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A Walk, a Hawk, and… Well that’s rather it.

A friend once commented how she enjoyed my posts about my walks, so midway through my last walk I remembered this, and so while Rimfire is panting and enjoying the semi-cooled inside air, I’ll tell you about it.:)

I decided to take a “nice” stroll through our trailed-woods. Rimfire caught my drift and we took off in a run (because we don’t get enough cardio) to the woods. It was rather plop-plop-plop for the first bit, but by the time Rimfire decided he wanted to mark a tree I’d soothed into a smooth rhythm.

For one of the few times we’d done this run to the woods, I was able to slow down my trajectory so I didn’t yank his neck.

I took a breather, and Rimfire bolted off, but I stayed behind opting to walk this bit.

It was then, as we entered the woods, I remembered the last time I’d walked in woods – not these, but still. The snake.

Even though I wanted to enjoy the woods and the greenery around me, for both our sakes I kept a weather eye on the ground scanning for wildlife we should avoid.

Despite my wariness, I took the longer, more wild trail, and it wasn’t till I was back at the main trail’s connection that I saw my first fauna. A bird flew up from the underbrush.

I dropped my jaw and crept closer, quietly, after scanning the location Rimfire was wandering off to.

It was! It was that falcon I’d spotted the other day in our neighbor’s yard.

So cool.

That was when I heard to my right a rustling in the underbrush and spied a lean black, moist head wrapping around a tree. It could be a snake, albeit a disfigured snake.

I could run back and get back to civilization and perhaps spare both our lives, or I could investigate.

I drift towards the main path on my left, before rationalizing that I was actually rather distant from the being and I could stay far enough away I can check out the mysterious creature, find out what it was and bonus! continue out the way I was originally intending.

I did that.

It was a laid out black frog like thing, and I surmised that maybe he had been the hawk’s prey before I happened on them.

I ran past it holding Rimfire, only to find myself actually lost. I took the loop again, passing the frog, and chose the right direction this time. I’d forgotten I’d taken the optional path, and that had thrown off my sense of direction.

When I had the trail’s exit in my mind’s eye’s sites, I put Rimfire down, and we bolted for the clearing that was the path’s end.

So as not to alert the dwellings immediately at the trail’s end/beginning I slowed down before then.

Danger averted. Bug bites collected. Heart pounding a bit.

I kept Rimfire somewhat close, as these dwellings usually had big dogs they let outside and it was so again, this time. It was a new dog I hadn’t seen out on a chain – I hoped.

He hopped off the deck and approached the road Rimfire and I were walking down. I heard the dog utter a growl.

Since the first time I heard Rimfire growl, I’ve realized that to my ears there is nothing quite so ominous as a dog’s growl. I’d picked Rimfire up already, but now I looked at him and covered his eyes which he was using to gaze directly at the bigger dog. “Stop it.” I said gently, and I felt the other dog relax. We passed and I put Rimfire down.

It was then he decided he had to go, and I saw our landlord approaching.

It’s always kind of awkward, I feel, when you make eye contact with someone as your dog poops. And it was bound to happen as our landlord approached.

I made sure that the bag I was going to use was visible, and he passed with a friendly greeting I returned, and it was over.

As Rimfire and I walked off, we passed all our regular places without incident and it hit me how, even though the woods were so close and not at all what I would dub “wild”, how much safer it felt walking along these roads. And I started thinking on that when I realized I had “Drive By” going through my head.

I’d heard it this morning and I gave it little thought until I remembered I’d started a game in my head of “What Made Me Think Of That Song”. I smiled when I realized it had been when I got the bag in plain sight for our landlord’s benefit that the “Hefty bag to hold my lo-o-o-ove” verse had popped in my head.

Soon we passed by a place I’d always used to take Rimfire out at, before we’d moved within the same neighborhood. It amazed me how something that’d been so much a part of our neccessary routine had summarily slipped from my mind.

