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CD Haul and Proof that INTJ’s Aren’t Complete Cold-hearted Bounders

[Bounder. As you’ll see it’s a synonym for cad – which also works, but I feel it’s harsher… But this is what you get when I set about to find an alternate for “jerk.” Because seriously I don’t want to say that about anyone.]

Today, BT and I were out shopping (when we go sho – o – pping!¬†ūüé∂) and we stopped by the library because I’d forgotten my phone — which makes sense only if I explained the long tale — and they had a book sale on!

Oh my.

BT and I at a book sale is something to see. I mean, I’m laughing at myself while I’m doing it. BT will browse very calmly and find something cool which he will then show¬†me in excited, hushed, awed tones. “Look at that cover. Haha! I was sold!”

Where as I will go bounding about looking at everything at once. Setting my eyes on a book for a second before the scale of books occurs to my mind and I go bouncing off to look at another book. I’m squeeing with delight the whole time. Awed at the prices. Happy about the books. Sad they don’t have homes. Happy I get the chance to perhaps own them. But no, it’s too great. But yes, I must look at them. But no, let’s just leave it to BT – I’m certain he’s found another great book by now. Wait, is that what I think it is?!

And no… the most shameful part about this is that not all these thoughts get contained in my head… in fact about 50% probably get stated at one point or another.

I think the elderly people manning the sale appreciated my jubilance and BT’s reverence. And BT is amazingly patient with me in these circumstances, sometimes guiding me to focus on one thing, or bringing up an idea to sort my searching preferences, but most often letting me be and encouraging us to stay and look for as long as we can spare time.

“We have another room,” said one volunteer, “We’ve got shelves, and it’s a little more organized. Check it out!”

After perusing the CD’s, and purchasing two books and a CD, and checking out a book as we exited (BT pointed out the clever “take a book on a blind date” – books wrapped in paper with decorations and just the genre stated on them — lol, you can probably guess: my curiuosity couldn’t pass up such a great opportunity up!) we stopped by the outside room of the book sale.

I scanned the spines very quick and found none of the authors I was looking for. BT found a book he wanted, and I paid the volunteer (I was designated payee today, since I had the cash).

(Oh! Context — I have a goal of buying the CD’s of the songs I enjoy listening to on my Pandora. Because my 600+ likes would cost a LOT of money to buy normally, my idea is to check sales when I see them for the CD’s I’m looking for, and thus slowly buy them. Mutually benefiting my bank account and the sellers!)

As we were turning to leave, and BT had expertly extracted us from the social situation of buying books in a 10×10 space (at most), I interejected – hoping he wouldn’t mind too much – “Erm, hey, uh…” “Hmm, yeah?” “Can we look at the CD’s?” I said timidly. “Oh yeah. Of course!” he said.

2 boxes of CD’s sat on the lowest shelf. I threw off my bag and began reading through the titles. Excitedly chirping about some things, chattering about titles and artists to BT, exclaiming over finds (and false-finds, lol), and bringing out CD’s to check by BT’s excellent musical memory.

When I found the first CD I recognized I was ecstatic. When I found a soundtrack to one of our favorite movies I was … I don’t know how to say this … elated? From my squat position, I managed to still jump up and down with excitement. “Who has this?! Oh my gosh! Look! Who has this!?” BT smiled. He too was surprised, and the lady looked happily down on us. Two seconds later my surprise repeated itself as I found another little-known disc.

A few moments later BT found Moby and said, repeating my sentiment, “Who has Moby?”

The lady, embracing our ebullient presence, and residence – BT was seated on the floor, and I was squatting beside him – commented from her seat, “I listen to him to go to sleep. He’s good.”

We continued to peruse, may I say somewhat calmer (lol, so don’t worry!), another customer walked in. “Is there any jazz?” The way she demanded it of us (it was more like “Give me any jazz you find”) hit me wrong, but I told her I’d found several, and gave her one jazz album I’d found.

