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Okay, so I really try never to do this – recommend something to somebody (I could stop the sentence there and still be accurate) before I’ve fully read/seen it/ been accustomed with it for a goodly period to know that it won’t turn.

But, I really need to want to get out of this rut of not posting. :)

So, I will gush. I so want to share, so it gives me something neutral and fun to write about.

And who knows? This one might even end well.

I picked 5 books from the library, and added them to my mental “read now” list, along with Tale of Two Cities, news magazines, and the Age of Religious Wars. Historically, I’m still in the 1600’s, as I work my way up this series of all-encompassing history books. :) And it’s taking me forever.

After reading Catching Fire I decide to take a quick break from dystopian land. Too much of that can alter my thinking – not in the positive way you’d expect either.

So, I choose to read the most-unsure book.

Ever since BT had some business in the library, and I didn’t know what to do, I have formulated a new procedure for picking up books to discover, and borrow.

I roam the shelves and pick up what looks interesting. Scan the cover for key details, and if it passes, I move on to the inner flap.

The flap is crucial if I am unsure – it must avoid some key-words, and if it does, it goes in the stack.

I’ve never done this before, but I quickly didn’t second-guess myself. It’s my new method.

Roam the shelves, pick up the books, check-out the books, read the books.

So, noticing a bright-yellow-and-white spined book in the middle of the middle of the middle of the 3-sided shelving unit I was standing in, I thought a-ha! It’s time for a bit of random selection.

(In case you were curious – It was in the middle section of the “open-rectangle” shaped shelving unit, meaning, against the wall, while the two bookshelves flanked it, on either side of me, in a perpendicular manner. Then it was in the middle from top to bottom. And it was in the middle right to left, as well!)

I’d gone in to see if I could find another lawyer mystery – but I figured I could get away with a few moments of browsing.

BT and I both came out with handfuls of borrows!

So, when I read the spine, and it said “Bookstore”, I was intrigued.


I slid it out and it said, fully: “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”. Unless it had something very vile on the inside cover – for instance declaring that, despite it’s bright yellow cover, it was actually a book about horror and zombies and ghosts attacking innocent browsees of a mysterious bookstore – I was going to read it, probably.

So, it began my stack which came to include a John Grisham, Terry Pratchett and 2 Hunger Games books.

Then 2 Taylor Swift CD’s and 2 WOW Hits CD’s.

I’ve only read 28 pages of “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” (by Robin Sloan) but already I love the writing style.

28 pages in does not give me much to go on of whether or not the rest will live up to recommendation-worthy, but I would say, even just for the first 28, I would recommend trying to check it out.

It’s relatable, full of imagery, and has made me smile multiple times. Books don’t do that. Okay, most things don’t. I can see where they are going and am like “You have no effect on me” like some droid. But no, I don’t see his wit coming, and it’s so nice.

So, yeah. First 28 pages, I recommend a read! :D

I’ll let you know how the rest goes.

What about you? Do you like wait to recommend something until you’re sure it’s a done-deal or do you like to share as soon as you can?

Have you read this book?

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Tuesday Today .16

Made a call:


I made a call as soon as I could after I woke up. And it’s actually all going well!

Tweeted to help #SaveForever:


I used TweetDeck to schedule tweets today, so I didn’t have to be on Twitter at all to help Save Forever.

ABC canceled it, so we are seeing if we can show support for it and have another network pick it up.

Took a survey:

I did go on Twitter, though, and saw this “Are you not a scientist? Take this survey!”. So I did. It was cool. Want to take it? They’re hoping to be able to engage non-scientists better, and they made it completely anonymous. (Danke schoen.)

Got really down on myself:


First I tweeted a bunch of Tuesday tweets today, because I thought — oh. my. gosh. It’s not Tuesday. IT’S NOT TUESDAY! Why am I making a Tuesday post? Oh my gosh. I’m ready to sit on the couch and not do anything else, because everything I touch is aagggh.