I didn’t fully form this thought as we passed by one of the most regal (that is in my head) looking lands and I took a look at the house that graced its presence. Light filtered through the trees and “that’s odd” I thought. Light was filtering everywhere else, but I didn’t notice it.

I followed it down until I saw the grill and concluded the grill must be on and the smoke was providing the pretty scene. I didn’t want to stare and so averted my eyes until our angle of passing the house narrowed and I could actually hear something popping on the grill 30 feet away. Satisfied, I nodded, but then immediately wondered what it was. Ah, but mystery is fine, fun even, and I just was glad nobody came out while I was admiring the pretty scene of grill and trees and light.😀

Just keep walking just keep walking.

Finally we arrived by one of the lakes that Rimfire usually has a ball at (re-reading this, I realize this could be confusing – I mean it as “he has fun.:) ) because of its large swaths of grass. Rimfire did have fun rolling in the grass and cooling off, but to my surprise he picked the grass that edged the road and was rather covered with clay and road-dust. I tried to incent him to come closer to the lake and up where the clean grass was in case he was just taking the first grass he could find because he thought I wouldn’t stop, but he was having none of it. Okay, then.

Ruefully, well not ruefully actually, I rubbed my bug bites and resisted itching them. I think I looked rueful as I squinted into the sun, and concentrated on not itching.

Near the end of the lake-bit, we paused under a tree which offered wonderful shade and waited for cars to pass before venturing back out in the road. Following a truck, I enjoyed the light scent of diesel exhaust, and squinted against the dust it had picked up, but it quickly dissipated.

We neared the end of that road, and passed the neighbor that lets me practice archery in their yard, and I asked Rimfire if he felt like a run up the hill. I wasn’t sure, but I did and as I hit the ground Rimfire did too, and zoomed ahead of me and we jogged up the short grassy knoll.

A short (1 foot, maybe) rock wall separates us from the main road after this, and I planned which rock I was going to step on while Rimfire didn’t catch my intention till right up to when I decided to cross over. Usually this means he’s either behind me and I call him over, or he decides way quicker and is swifter on his feet so he leaps over in a split-second before I’ve even started my hop over.

This time, though. He hit it a split second after I did and we were air-borne together and hit the ground at the opposite time in synchronized timing. It was epic and I laughed.

Rimfire was flagging in the sun, and we were making our way on our last leg of our much-shorter-than-it-sounds-actually walk – when I asked him which way, he kept on our usual way and I agreed. It’s not as shady, but it’s quicker.

I looked fore and aft. There was no one about.

Time for one last hurr-rahn.😉

“Come on! Let’s go!” I called to him, as I spun back to face front after checking for vehicles (and anybody who’d see us…) I saw my ponytail in my shadow and thought I looked quite cool, and giggled at myself for thinking so, before we burst into a sprint home.

We probably don’t look cool, though I spied our shadows – and they did – as we run for the fun of it. Me, pounding the ground into oblivion and just hoping for the best as my foot lands, and him leading the fray panting and — well, no he looks cool – but it doesn’t matter. We go fast and we love it!

I take a few breaths before I go back inside and get my laptop to write this down.

It isn’t long before BT nitpicks and gets upset, retreating to be by himself and I feel weird not knowing what he’s thinking, but that’s life. Yay and negative thrown side by side and never knowing what’s next.:)


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Gishwhes Team Paradox!

GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen) is starting soon!

Last year amongst a bundle of what ifs, and doubts, I did sign up for GISHWHES and discovered it to be gladly more low-key than I expected and fun, and really great fun working on a team.

Okay – so, what is GISWHES?

Originally a publicity stunt, Misha Collins (actor, Supernatural, cool Dude) tweeted something at the behest of Ollis (Supernatural’s publicity guy). Misha tweeted that Ollis gave him a rhinocerous he would share with everyone who voted for Supernatural. Supernatural won the poll Ollis was hoping it would, and Misha told everyone to send him self-addressed envelopes.

