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Rimfire’s Dental, Before and After


Since I wrote about Rimfire’s looming dental procedure, I thought I would let you know how it went!

This morning, I wrote this:

Today, we will not be graced with Rimfire’s presence for a few hours while he gets some dental work done.

And comes back with a few less teeth. Poor Rimfire 😦 We are thinking of you.

LL will have the house to herself, like she did before he came.

She is using her time wisely – sitting on the couch, uh, like she always does. Sometimes the best way to appreciate the differences is by doing the same thing you always do and seeing how it is different, I think.

I am looking forward to seeing what she does later, though, after she realizes that there is no little terror, I mean terrier, following her around.

Right now I am keeping a stiff upper lip. If I think about it at all, I will fall to tears. Thinking about what he is thinking, thinking about what he’ll feel like afterwards, thinking about my last animal who died after anesthesia, thinking about his fear in his new surroundings. I like to stay stoic in times like these – okay, not unfeeling, just not feeling “cry-ey”. Staying happy and even.

I know it is probably not a good idea… but that is what I have taught myself to do.

On the other hand, there is a lot of good to think about. How the staff didn’t mind when Rimfire growled at them when they started touching his backside (he has started being touchy there in vet appointments, probably because he can’t see what they are doing), and how he was so comfortable with the vet assistant. How Rimfire’s been very nonchalant this whole time and so he won’t really care what happens, as long as he is alive; how that no matter what happens I have a wonderful family. How so many things are going well. How I can hang out with LL more today. How Rimfire is going to love his soft food.

Written this afternoon:

Rimfire is back!! He is doing great.

The vet gave us some “doggy bags” of samples – one of them was a treat. They had it on his kennel door and he was trying to get at it! I find it hilarious that he was trying to get at a chew treat after he had just been anesthetized and had teeth extractions!

He is doing great, so far. He is lying down with me, and all three of us, LL, Rimfire, and me, are enjoying the 4:00 dark – that gray area before the last sun rays and sunshine – listening to Sara Bareilles, and just chilin’. Feels great.

I thank you, God, for keeping him safe and for the great vet staff – they were cool.

As I thought, I freaked out about nothing, so far, but I think that is okay to do sometimes. It shows concern…. maybe?

Well wishes to you all, and to your family members, and pets, too!


Do you like the title of the Question section? I think it could sound a little institutional to some. I just like it because the letters look cool 😀


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