So, yes, today (Monday) I tweeted a bunch of tweets for Tuesday, and then Tweet Deck wouldn’t let me change the pre-scheduled ones, and I couldn’t find folders, because I thought 2014 was 2 years ago…

Reminded myself not to eat MSG:

I ate a candy with MSG in it. So not worth it! I do not feel good with MSG. :(

Signed up for Nerd Fitness Academy:

I joined! I’ve been wanting to join forever!

Reading A Tale of Two Cities:


I’ve heard good things about this book for so long, and I’m finally reading it. I’m 1/3 of the way through, but so far, it’s not topping my list. I wonder if I’m missing something in the frequent passages that are going over my head.

I mean, I’m reading it to try to help me fall asleep, so when a sentence gets really long and abstract the tiny part of me that is tired is like, “Ehhh?”

Frosted Cranberry:


I went to a business bathroom today, and they had lotion samples. It said “handmade” so I decided to give it a try. It smelled really good (“Frosted Cranberry” scent) and it lasted (scent and softness) through several handwashes. Impressive!


How has your Monday been? Got any awesome Tuesday plans?

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3 Reasons Why I Think My Mom is Terrific

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!

I’m very lucky. (Blessed, would probably be more accurate…).

I know enough people who do not have great Moms they can rely on. I really do not know what I would do if I had that, so I am thankful that I do, and hope she knows this :)

Now, of course, as with every human being, she has blind-spots and makes mistakes. But the cool thing I LOVE about my family, is that we are always trying to change in good ways so it’s always getting better. :)

So, here are 4 recent examples of how my Mom has been simply amazing.

1: “I just really don’t know what to reply back! I just have so much to say, and all I’m doing is gushing!” I said.

Her answer?: “Hmm… How about you write two sentences for each question. Just take 2 sentences to answer each question.”

This worked aaah-mazingly! It was probably one of the most effortlessly normal replies I’ve ever written out, and will probably help me out of tough spots later on!

Mom is always trying to find new ways to help people out that fit with their weaknesses and strengths.

2: “I hope you sleep well, whenever that is for you.”

Mom, like most people who care for people, wants the best for her family. So, she really doesn’t like it when I say I’m not sleeping well. When I try to explain that I don’t mind… it just doesn’t work. So one night, as she bid me adieu, and said sleep well (on a particularly bad week of nights) I wasn’t sure what to say, when she continued, “…whenever that is for you.”

That elicited a giggle and a smile from me. She was saying, I’m cool with you staying up till 2 in the morning if that works for you. I’m cool for you sleeping whenever you can, as long as it’s good for you, and I hope that it’s a good sleep. :)

3: “It’s okay… Consolation Hugs– so sorry for your loss! *sniff*”

My mom replied this to an email I sent her about a skink I’d found dead. Rimfire had been hunting geckos, but they always got away. I let him do this, supervised, so he could keep his innate hunting skills. I would call him off when he got too close, though, and tell him he did a good job, and that he could leave it now.

But while he was unsupervised, he caught one. I thought the gecko had got away, with just the cool-gecko-tail thing.

But the next day, I found the reptile – actually a skink – dead by my dog’s hand, and my lack of supervision.

Well, I e-mailed all this to mom, and told her I’d given it a burial… and she said the above.

Now that is a lot of grace for your daughter’s weirdness. :)


Why is your Mom awesome? Is there someone else in your life who is terrific? Why are they awesome?

P.S. – Happy Mother’s day, Mom! I hope you like your gift. It’s by the puzzle. You can go ahead and watch it! ;)

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Hand me the Eye Cream?

I was curled up on the couch, with Rimfire there at my feet, his usual place of choice.

My stomach wasn’t feeling well, and I felt all right, for now, in this recumbent position.

I just got a new eye cream on, but had forgotten to apply it today.serumeye__0007_Layer-12_grande

“Could you hand me my eye cream?” I asked BT, who was near the box. The box was on a seat by the table. I’d showcased my new products the day before, so I hoped I wasn’t asking something too difficult – something he knew nothing about.