Then, inspired by his time at a college where he participated in a scavenger hunt they did, he sent out puzzle pieces to the participants with scavenger hunt items on the back of them. The puzzle? A rhinocerous.😉

Some of the scavenger hunt items were accomplished, and that was the first, unofficial, GISHWHES. Misha ended up loving the idea so much & how it brought people together doing incredible things, he created a website and a name for the scavenger hunt the next year. (Source: Wikipedia!)

I will be participating in GISHWHES again this year and I’m soo looking forward to it. I currently have 4 people on my team named Team Paradox and would love for any of my readers to join my team!

If you were interested in doing gishWhes, giving it a try, or such-like, you are welcome. You can also ask me any questions at all you have.

Registration is $18.96, and although you can spend money completing items, I did not, last year. I also didn’t have transportation for many of the days, and couldn’t do anything for the first 3 days. These were my primary concerns, but it all worked out and I didn’t end up letting down the team.:)

So there’s my plug!😄 If you have any questions lemme know, and I’ll try and answer them!

What kind of things might you do in GISHWHES? At the beginning of the hunt, we receive a list of around 200 tasks. No team has ever done all of them; the focus is on quality of submissions, versus quantity. The focus of GISHWHES is on creativity, kindness, or silliness or a mix of all 3.:)

To give an idea of what you might do in GISHWHES, here are some of the things I did last year:


Every year GISHWHES has a mascot that is a fictional blend of two animals. Last year was the Dinomite – half dino, half mite.

I created caped sugar cookies for Item 193: “Contribute the recipe for ‘Dinomite’s Fluffy Bites’ to and get at least 20, 5-star reviews from people who enjoyed the recipe.” I did not succeed on that last part, but the cookies were yummy.:)


This photo is not for a task, but one I took while we were out completing it. BT and I’d gone out to the park to finish item 174, and after I did it, he wanted to give the challenge a try. That was when he pointed and said, “Look a balloon!” and I have a picture of him pointing, and the balloon in one shot!😄 This is a picture of just the balloons, while it looked really cool floating in the approaching storm clouds and bright sun!

“Travel across the narrow part of a level football field (or the equivalent of 150 feet on level grassed ground). You cannot touch the ground with any part of your body and you cannot have anyone push or pull you. You’re only allowed to use a skateboard, two pieces of string or rope no more than 5 feet long each and a clothespin. (NOTE: You can’t use the clothespin as an extension of your hand or foot to push you along the ground.)” (We still haven’t found out the purpose of the clothespin!)


(I know this picture is dark, but with my screen bright I can read all of it okay – hopefully that’s true on yours, too?)

This one was the most out of my element (haha, lol, I didn’t mean to do that).

“Create a short “Supernatural”-related horror story out of the abbreviations of the elements of the Periodic Table. You may only use each letter from each abbreviation once (so you’d have roughly – 225 letters to use). The more coherent the story, the better.”

This is where my research of watching Supernatural did pay off. While I was working my behind-the-scenes job, I furiously scratched away and counted & recounted numbers and letters until I had made this 2 sentence story.

I don’t even like horror! But I was pleasantly surprised at how this turned out. The next to-do was to take a good photo of it to submit.

The next night I was recreating the Lady and the Tramp scene on a “fancy date” (another item), but with my dog, because I don’t have a date!😄 Not exactly what the task asked for, but I thought the judges might enjoy it. BT, when he he heard my idea of substituting a date for dinner with my dog laughed and said, “Do it, do it!”

I’d put up the candles for the dinner, and it was then I had the idea of photographing the story by the light of the candle. I’m so glad I did, as this is the submission photo I’m most proud of.:) (Although I don’t like that term…)


“Design and build a comfortable, functional piece of living room furniture made entirely from repurposed/recycled materials. Then show the family enjoying it.”

This is the picture I took of the half-throne, half-wingback chair (with ottoman) I made, before I covered it with repurposed tableclothes. I made it out of cardboard, broken ratchet straps, popcorn, plastic bags, and I covered it over with table cloths for upholstery.

