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Snacking non-GMO



I am so excited!

I will wholeheartedly keep supporting my new found snack brands!!

I thought of this a couple nights ago: I just started eating Kind bars with protein (I get a deep discount where I shop), and started ordering graze snacks. I found out about them from another blog; they were advertising on Chocolate Covered Katie, to be precise. But maybe they aren’t non GMO?

I just researched it a couple mornings ago — and they are both non-GMO!! šŸ˜€

Snacking is really important to me (though sometimes I overdo it for my own personal goals) because it helps to make sure I don’t get hypoglycemic… I rarely get HUNGRY, but I do get nibbly.

So when I saw Kind bars with protein, I was like YEAH!

And when I saw a company that sends you all natural snacks in the mail, I was like “Oh, yeah!!!” (insert Vector’s voice, from Despicable Me šŸ˜‰ ).

graze is such a fun company… I would love to work with them — I even considered doing so, but I think that they need someone with more fluent skills than me — but they are so friendly, and uber cool, that I was super excited that they are non-GMO.

Friends: I will also be sending you a SMS about this… I was just waiting to make sure I really did like them as much as I thought I would! In it, I will include my friendCODE which allows you to try it for free!

Treasured Readers: You can still try graze for free!! graze’s facebook has links to other blogs that shared their friendCODE.

(The reason I am not sharing mine, though I really want to, is because the code is my full name šŸ˜‰ …)

Although graze is amazing (insert Barney’s sing-song), some of their available snacks have “natural MSG” eg. yeast extract. So if you are allergic, or avoiding MSG, or really any other ingredient, all the snacks can be “trashed” that you don’t want sent, and the others you can rate as to how much you want them sent. There are lots of options for non-yeast extract snacks.

And they are all non-GMO! “I’m so happy!” (Emperor Kuzko)

So to sum up: I am sharing graze and throwing in Kind bars, yay!, uh, and a song, to this post.

Song of the day (as in – in my cerebral space): Touch the Sky from Brave

Q&A today:

How was your Easter?

Do you have any favorite snacks?

Have a song stuck in your cerebral space :P?

I hope you have a great Monday! šŸ™‚


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

4 thoughts on “Snacking non-GMO

  1. Awesome info! I love to find out healthy snack ideas, so thanks for sharing! : )


  2. Happy Monday! Graze fan here! Funny you mentioned wanting to work for them because I thought the same thing when I signed up and read about the company. Anyway, I love the choices and ability to customize a box. I especially like that the snacks are portioned since my eyes tend to want more than my body actually needs! You should try Lara bars if you haven’t already. They have so many yummy flavors.


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