After a couple times of her repeating her request, I offered that she could look. “I couldn’t read it anyway!” she said. I took more pity after this, realizing she was, apparently, actually asking for us to search in her stead, and searched for the remaining albums.

BT found her 2 or 3 albums, and I found 1, and she walked happily away with the CD’s.

By the end, we had a stack of CD’s set aside. We laughed at ourselves, and counted. Putting back the two Coldplay albums, we still walked out with 9 CD’s. I was so happy to hand over $9 to our local library, and to have had fun interacting with the cheerful volunteers, and customers who walked in.

I probably just alienated you all from me lol! XD This is what I’m like in real life… Oh, the unfiltered me… so untolerable!

Anyways, here are the albums BT and I were so grateful to find, honored to own. I can’t wait to listen to them!

Photo on 2-11-16 at 9.03 PM #2

Top to bottom: Zero07¬†Simple Things (one of the ones I couldn’t believe they had – we listen to it on our Pandora stations that feature¬†some really obscure artists),¬†Modest Mouse (BT couldn’t remember where he recognized them from, and when we listened to it at home, he thought maybe he got the wrong people, but it sounded great – “We may have just bought this for the most random reason ever!” he said.)¬†Muse Black Holes and Revelations,¬†The Postal Service¬†Give Up,¬†Twilight Soundtrack – not for any affiliation (I haven’t watched Twilight) or particular song, but it had some songs I liked (Unfortunately not Thousand Years by Christina Perri, but if I find that soundtrack, I probably will :) ),¬†Waking Ned Devine soundtrack,¬†Garden State (great movie) soundtrack,¬†Gnarls Barkley¬†St. Elsewhere,¬†Shawn McDonald Simply Sunshine,¬†Owl City Ocean Eyes.

Isn’t it so exciting!!

Wow… this post is sooo long enough without me saying this too that I wanted to… I’m sorry, guys!

Last night, BT was showing me cool stuff from this “cool stuff” newsletter he gets. And one of the things was “Death Wish Coffee”. Well from the trailer on YouTube, we found a challenge video of them trying Death Wish Coffee (and from there this went to YouTube vid to YouTube vid until we went to bed at 10pm … our last YouTube vid? An emergency landing of a ultralight in a baseball field…)

Well, these two guys made Death Wish Coffee – all wrong, but it was still funny. It wasn’t so wrong¬†so as not to be funny, (especially since they admitted they probably did it wrong), and even though they threw up (which BT can not stomach watching), we still enjoyed watching it together.

Well, there was this one part we both thought was awesome. I expressed curiousity about the comments, since sometimes commenters will state their favorite quote from the video.

Well, as we read through them, nearly every comment was devoted to saying “You made the coffee wrong.”

One comment mentioned how they do this for entertainment purposes, not to teach people how to make a proper cup of coffee, so no need to keep commenting about that.

Well, it wasn’t necessarily mean, or comments of ill-taste, but nobody mentioned something they¬†liked about the video. And as BT pointed out the had 8K thumbs up, though all anybody mentioned was how they made it wrong.

So BT said — “You know what?” and scrolled swiftly to the top of the page. He opened up the comment box and I got happy and said, “Are you commenting?”

“Yup!… ‘I had to…” his fingers searched for the right key, “‘to… SIFT’ there… I’ll capitalize it… ‘through the GRAINS’,” he finished, imitating the way it was said in the video as he tried to mimic it in writing.

I saw that the comment was longer, but asked “Did you just put¬†the quote?”

“Yup. There.” he said as it published.

Having a sneaking feeling he wrote something nicer and more open than I’d expect from him, I said, “Can I see?” — I was also curious – I’d never seen a freshly published comment before!

“Yep! There we are!”

It said, “”I had to SIFT through the GRAINS” I LOVE IT!!! Best quote EVER!”

Me: Warm fuzzies. See… I’ve seen comments like that. And they are so very normal and emotive, and there to buoy the other person. I didn’t know BT thought like that somewhere inside him.

