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Natural Solutions #1


I experimented with 2 things this week – and both worked!

First was a pretty natural pest rejecter for my plants – I don’t know where soap stands on being biodegradable, natural, or stuff like that, but it is handy, and I know that is Dawn has “biodegradable surfactants”:

Cayenne Soap Water Pest Stuff:

  • 1 container
  • water
  • cayenne pepper (like McCormick, ground or something)
  • soap (I used hand soap, and now Dawn)

Put about 2 cups of water in your container, 1-3 drops of Dawn or 2 squirts of soap, and 3-4 shakes of cayenne (less than 1/4 t.). Shake it up.

To apply, wet your hands with the solution, and spread over leaves, stems and every other part of your plants, once a day, except one day a week.

This has kept bugs off my plants for the most part!!! I gave it a break on Sunday because, 1. It’s kind of biblical, and 2. hopefully if pesticide-resistance was going to be a problem, this would help and 3. if I was keeping away too many bugs, hopefully a day’s rest would help. I am super excited!! I see a stinkbug (I think it’s a stinkbug) and a couple spiders, each morning, but the same two bugs don’t seem to be coming back!!

Coconut milk shampoo:

I was super super excited to find this!!!

I tried this recipe that had like 5 ingredients, I had 2, so I used it, and it was amazing!! My hair had never looked so good!

It made a dramatic difference on my scalp, but it didn’t so much on the bottom of my hair. My hair has a lot of damage, but I am hoping that consistent use will help.

My family now wants to try it, too 😛

Disclaimer: it did not wash my hair! So I recommend a cleaning shampoo first, and then this.

Disclaimer 2: it did not condition (as in silkify, or detangle) my hair! I recommend a light conditioner, like Argan oil, or something over the top.

So what did it do? I can’t explain it, but my hair was shiny, nourished, and acting like hair!


  • Coconut milk (I recommend buying a Thai Kitchen can of coconut milk, using the top thick layer for Chocolate Covered Katie’s mint frosting, and using the remainder watery layer for this recipe ;))
  • Castille Soap (don’t have it, don’t sweat it)

If you don’t have all the ingredients, just use coconut milk 🙂 For LONG hair, use like 2 T for the whole head (1 T. scalp, 1 T. the rest).

Put in some kind of container, and put a few drops of Castille soap in.

I used a thin body wash container we had left over. Filled it up with hot water. So maybe 1/2 a cup?

Add 1/2 a cup of HOT water – this serves 1. an unknown, and possibly non-existent purpose, 2. really helps you know when you have it on your head, because you’ll be pouring it over, and it just feels like water.

Pour on your head, and spread it however you can… by sticking your head under the water and mixing it around, spreading it on your hair by section, whatever.

Rinse out.


I will let you know how these things go as time progresses. If they remain helpful, and good, etc.


How was your weekend?

I had an awesome weekend!! My family sprang me a celebration party, and I had a great time with family and friends!


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Natural Solutions #1

  1. My weekend was great, thanks for asking!
    I actually made Shampoo and Conditioner this weekend. I’m going to write a post about it later today.


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