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My Thinking / Approach to Natural Body Care



I have been interested in a natural lifestyle for a long time. When I learn new facts, my application of this desire is modified.

For example, when I found out that many eggs are produced from chickens living in small cages, I chose to get chickens 🙂 and eat cage-free eggs.

When I read about milk, and how odd the production of milk was, nowadays, from a Food magazine, I tried to use more natural milk. Unsuccessfully, but I tried.

So, at the risk of sounding extreme, I have realized that using all natural skin and hair care products is very important to life on earth.

This I gleaned from reading a standard biology textbook, not by any company, book, or website. And though it seems extreme to me, when I think about the sudden changes that brought about the life we are used to now, it doesn’t seem so extreme.

It’s a matter of going back to basics, while benefitting from the modern research of knowing, for example, that lead is fatal. Helpful, helpful. 🙂

So, finding out that something being “biodegradeable” is essential for life, made me realize how little of stuff manufactured today is. And anything non-biodgradeable also means that it will stay in the environment, indefinitely. WOW.

Therefore, I have decided to see what I can do to use biodegradable soaps, shampoos, conditioners, inside, and fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides outside.

I know there are lots of “natural” beauty products out there; I get a little overwhelmed by how many options there are, and trying to decipher whether they follow the principles I am wanting to support.

So I plan to start simple. Using single ingredients, like coconut oil, to see their effect on me. Then I can maybe combine 2 that have helpful results. Then maybe I’ll make my own solutions, or find a company that makes that product.

Because I am unsure of what to start with, that is why I haven’t started yet, or written anything on it. Now you know where I am coming from, though, any following posts on natural care, should make more sense 😀


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “My Thinking / Approach to Natural Body Care

  1. Great post! I stopped using commercial household cleaners long ago for health and budget reasons. I clean with vinegar, baking soda, lemons and salt. I have been amazed at how effective these items are for most cleaning tasks. I have used coconut oil as a moisturizer and hair conditioning treatment. I found a great cleaning product called Ology that doesn’t use chemicals.


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