BT didn’t have to do that. In fact if you thought they were cold hearted bounders, you wouldn’t think a happenstance watching of a video where no positive comments were made would bother them. But no, BT went out of his way to make sure to add a little positivity and good feedback to those people’s lives, and I thought that was so sweet.


Do you have any favorite CD you are really happy to own?

Have you ever commented on a YouTube video to turn the tide somehow?


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A PSA followed me home the other day … or help Common Sense Win and Vote in upcoming primaries!

Hi! — OK, so the first quote was from REM, and the other was my attempt to sum up this post. :)

The primary elections are coming up and though we usually “pay it never mi-hind” this year, we all may want to.

Guys, Trump is still in the running, and I think that nobody really wants that. Primary voting goes a lot further than the election-votings, because fewer people do (or so I read on a website…). So, if you are really dead-set for or against a certain candidate, maybe this is one way you can get yourself heard this year, and early on, too.

A bit of information for those similarly clueless, like me.

Each state has a website with information about how to vote in the primaries there. It’s started, so it’s ‘coming to a state near you’ soon, USA-readers.

So, thank you for reading this political-centred post, and I hope you may consider voting here, encouraged that your vote will mean that much more because you took the time to cast it in this not-so-popular election round that could mean oh-so-much for our country’s future.

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Rainy Day Gratefuls

I’m sitting here on a gray rainy day with a cup of propietary hot drink, happy.


And whenever I’m happy, I go into a hyper-analyzing mode (while looking chill on the surface) to find out why, and whether it’s okay for me to be happy.


Well, this time, I’m just going to list the things that are contributing to meine happiness atm (read: my happiness, at the moment), instead of criticizing myself for feeling great when I know there are others who don’t.


1. My mug: Picked and bought for me by my mom on a recent trip.

2. The drink:¬†Saved by a dash of salt that brought out the cocoa…. odd. (A blend of 2 decaf coffees, a heated 1/2 cup of almond milk, spoonful of Hershey’s cocoa, Truvia, stevia drops, and a dash of sea salt.)

3. My sweater:¬†After walking around all morning with a blanket draped precariously over my shoulders, I finally grabbed a sweater – my favorite foul-weather day sweater, with thick cable knitting, that keeps out the wind, and gives a layer from the rain, in a bright pastel purple. And it doesn’t fall off like the blanket.

4. Being awake: A few minutes ago I was tired, and sluggish. The excitement of creating a drink awakened my brain, and now I get to sit here drinking it, instead of chastising myself to stay awake.

Beyond the moment:

5. My friends: real, and virtual:¬†Yeah, virtual friends sound weird – I wouldn’t believe myself – but some of the Forever-fighters have gotten really close. It’s really awesome, and everyone’s highs and lows are shared, Forever is fought for, and people can speak their minds, and keep up hope. Interaction with people is really key, and for something so virtual and ethereal as a second Season of a TV show and an online chat, it’s really quite real, and these people make my day very often. :)

Plus, I’m very blessed to have friends irl. Friends who have been friends with me for as long as I knew them. Never will I lose my appreciation for them and their stubborness to remain friends with me through the MANY changes in my life.

6. A job:¬†There are a lot of jobs out there – and a lot of lack of jobs out there. I have a job, and it’s awesome. While dreaming of far-flung hopes, I can work a lot. I love to work, and I don’t care about the pay, and so this job is a great fit. I have a job – Yay! The job likes me – Yay! I like my job – Yay! (The¬†only thing I wish is that I could adopt¬†more animals, but while able to bring Rimfire to work which is A+, I cannot have any more pets, because I can’t afford them on this salary.)

7. Time to find direction while still doing stuff, but having time to think at the same time:¬†College, career, just my own brain – it’s a lot to figure out. I’m finally at a place where I can have time to breathe and figure it out – slowly enough to be smart, and yet not being stagnant (THE WORST.)

8. Health:¬†We took Rimfire to the vet yesterday, and he cleared his follow-up test – he isn’t anemic! I’m healthy. My family is healthy. We’re all in good health! :)

9. Dreams.¬†I’m really thankful for these. Sometimes I realize the importance of hope, and of dreams. They can transport you to another place – one you haven’t seen before, maybe – and say “This is not all there is.”¬†Not all of them will become reality, but they can get you out of your current rut, situation, or travesties, because you know even if you don’t see, there is something else.