It was surprisingly comfy!

If you want to join the silliness this year, I’d be thrilled to have you join Team Paradox. No pressure but I wanted to make sure I extended the invitation to you all, because I’d love to have you on the team.:)

P.S. Why Paradox? I’ve always liked the word paradox, and out of the 4 team-names I was considering Team Paradox got the most votes – thus the name!:)

Have a great weekend!!

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How Do We Instinctively Know Life’s Value?

We instinctively know the value of a life.

Though we often become frustrated with our own, or wonder why we are here, somehow a feeling beyond words attests to us that a life is worth protecting.

When we know it’s about to be cut short, or feel cold where once was heat, or remember a life snuffed out by mortal means, our insides protest, tears start, and a feeling of wrongness pervades, even if we can’t give words to the question, “What’s so important about life.”

I held her trembling, fuzzy, furry body against mine, I soothed her fears as I set her in a sterile bathing tub. I eased her through the process, and felt her fear as mine. The tremulous eyes looked into mine, and she trusted my evaluation of the situation as safe.

Then she was snuffed out. Without a judge, jury, or defense and without me able to  run to her side, or ask the owner how she could betray her like this, that owner let her go, without even a confirmation of the test.

“Parvo kills 50% of dogs who have it.”

“It’s a long difficult journey to health.”

“Even with early treatment, it’s not an easy disease to beat.”

But didn’t you hold her next to you. Didn’t you feel the life that flowed through her. Didn’t you look into her eyes, and tell her everything would be okay? 

You had to have felt that bundle of soft fur. How could you let her go so easily.

She was scared of the world, and trusted at the first word. I will never forget Ember, and somehow she keeps teaching me, that beyond any logical reason, we KNOW, just know, that life is in itself a thing worth guarding.


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My Non-Abstract Example Scene

So, that last post explained the concept I’d thought of, but I usually like having a picture or example I can imagine to remember the theory I’m going off of.

For me, I have a few, my first one is a story from my life, but my second or third one is the Bones and Booth scene. So if your curious here it is (my retelling of it, anyway.) (From “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole”)

For a non-abstract example, I likened it to: Bones & Booth after that turning point counseling scene with Sweets. Nearly by accident they discover that Booth is the one who needs to take the first move. His history of gambling hints that he has the guts to put it all out there, and take a risk. Bones knows what’s up in life, and therefore wouldn’t put herself out there like that. (I’m only stating things from their points of view – not my own POV.) So as they walk away from the Jeffersonian, they’re laughing over what happened, and working it around in their heads, when ding, Booth leaps in front of her,

“Bones! I have to take the chance! I’m the gambler!! *pause* So what do you say? Do you want to give it a try? Us?”

Bones starts to see what he means, and can’t hold it in anymore. All the hope she’d ever wanted, all the security and love she ever wanted is being offered to her, right in front of her. And she can’t accept it. The love of her life is offering to love her and she must say no.

“No, Booth. No. I’m never going to be that person you need. I’m never going to open up and be able to make you happy.”

“But I don’t care Bones!”

This goes on, Booth focused on the idea, and Bones, adamant she would do Booth wrong, when Booth walks off, finally begrudging her the final say.

Bones trots up to him, and places her hand in his.

“But we can still, please say, we can still be partners?”

Booth looks at her, disappointment quickly replacing itself with sadness, “I’m going to have to move on. You know that?”

This is what Bones had started to realize from the beginning, what had made the floodgates open, and made her cry. She knows. “I know.”

“Okay. Well, then. Yes. I’m going to have to move on. But we can still be friends.”

Booth gives her hand a squeeze, and they walk off into the D.C. night, and Bones rests her head on Booth’s shoulder.

They both took a risk and made the decision they believed correct.

