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This Morning

Last night:

Oh, gosh. I don’t even want to begin. My brain is fried, and I’m exhausted inside. Hey! That rhymed!

Anyways, yesterday…. Okay, this whole past week. I mean this last month. I mean these last 2 months. I mean … – I’ve lost count.


I’ve always wondered this…


So. True. Partly because of the first “pin”!

Somwhere in the last two months, my brain suddenly started deciding it couldn’t go to bed before 1 o’clock. a.m.

1 o’clock turned into two… turned into sleeping in till 9, or later. But also being perfectly fine waking up earlier than that.

The only thing I couldn’t do was get to sleep any closer to a more favorable and sane time of night, not morning.

My Mom had recently had some trouble sleeping, and had listened to podcasts to fall asleep. I thought “It’s worth a shot.”

I had some “Ear Biscuits” (Rhett and Link’s podcast) I hadn’t listened to – I hadn’t ever listened to any of them, yet, actually, and so that was perfect.

The first podcast in the lineup? “Weirdest Science Experiments.” I fell asleep promptly to the sound of Rhett and Link discussing disembodied heads living on, thanks to “life support-like” mechanisms, and, in the same vein, puppies being grafted onto adult dogs and having a low (and weird) quality of life, until their eventual death. And me struggling internally with the concept of “What makes us really alive? If a head can be attached to a robotic body, and live completely, doing basically everything a human body does, and this was the ONLY way for the person to survive, what is bad about this? And movies such as In Time has proved living forever is not ideal, it’s not normal, it’s not natural, and it’s even not desirable. Not on this earth, that is. But this… this is real things. I’ve never heard of it before, and it’s downright creeptastic. THERE HAS TO BE something wrong with having only a head of a body live… but what is that?” I struggled with that thought until I drifted off to sleep – maybe about 30 minutes in to the podcast.

How in the world of everything shoes and scarves did I fall asleep to that? I mean, SERIOUSLY?? 

But, I did. That put me to sleep more easily than I had slept for a long time.

BT had the most gracious answer. It’s probably true, too, but with such oddities as this, it seemed to me, I deserved a bit more misunderstood beatings-on than I received.

He theorized that the podcast probably took the parts of me that keep my tired body awake, and engaged them in thinking, and hearing, and let the rest of me fall asleep.

(Oh, and if you have an answer to the theoretical question, I’d be more than happy to hear it. Or any ideas on the subject. Open forum, below!!)

So, I weaned myself off of podcasts, (it just seemed the easy, too-modern, way out) and I really can’t claim that I haven’t been sleeping. I have. I sleep every night (technically morning), but I don’t feel like that push into dark slumber and awakening into white newness. I feel drudged – mornings and nights morphing into each other, because they both feel strenuous.

I made the second half of the calzone recipe. I also made deep dish cookie pie muffins, and coconut keto bars for mom.

I also was blessed with a gluten-free sweet potato brownie. Totally delish.

And I’ve had correspondence from 2 friends – which is like a record – (oh, dear, I have 2 people I forgot to write – from January!)… So my days, really are quite amazing, and blessed. But I just wonder how I got myself into this bachelor-like existence of insane bed and rising times that don’t substitute for normal life at all.

Though Rimfire objects none.

This morning was freezing, and it was early, but I hadn’t slept (I technically closed my eyes and lost consciousness, but I kept waking myself up, in a way, all “morning” long… and it was a rest-less night) and I got both of my blankets, and grabbed up a shivering Rimfire wrapping him in them, and laid on the couch, peeked the remote out from under the fluffiness, and flipped to TNT. It’s the weekend! Law & Order is on! Oh yeah. :) And TNT starts early with the weekend programming.

Rimfire huddled up under the blankets for 2 hours. He was so cold…


What’s your take on the head question?

What is your night time like? Do you have an easy time getting to sleep? What’s your morning routine like?


One reason the internet is great

The internet is great because it brings us phrases like:

“I have lost my ability to be able to.”

Though I don’t feel the same way about the meme as the commenters do, I do like how the commenter stated it. :D


That’s rather how I feel today.


What’s your favorite thing to come about from the internet?

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Forum and Book Discussion – on INFPs

I saw this post on Personality Cafè. Do INFP’s actually have a decent role to play in society? and the more negative (for good reason) INFP: most Useless type?

I had to agree with them. When I visit INFP blogs, read things written by them, survey the quotes and deep things they come up with, it’s great!!

But when it comes to living, I see the shortcomings they talk about.

INFP’s are great at empathizing, but they also have trouble knowing how to show someone they care. They want to change the world, but how many are actually able to implement their ideas? It’s awesome for having people with visions of things being better in the world, but when it gets to 9-5 job, we can be pretty useless.

So, really what good are we?

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My Saturday Cooking Adventure

When I saw this recipe come through my inbox, from Cookie Monster Cooking, I was stunned. It looked amazing – like totally unmakeable – but the ingredients and process was simple. Doable even.

Could… could this really be done?

By her pictures, apparently yes. Could I do it? I bought the ingredients to find out.

I had a basket, and 3 kinds of flours – “Do you need a cart?” — Nah… I… But they brought the cart, anyways, and remembering that I had 3 pounds of cooking ingredients, (not to mention everything else), I was forced to admit, carrying it out myself was not a good option.

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Variations on an theme: INFP


I have been talking personality quite a bit lately, and this post is quite heavy with the stuff. It’s been a frequent topic at my house, though, and it’s been solving a lot of puzzles, and strengthening relationships (OMG, you will not believe what just happened! Words came, right when I needed them! That may be the first time that has ever happened! — okay, sorry – see below, “Words”)….

Er, anyway. I am hoping that I do not come off too strong on a front that can easily be exhausted, and chafing.

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Recently: The “Products” Edition

This week, I’ve discovered some new things, and wanted to share. Other than that, it’s other favorites from this week.

Not very descriptive… sorry!

I’ve got some posts ready, I’m just hoping to get second eyes on them, first. :) Nervous me, always!!

And because I like pictures… (and quotes)…Here is one I found this week!


Speed reading personalities

BT got a book. He said it was about speed-reading people, but I didn’t get interested until he said “to find out their personality”. Interesting conversation ensued.

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