What are you thankful for today?

What’s the weather like where you live?

P.S. – Yes I am aware that I am TERRRIBLE at replying to comments, leaving comments, general back-and-forth. I don’t know why, and apologizing doesn’t make up for it. But if you are waiting on me – do not despair, I will get there… eventually. I want to get there, but …. Yep, you are NOT forgotten or back-burnered.


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“Go! Go find your own spot this is Bread’s* and I’s spot… this is Bread & my spot.. this is Breads and mine…. You see? It’s really hard! And people look at me weird, but…”

“Yeah, it’s not Bread’s and mine spot – mine spot! lol – it’s ‘my spot’…” I chime in.

BT nods. He went from conveying a quick anecdote to remembering this pestering grammar problem.

“I’ve never found a solution to it, either!” He adds.

I’m already researching something so I add this on a new window as he gathers his last few things before heading out the door. My first search “blank and my noun” yields nothing, so I try an oddball, as my time is running short, and sometimes these “vernacular” (how people might ask tricky questions fed up with trying to “properly” state the search) work really well and produce answers from people encountering the same difficulty. I search instead “how to say ours”, which brings up this video.

I cannot ignore my curiousity – partly because I wonder if it will be pronounced correctly in the video – and click on it, and let it play.

“This is how you pronounce ‘ours’…” a computerized voice starts (though it sounds more like “arrs”) — “ours. ours. ours,” it continues.

BT has stopped gathering his stuff. “What is that?” he asks.

He stands beside me craning to take a look, holding his umbrella aloft over the couch; bag, slung over his shoulder. “It’s a video saying how to pronounce “ours”” I say.

“Ours.” The computerized voice repeats.

His face starts to transform, I start laughing, and lose it when, dumbfounded, he drops his umbrella from his hand – his shock and wonder mirrors my own.

As the computer repeats itself, he looks on in horrified wonder. His mouth turns into a perfect oval as he can’t decide to laugh, run away, or marvel. I’m laughing so much because his reaction is something I’ve never seen before, and priceless.

As the simple video finishes, he hurries on out, and says — even as I bring up Twitter to see if I will share this silly story there (or chicken out again, as I often do :) ) — “That’s something you should blog!”

So here I am sharing this little silly tidbit with you. And this video of how to say “ours.”

(Though, if you have a solution for how to say “someone and my’s ____” we would welcome the input!)

*name changed for privacy

[[if you just page jumped scroll up :) – I’m still learning the code, and it didn’t quite work, sorry!]]


Have you ever found something that shocked you but didn’t know why?

What is something funny that happened to you today? :)

Do you miss me blogging everyday? I seem to go very frequent or very infrequent, and not so good at in betweens, while simultaneously unsure about what’s best for my readership!

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Last evening as I brought Rimfire inside, BT asked if I wanted to go for a walk.

“It’s too cold. I thought about taking Rimfire for a walk tonight, but I’m thinking about taking him tomorrow, when it’s warmer.” I said.

Today, he was like, I’ve got to do this and this and this, and let’s go to the park and take a walk?

And so Rimfire got to not only go on a walk, but in the park along a trail. He was super excited. :D

Now, I’m know most of you aren’t familiar with BT and I in person, but I’m not quite sure I can paint the picture we often paint on our outings. It’s a mixture between serious conversation, theorizing, randomness, and speaking about Rimfire.

I voted for the longer walk down the road to the trail. (Instead of parking at the trail’s head).

As we walked down the road, we saw a new addition to the park – a quite nice exercise circuit-thingy. Of course we tried it out :P

Walking down the road, I saw a small wood sign, and tried to read it before I could make out the words “Beware of… Shame?”

Oh! “Beware of snakes.” Yeah, I knew that – they’d made sure to say that, I remembered the last times I was here.

