with and get to see new sights and things.

6. What is your favourite time of day?

Right as the sun is setting and it either turns everything golden, or it picks the breeze up, and makes everything touched with breeze. The light filters through the trees, and it’s just so beautiful. I can actually hang outside at this point because the breeze keeps the bees away from me, and I don’t get weird with the heat and sun making me gray-out, and the mosquitos aren’t out yet.

I actually like sitting on the deck with Rimfire off leash, watching the sun go down past the great canopy of trees that is beyond the yard, sometimes.

7. Do you have a hidden talent?

I do. The hidden talent even my family doesn’t know about is that I’m good under pressure and actually know what most people are talking about, even though I seem dumb to it.

For those who don’t know me – I gallop and jump like a horse… It’s my favorite thing to do, but quite frowned upon by society. Oh for the days when society didn’t give a hat what I did. :)

8. Do you have to sleep at a certain side of the bed?Ā 

Ha? What? Maybe if I had a side of the bed. I’ve always had small beds, or (right now) 1/2 a bed. The other side has my bow and arrows, and a bunch of other stuff.

9. Do you think it is more important to be liked or respected?

*deep breath* This is a good question! If you are liked, but not respected nobody will listen to you – they’ll just laugh you away. But if you are respected, but not liked, you miss out on the best part of the world – friends! But you can help people because they will listen to you.

I don’t know which would be more important. I think I’ll say respected – because you can be a good person and be respected even if people don’t like you. But if you aim for people to like you, you may just sell yourself out and not be you, and that’s sad.

10. What is the most important attribute that you seek in a friend?Ā 

Kindness. Wow, that came out quickly. But it’s so true. I look for how people treat other people, things and situations to see if I want to hang around them or not. It makes such a difference to me.

You can have completely different ideals than me, but if you are kind, then I’m cool. Kindness also usually means that they are at least open to hearing a differing opinion. And having a mind open to discussion and different facts being weighed an considered is so important, in my mind. Otherwise no one can ever change their mind with wisdom and that’s just the most terrible thing ever!!!!!!!!

Conversely, just an iota of kindness – recognizing the quiet voice in a crowd, a cashier or waiter taking a moment to give a genuine smile or comment, being nice to my animals, recognizing the merits in my family. These things melt my heart. (And make my life harder – why do I have to feel so much?)

Okay! My 10 questions for you — bwahahah!:

1. What music did you grow up with? (like artists, bands andĀ genres)?
2. What impresses you that doesnā€™t impress somebody else? (i.e.: I think Hobbit/Sherlock cross-overs are super clever and hilarious and BT thinks they are lame.)?
3. What song do you race to the radio to turn off? Turn up?
4. What skill do you want to have? (That you may or may not have?)
5. If there is a question from the set I was asked that you are dying to answer go ahead!
6. When was the last time you laughed and what were you laughing about/at? (It can be super silly, it’s okay.)
7. What question are you wishing I was asking you? Go ahead and answer it!
8. Do you have an accent? If you do, (I guess, who doesn’t!?) do you like it or do you wish it was different?
9. What did you think of the last movie you watched?
10. What’s the story behind your favorite photo?
Feel free to leave a comment answering any question that intrigued you from the ones I asked or was asked. :)
Have a great Tuesday!

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