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Thought Disposal



Yesterday, I was talking with my “Second Opinion” (hello, Mother!) about a post I had typed up.

I had poured out my thoughts, and while doing so other thoughts came, and I wrote those too.

Then when I talked with Mom, I had thoughts about the thoughts.

Then I started thinking some more.

And they started colliding and confusing, and conflicting. It was like atoms in a nuclear bomb in there.

Inevitably, I started getting sad. I couldn’t let any of these go, I had thought them!

Wait. Why? Why can’t I just stick with one set of thoughts? Why can’t I dispose of the thoughts that don’t bring me up, that don’t make sense with the rest, and don’t work for me?

So, I invented it. The Thought-Disposal!

Only 20.99, TODAY only.

No, no, no, but seriously, I think others who think like me, and many others that I know who think a lot of thoughts, would think they’d love a thought disposal!

Okay, that was fun.

I mean: I think that people who love to analyze things, and think about things, and think in their head a lot, (especially those that think about thoughts that they’ve had), would really benefit from a Thought Disposal. -Where you can throw your thoughts if they don’t work, without dissing your brain’s efforts.-


Do you have a thought disposal, or do you tend to get wrapped up in your conflicting thoughts?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Thought Disposal

  1. I think my unpublished drafts are my thought disposal 🙂


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