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For the Garlic and Onion Avoiders

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I don’t live in a large place. I can smell what’s cooking, and what’s being eaten in the living room.

I have decided not to let garlic and onion in my life. When I realized that I get really bothered by their smell and taste in my mouth, I thought it would be better for me if I didn’t eat them. I already drink a lot of water, and whenever I have something strong-tasting I try to drink even more to get it out of my tastebuds.

Garlic and onion don’t get extracted by water… In fact, few things work for me! Milk, toothpaste, tea, bellpepper, have proved not helpful enough when I eat the savory foods, either by choice or having that sudden moment when I realize that the dip at the party was onion.

I get stuck with the flavor in my mouth even when something merely grazes where an onion or garlic has been.

That is why when a family member introduced fresh garlic into their diet, I decided to use the ceramic bowls… they don’t keep the savory flavor in their crevices.

Also why, I get left Post It notes stating whether or not a pan had garlic in it or not.

And why I groaned inwardly tonight. A different family member decided to use FM 1’s garlic to make their own pizza dippin’ sauce. I managed the smell okay, I held my breath as I washed the dishes and the aroma was heavy, but when I saw our only small cutting board being bathed in the juice of crushed garlic being chopped into minced bits… I could only imagine what I would need to do.

Use a large cutting board for the next three months, wash it 5 times and use baking soda twice… Buying a new one did occur to me as a real option :).

FM1 acknowledges the flavor travel, and I am cautious about which containers held their food. But they don’t realize the aromas it puts into the air.

FM2, while making their gourmet sauce, was apologetic about the smell, but apparently is totally unaware of the effort I will have to expend to get that weathered plastic board to be flavorless again.

Maybe I will buy a new one 😉 Anyone know of a place that sells monogrammed cutting boards?


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