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They Grow Up So Fast!

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I was tending to my plants today. Suddenly, I realized, they had grown quite a bit!

As for using the cayenne/soap solution on them, after the 1st 1-2 weeks, I only needed to use it as I saw a profuse amounts of Swiss-cheesing (bug-eating), or if I saw a couple bugs on them — so about once every 2 weeks.

So cayenne/soap everyday for 2 weeks.

Then like once every 2 weeks.

The plants sure have grown – and healthy, as far as my untrained eye can tell. Here are the before and after pictures (from the top)!

Photo of Baby Plants

Baby Plants

Photo of Adolescent plants

Older Plants!

I have flowers, but I can’t tell why they just keep leaving – I saw a pale-green cricket on it earlier – maybe they are responsible, or maybe it’s normal. –I’m so clueless! 🙂 —

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day holiday with your family and/or friends and/or your lovely self.

And in realization that Memorial Day is not just “another holiday” I want to take a moment of acknowledgment for all current and former soldiers, and for those who gave everything to protect the United States. I appreciate you!!

Link Lovin’:

As this is a short (and not very cohesive) post, I can share some posts from around the interwebs!

3 Ingredient Stuffed Strawberries from Chocolate Covered Katie – I want to make these! Look like a great breakfast (or part of one 🙂 )

Groovy Stir Fry from Clean Wellness – it might take me a little bit to get the ingredients together, but I can’t wait to make it!

Have a great rest of your Tuesday…. Oh, woops! Today I was ‘supposed’ to tell you about what I did today. *siiiggghhhh* I’ve been feeling off today. However — this post is actually a pretty good recap of my day! Catch you next Tuesday with another Tuesday Today!


How are your plants doing?

How was your weekend?

Can you enjoy holidays by yourself?

Were you able to do something special in honor of Memorial Day?


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