He sat behind me, and would be handing the item over my back to in front of me.

I’d been doing crafts on the table, and it had our usual menagerie of stuff on it. He took something from the table, and made a *squirt* sound as he handed it to me. It was craft glue. I laughed, and said, “No! It’s in the box, on the seat.”

He rummaged on the table some more, and next showed me the White-out. “No, no! It’s…” I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t making this too hard on him. My directions are usually so unclear; I leave out vital chunks.

Then, either he said it, or I realized it. He knew it wasn’t on the table. Okay, good – we were just playing.

I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

All natural “Peaceful Mountain” muscle rub.

Then he moved to the box. I thought “This will narrow down his choices considerably. I only have two products in there.”

So I wasn’t surprised when he handed over the other product I’d ordered – a sunscreen stick that’d come with my eye cream. I laughed.

He put it back. The eye cream had to be next right? The streak was over.

He handed over an apple next. Where’d that come from? Oh, yeah, I stuck that in the box.

Then came my hair lotion. “spurlk!” He said as he pretended to squirt it in my eye. “quirlk, quirlk.”

And finally, the only product left was the cream. He held it in its packaging over me. I pulled down and it rewarded us with a solid “THUUP” as it disengaged from the outside roll.

We’re a crazy lot. We have a lot of fun. And a lot of laughs over silly things. It’s the best.


What kind of silly things do you do with your family?

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What do I do with a night in?


I’d already vacuumed.

Rimfire was lounging on the couch.

Come to think of it, did I let him up? Hmm. I don’t know.

I decide to make some bread. It’s 7pm – so I turn to Wheel of Fortune. Sure, it may sound lame, but it’s like an interactive TV show. You can try and guess along with them, and you see so much of the person’s character, it’s rather interesting.

I need to knead the dough for 10 minutes – I picked a recipe with lots of kneading, because I didn’t want a recipe that would rely on a blender, or something, being’s as I didn’t have one!

I take the large cutting board and the dough, and the bag of flour to the rug in the middle of the floor. I sprinkle some flour over the board, and plomp the dough down.

Knead, knead, knead for 10 minutes. For a moment, the board gets away from me, and for a couple turns, I knead the dough on the ground. *gasp*

No hair, so I guess I’m okay. Good thing I just vacuumed. Lol.

Flour is kinda going over the edges of the board, but that’s what the broom is for!

I remove the cookies I cooked yesterday from the oven, and put the kneaded dough in, covered with a kitchen towel. I’m supposed to also cover with plastic wrap – I don’t have any.

I grab a cookie. My stomach starts hurting; I get some of that fresh squeezed lemon juice from a couple days ago. It’s frozen. Frozen? Wow. Still tasty.

And now I’m writing this blog post, with Rimfire still lounging beside me. He got off to eat dinner, but soon asked to be let back up.

Eh, it’s that kind of night. The windows are open, it’s pretty out.

Jeopardy is on. I should get dinner oh, yeah! I got dinner. But I didn’t have lunch… Lunch was a late after-breakfast snack… Breakfast was… small.

Well. Yup. A night in.

Birds chirping, breezes blowing, Rimfire perking his ears to neighborhood noises, bread for tomorrow that proves to be a fun challenge tonight, rising in the oven. And trying to guess the answers on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

I totes am not normal, but no one here is minding. :)


What do you do on a solitary night in?


Have you seen the Google Doodle today? It’s so cute, (and informative)! The higher you raise the volume, the harder the guy plays!!

Oh, yeah! And the possible confrontation today? I got a definitive answer, and it went great!

(Oh yeah, and this is totally not going to be my whole night! I have far too much energy. Reading, catching up on blogs, transcribing, playing with Rimfire, doing more chores, exercising, researching — I have a lot of things I’ll probably do.. I just for some reason felt like sharing this calm 1/2 hour of my evening :) )


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