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Dog Down Under


I am usually pretty calm. I can control my emotions. I don’t feel anything I don’t want to feel.

But I am freaking out!

Rimfire is pretty much my first pet – I have had oh-so-many animals before him – but he is the first that I have been involved in his life since puppyhood, and the first that is with me all day, everyday, whose care falls primarily into my willing hands.

Actually Rimfire and LL (our beautiful cat) are probably the first pets I will see grow old and die of natural causes.

I don’t really know how I am going to handle it. I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t know how I am going to process this.

A family member has mentioned that they don’t know much about old people because she isn’t really with her old family members, and it’s the same for me. I am hoping I will deal with people and pets growing old, well.

Well, Rimfire has come down with an issue that we need to take care of at the vet. This issue can’t be taken care of without anesthesia. I am so nervous! I am trying to stay calm for his sake, (he can totally tell when I am acting differently), but I can tell that in my head, I am not doing well.

All it is, is some “routine maintenance” but because it went undiagnosed, they might have to do more. If the anesthesia wasn’t enough to freak me out, THAT IS.

I have no idea what he will be going through, or what they will have to do while he is under.

Will he come back with all his teeth (it’s a dental problem)? Will he deal with it okay if he doesn’t? Will he be in a funk because he misses his teeth?

Once it’s all done, I will take care of him no matter what happens, but I am worried for him, for his health, and for his safety.

Staying calm? I don’t know. Being there for him? Undoubtedly.

This is the most serious thing that has happened since we had a cancer scare with LL, and I am not handling it well. But I guess that is a good sign – I am not heartless 🙂 I just hope that I don’t scare Rimfire!

If you guys have any ideas for helping me not worry so, or how to deal with pets getting surgery, or growing older, I welcome them!


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

5 thoughts on “Dog Down Under

  1. Just be there for him every spare moment you have. Do all you can for him and pray. 🙂 it’s all I know to do


  2. With having a disabled brother and my baby brother being born premature I can kind of relate to what you’re going through in the human sense. The one thing that I try to remember when things go in crisis mode around here is I am OK. The issue effects me but it’s not about me and it’s my place to provide care and keep it together. That doesn’t mean taking it all on myself and doing everything myself. I ask for help and support when I need it. So when you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed with caring for your ailing pet tell someone, anyone. Nurses at the hospital are good about this so I guessing Vet Assistants would be the equivalent.


    • Thank you, Abigail! You have been through a lot it seems, and you have such a great attitude towards it! Thank you for your advice, and I will make sure to ask for support when I need it. Actually, just writing this post gave me a lot of relief from my worries.


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