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Tuesday Today .4


Hello, all, again!! Happy Tuesday! (I love doing these posts.)

Eating this:

olive garden

Leftovers from our celebratory dinner 🙂 Their GF pasta and meaty spaghetti sauce is delicious! I also didn’t have any reactions, MSG, or otherwise, so I was so happy!

Doing this:

Bathing SP

Bathing SP in prep for his appt. (This is not SP)

Studying this:

Started studying an Anatomy and Physiology textbook.

Itching this (sorry if this is gross for you!):

Mozzies (mosquitos) are out! And I have very little resistance to itching the bites! My scalp is sunburnt from our day out, and it is itchier than normal, too. Any sunburnt scalp solutions?

Can’t believe this:

I have no…

Unknown FRUIT! I can’t believe it, haha. I love fruit, but I have none in the house — okay, I have some frozen bananas, but that doesn’t really qualify, does it?

Playing with this:


My family member’s makeup. I just wish when I messed up it wasn’t so painful to remove. 😛 I am not used to any makeup, so anything being put on, or taken off, kinda hurts.

Loving this:

Being creative in my Mother’s Day present-making! 



And that’s about it… that I can share. Been mostly busy at work on the present 🙂


Have any Mother’s Day plans?

What are you reading lately?

Any scalp sunburn helps?


Have a great rest of the Tuesday! 😀



Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Today .4

  1. It sounds like you’ve been busy!
    Have you tried Aloe Vera on the scalp burn?


  2. I am reading “Hunger; a Gone novel”


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