(If you’re wondering if it works out, it does. Bones is able to let Booth go, with a couple of false starts, and Booth eats his feelings like normal falling fast in love with a pretty reporter who loves danger. Unfortunately she loves danger more than Booth AND Parker and breaks his heart for the 4th and final time. Que my next favorite scene… but anyways. Yes. They’re both able to move on and be friends.😀 )

(My next favorite scene - thanks to IMDB and whoever typed all this in! TY!)

(In case you’re wondering: My next favorite scene – thanks to IMDB and whoever typed all this in! TY!)

Booth took the unexpected opportunity arisen from the counseling session with Sweets, not because it meant he could have a pretty wife, or a mother for Parker, or. or. anything else like that. He took the risk because he legitimatley wanted Bones in his life for the rest of his life.

Bones didn’t take the opportunity, because she believed she would hurt Booth. She felt at that moment if she said yes she was more focused on what Booth could do for her and the opportunity presented than who he was and who they’d be together. A kind of taking the goods and ran thing.

So this is my non-theoretical (although still fictional) example of the concept.

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Missed Opportunity

He stands in front of you, ring outstretched. He’s just asked you for your hand in marriage. 

You think of the beautiful estates he owns, and what it would be like to gallop over them. You think of the pristine, beautiful white house he had when you visited his parents, how you and he will always be secure.

But you don’t think about him. You don’t think about how happy you are when you makes you your favorite tea. How fun it is to try to follow him in every new idea. The times you just sigh when you know it’s not going to work, but half the fun is watching.

You think about the opportunity, and not the dude.

(Oops, my So Cal is showing.😄 And yes, obviously I’ve never been proposed to – this is pieced together from movies, TV shows and GMM.)

Sometimes I try to make a decision, and I think on it, and I think on it until I finally come to a conclusion.

These conclusions become the basis for the rest of my life. Which is mostly what inspired me to start this blog. Thinking through these things, gathering evidence, comparing it with real life, going back to the drawing board, working it down some more, takes a lot of work. If I had the answers handed to me, I’d go with that (or I might just take it as evidence to work into my own theory…). Anyway, I thought it might be helpful if when I came up with these big life-helping conclusions for my self I’d “share with the class”. If nothing else, just for that one other person like me staying awake all night and kicking themselves until they discover whether it was actually okay; or just working on a theorem until it strikes right.

I thought maybe, the hours of wittling down I do could be turned helpful for someone else.:)

Well, this was one of the few breakthroughs that I could actually share! All the others were only semi-discoveries or only made sense to me.

So, anyways, I was trying to figure out whether to do this one thing, or not. And every other hour I had a different conclusion.

Most impactful on the switchity flop was what I’ve read in those articles from elderly people, or people who have lived the longest, what their advice is:

[[Goes looking for the actual quote. Can’t find anything REMOTELY similar]]

Er, I guess what I mean to say, is what I’d remembered, apparently wrongly, being their advice was to go ahead and avail yourself of the opportunity. You don’t want to be thinking, “What if?” basically.

And there’s all of these I find on the ‘net:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.24.20 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.23.53 AM

The other side, (there was another side, obviously), was my own wisdom. Rushing into things = not a good idea. You don’t know till you know.

And the very real what if’s: What if it’s not what it looks like? In fact it’s more than likely to not be what it looks like. What if this is wrong for you and them? What if, what if, what if.

It went around and around. For months.

Until yesterday, *lightbulb* the idea popped into my head, that while I’d considered the opportunity raised many, many times, and was attempting to fulfill (what I realize is probably now mythical) elderly people’s directive to “not let an opportunity go; take the risk!” I’d valued the opportunity far more than I’d valued the person raising the opportunity.

Pish posh; That was no way to do things!

Immediately a weight I didn’t even know was there was lifted.

I also smiled. I was back to my original way of doing things, “Go. Care about people. Care about people backwards, forwards, high, low. Care and what happens, happens.”

No more “gotta try and get the most out of life. Not let any opportunity pass up. What if it’s wrong. What if it’s bad? But what if I have nothing show by the end of the year. Another year of nothingness… But what if.”