BT read it, too, as he saw me trying to make it out, “Beware of snake.” he chuckled – “Just one snake?” The sign did say it singularly. While taking it seriously, we also had no idea what to look out for, rather than just look for snakes. We walked on.

I watched for snakes and ticks and pokey bushes as Rimfire explored. But he was really good, staying only along the edge.

“Good.” I mentally noted, “I won’t need to be concerned about checking for too many things on his person as we leave.”

We laughed as Rimfire kept switching sides to explore, and BT and I would switch places on the trail. But overall Rimfire did excellently – not pulling. :)

We finished that trail, and decided to take the second one. BT, for seemingly the first time, saw the signs naming the trees taxonomically – which means a lot more to me since transcribing for the Smithsonian.

We read those, and tried our Latin pronunciations out on the easy ones, before coming across a big sign of snakes and the ones to watch out for.

“Oh look!” BT said, “Here! Now we know what to look for.”

We read it and looked at the pictures (honestly, BT had more patience, and focus, because I despaired of being able to remember it once I stopped looking at it.)

“Hm!” BT said, and I was confident, if I couldn’t remember he would. We continued on our way.

Still I scanned each edge before Rimfire walked on it, and scanned our steps. All clear, like the last 3 times I’d come here.

Near the end of the trail, we stopped to read a sign that didn’t name a tree – it discussed the importance of fungi.

When we finished, instead of looking, I went ahead and stepped first, and Rimfire started to dash away, when BT’s arm came flying out at me, just catching my shoulder.

Half running into it and being grabbed by it’s insistent pressure backward, half understanding, I pulled Rimfire back to my side – all in a split second.

I looked over and BT was in a half walk – mid track, leaning forward, stock still.

I followed his gaze and saw a stick.

“Loook.” He said.

I looked.

I looked again.

A baby diamondback was in the trail. A few inches from where Rimfire was about to walk, not to mention directly in BT’s path.¬†I knew from being warned many times, that baby snakes are more dangerous than adults.

Rimfire was snugged up against my side, his leash so short, his front feet barely touched the ground. He didn’t know the danger, but I could feel his trust in my – or rather BT’s – judgement, as he cooperated without a doubt.

We stood still for a moment.

The baby snake was also still.

The snake was about 2 feet in front of his feet. BT rolled a pine cone at it. It slowly moved it’s head in reaction.

“It’s alive,” he declared.

“All right, go ahead and walk around it,” he instructed.

I took¬†Rimfire up in my arms, (taking no chances here), and we walked around the danger we’d so barely missed.

On our way, I could tell he was concerned because we talked about it. About seeing it. About the events leading up to it. About him seeing it and stopping us. About the snake. About how it was probably good to hold Rimfire for a while. And we rehashed it again.

I could tell.

“Okay! I’m ready to go, if you’re okay without another go around?” he said.

As we walked on the gravel road back, “I’m actually still shaken from that,” he said.

I think maybe we were both wearing brave faces – and obviously this is the concerning thing about enjoying nature, but we weren’t thinking that – and I’m still not, thankfully – but, I could tell he was shaken, and I knew my head was still dwelling, with concern on it.

It was a wide man-made trail. Nobody got hurt. It was one snake.

But BT just saved Rimfire’s life, or possibly mine, within a split second. His reaction stopped me and his first instinct was to stop us – knowing that Rimfire was in danger.

I thank God for this, and BT.

Nature is in no way, actually, blotted from this encounter. Which is good – one could cite many reasons not to ‘risk’ going outside, but I truly believe we are only truly alive if we do go outside, no matter how messed up it might be. We need it to be whole. (Okay that sounded really New Age – I didn’t mean it like that. XD )

But, I have now seen my first snake. And I’m very glad for that guide that the trail-maintainers put up and maintained. And I’m very glad BT was looking out for us. And I’m very, very glad he didn’t take his next step which was right in front of the baby.

So yeah, there’s my first snake encounter story! Surprisingly mild, in the end, thank goodness!


What’s a close call or scary encounter you’ve had outside?



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