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A Complimentary Hairstyle

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I almost never get complements on my hairstyle. I sometimes get remarks on my hair – “It’s long!” – or if my mom had done a cool style on it that day, but it’s been a long time.

And it is very rare that you can do something with your looks and get a family member to be like, “Wait!… wow, that’s cool”.

So, at least for me, this hairstyle garnered a remark from one of my family members, (and an “eh” from another one, so don’t do it for the compliments 🙂 ), and when I saw it, I quite liked it.

I was hunting around for simple hairstyles yesterday, and loved this style, and decided to try it out today, but I had to modify it when I got back from a run with SP…

What it is:

A variation on this style:



While I was waiting for the A/C to kick on, I got a little warm, so I ended up with a Four-Braid All Up Hairstyle, that ended up pretty coolly.

What you’ll need:

  • Hair
  • Hands (adept at braiding, for best results)
  • 1 favorite clip (for all of hair)
  • 1 small bobby pin
  • 1 rubberband, ponytail holder, etc

Now, being as it was the first time trying the Tri-Braid Half Up Hairstyle (a cool hairstyle, huh?), I kinda did it higher on my head than the model did. Any way you get the style done should work.

So STEP 0: Do the tri-braid half up hairstyle. Follow instructions here (which are kinda completely different than the ones in the link – me, read instructions? noooo… actually I usually do, but only when I am waiting, or not in my area of expertise…), or on above link.

I am not great at word-only comprehension, and so I have scoured Google images for examples – sorry that they don’t match completely, sometimes. Those that are not public, necessarily are linked if you click on them.

STEP 1 (STEP 1 of tri-braid): Separate hair you want to be your “part up” section.



STEP 2: Take enough for a small braid from underneath your chosen “part up” section – hold it aside (in mouth works well) and rubberband the “part up” section, up.

STEP 3: Braid the underneath selection all the way down. If your hair will stay, just let it drop, otherwise, secure it.

STEP 4: Undo “part up” section, holding onto it, and separate a section from the bottom of one side of your head, secure “part up”, up again and braid section, assuring to hold it against your head, like how you will want it to be when complete. Hold in mouth.

Like this, but you'd have some hair in a ponytail

Like this, but you’d have some hair in a ponytail

STEP 5: Repeat STEP 4, on the other side of head. When you take “part up” down, secure the braid in your mouth up with the “part up”.

STEP 6: “Part up”, and both side braids now go all up together. Rubberband.

This... With the rest of your "part up".

This… With the rest of your “part up”.

STEP 7: Take the first braid you made (the underneath one) and wrap (trust your instincts on where to layer) around rubberband.

With braid...

With braid…and only half up.

STEP 8: Use small bobby pin to secure this by pushing it in on the underside of wrapping, pushing towards your forehead.

bobby pin 2

STEP 9: Admire. OOh, cool, look what you did!

STEP 10: Boy, it’s a bit warm with your hair down. Okay, braid all of your hair, down to the end.

STEP 11: Take that favorite clip of yours, and get it ready. Double your braid, by taking the end of it and tucking the wispy part up underneath the main part of your braid, and using the thinner (but substantial) part to clip to the main braid about an inch down (layer them).

Like this!... lower down, at nape of neck

Like this!… lower down, at nape of neck

That is it! The front is un-amazing, but the back looks cool. And it wears quite comfortably, I think.

What do you think?

Have a terrific and happy Thursday!


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