Were all these these worrying constricting thoughts happening, just because of a tiny hint to give a risky thing a go? — ah-hah! But not just that! A risky thing done with no reward except a new opportunity in your hat.

It’s all well and good to take giant risks and leaps – which is why I was so happy, because here I was able to insert my main OS – as long as it’s for someone/something you love, care about, something like that.

An opportunity arises. You don’t know whether to take it. The flurry of wonder and nerves starts to swirl. Next time, I’m going to consider how the idea got brought up, and how I feel about that.

In a sentence:

You should care about the person more than the missed opportunity

What I wrote in my journal: If you care more about a “missed opportunity” or missing an opportunity than the person presenting the opportunity that is backwards and feel free to say no.

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My Haircare Routine

Okay, so there were a LOT of things that were terrible about having an eating disorder.

But one of the most annoying was my hair. While I felt good, had plenty of energy, and didn’t feel much pain – bodily. * (My brain, of course was going through the torture chamber of the ages. ED’s are NOT good, or okay. AND YES YOU CAN BE FINE. NORMAL after restrictive eating actually exists despite people telling you it doesn’t.)

*sentence finishes here: My hair looked baahd, and felt terrible. I didn’t know what was up.

Then as I worked hard and nursed my body back to health, my hair seemed to be lagging behind.

It still looked frizzy, dry and poofy.

Lots of internet searches, experimentation, and random things I picked up along the way, I am super happy with what’s happened recently! And it had nothing to do with my diet; that really was going okay.

  • Desert Essence Shampoo (Fragrance Free is my favorite)
  • Hair turban (or bath towel used turban style)
  • Shower comb
  • Desert Essence Shine & Refine Coconut Lotion
  • Argan Oil hair serum

I shampoo my scalp, primarily, with the shampoo. With the Desert Essence shampoo I occasionally will work on the rest of my hair with the shampoo, but I don’t really shampoo it the same. (By the way, I shower every 3-4 days.)

After I’ve showered, I put my hair up in the hair turban and let it dry 1/2 way. Basically, once the turban is soaked, I remove it, and my hair is no longer drippy.

I either put the conditioner on at this point, or after I take my hair down the next day.

I comb out my hair with a wide-tooth shower comb, or leave it with what would seem to be a lot of tangles, but surprisingly, not, and braid it at this point. (1 or two braids)

The next day, I’ll undo my braids. (Or if I undo my braids that day — like I shower in the morning, and get tired of my hair in braids, that night I redo a single loose braid.)

Then I smooth in some conditioner (optional, but handy every 2-3 showers.)

With all these steps done, I’m done.

The silly thing I’ve learned is that I don’t need to brush my hair. Nobody even notices my unbrushed hair. I know that this is common-ish knowledge for those with curly hair. I didn’t know it was a thing for wavy hair.

frizzy hair

I saw this on Pinterest after I started doing this and was like “Ah! It’s a thing!!”


Once I’ve braided my hair and let it out, I sometimes comb through it, or kind of “pat” it with my comb to separate it some, but the last couple months I’ve learned it looks really great and healthy with no brushing.

I wake up, undo my braid, or style it — put in a headband, put it in a ponytail — and walk out the door. It feels weird going out with my hair untouched, but when I catch sight of it, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It’s finally healthy again. Well, it was healthy before, but it still looked rough.

In the words of BT, when his coworker complimented my hair (the first week I started doing this routine)

Coworker: You have beautiful hair!

BT: (quoting the Eagle has Landed) Most of the time.

Which is pretty similar and actually more upbeat than the response I had planned.


Okay, so yeah, I’ve talked over this for a while, but mainly because I went from every day not knowing what I could do with my bushy, dry-looking puffy hair to having soft manageable waves, without doing anything drastic. And that’s so cool to me! (Plus, bonus — low maintenance in the extreme, and very inexpensive!😀 ) I was starting to lose hope, and be really confused as to what I should do since I have very long hair, that if it looks unkempt is really noticeable, so I wanted to share my discoveries!😀


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