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Tuesday Today .5


Made this:

borrowed from

borrowed from 

Ice is a luxury when my family all shares the same tiny freezer, but I busted out my never-used star shaped ice cube trays that were a random gift, and got them started yesterday. I am so excited!

Wondering about this:

When will this odd virus/rash (Pityriasis Rosea) leave me alone? It is the first year I have gotten it, but by my research, it should be gone already. It is just so weird it bothers me having it on me, though it is causing me no issues, (Thank God! %25 of cases itch, and I am sure I would be raw by now if that was the case!).

Looking forward to this:


Getting my food-stores replenished. I am up for ideas!

I am planning on branching out and getting some treats. Do I buy every brand of (non-MSG containing) boxed macaroni and cheese and do a taste off? Do I try new P3 from Oscar Meyer? Or Rev? Or is Lancaster worth a try? Cracker Barrel Cheddar? Maybe I should give chickpeas and another try, and make Clean Wellness’s fudge?

Every shopping trip, I give myself the chance to get 2 (under $2) things I want that break any “rule” I might have. It really helps my psyche.

I haven’t gone shopping for like a month, and so I am kind of psyching out on the chance to get food –  (thus the idea of getting EVERY mac and cheese out there).

Enjoying this:

Barney and Ted’s For the Longest Time is awesome and amazing! I got to catch it on TV again, and I love also how they do it together. I wish I could buy their version of it! 🙂

fetched from:

fetched from

Loving this:

Being able to explore questionable (as in prone to give viruses, have links that take you to advertisements, not content, etc.) websites to find if I can dowload an mp3 of Barney and Ted singing For the Longest Time. 😉 I never would explore anything questionable on my family’s computers because I didn’t want to incur any harm.

Success! (I got it from It is only 30 seconds, but that is cool.

Recorded this:

A video for the YouTube series “Accent Tag” – even though I don’t have a YouTube account. It looked so fun, I made one :). You who know me probably know, that I don’t have an “accent”, but my speech isn’t normal.

Unfortunately, it was so fun, that I distracted myself by trying to find other movies I could make from other YouTube series, while I was trying to study. Grrr. I usually am better focused!


What did you make, wonder, enjoy, look forward to, record or love today?

Have a great rest of the Tuesday! And thanks for reading.

I am really enjoying blogging, and it seems to be doing wonders for my “insomnia” that is not being able to fall asleep at night thinking about “What If’s” and “Therefores”. So thank you for supporting me, and being such fun readers!


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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Today .5

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  2. I made some hand cream today 🙂


  3. I found a site/blog that you might enjoy called The Humbled Homemaker by a lady named Erin. She has some great ideas for homemade products. I want to try making the sunscreen.


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