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Simple – Like this Title

I’ve heard Mondays can be tough.

Well here is one thing in your day that won’t be tough. One simple Recipe, Makeup idea, and Health Switch.



  • Raw Red Lentils
  • Quinoa

Take equal amounts. Put the lentils in a pan and rinse them – using the lid to strain. Add the quinoa. Cook. Eat (with salt and butter).


Ice Queen Winter Nails 8 with walk the line hard candy glitter silver lace liquid eyeliner 1

  • Silver Sparkle Liquid Eyeliner
  • Liquid Purple Eyeliner

Put a line of Silver Sparkles on upper lid. Then put a line of Purple eyeliner on bottom lid (to the edge of eyelashes.) You can’t really tell that it is PURPLE and SILVER, it just looks neat together.

Simple Switch:


Switch to a non-antipersperant deodorant. Anti-persperant deodorant contains aluminum. Aluminum is linked to many bad things, and deodorant is applied to sensitive skin. It can be hard to find lady deodorant without aluminum… However, unisex Speed Stick is cheap, and isn’t too manly.

Yes, it still has Propylene Glycol, it isn’t organic, but I believe it is a better alternative to many others. And I’m not yet ready to go non-deodorant, and haven’t found a better natural alternate. Plus, it’s cheap! 😀



In preparation for the weekend… here’s a list of movie recommendations! I like lists.

I often find myself in the position of wondering what some good movies are to watch. And apparently I am not alone (because I found a blog post on someone’s blog about this, but now can’t locate it…).

So here are some that I “surprisingly” liked, and some of my favorites!


A State of Mind: a movie about North Korea. I think back to it often. Surprisingly, documentarists were allowed access into North Korea to record how they prepare for their annual festival and other routine life. Amazing. Sad. When Kim Jong-Un ascended, I was able to make much more connections having seen this, whereas otherwise it would have been another piece of information – not that it is influencing my day-to-day life, but goes to show how well the filmakers did at conveying what life is like in N. Korea. (Which is important… this is hard to convey…)


The Avengers: One of my favorite movies!

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And I feel like I need to say, I don’t agree with my INTJ’s conclusion that joy and love are a choice… I am unsure on that. However, I loved his explanation on how people choose someone and how it’s like joy – once you have, little things can’t change it.

I am not so sure you can just say, “I’m going to be joyful. Or I’m going to be loving.” But yes, I get that joy lasts through unfortunate situations, and that love as in the Bible does too. I hadn’t thought of it that way before.


Sponsored by my INTJ

This post is sponsored by my INTJ. The things he says can be so cool.

He works at a place – I’ll call it CoolCo.

“Hey, do you want to go to CoolCo. and see if you can find it there?”
“Um,” I say, “That wouldn’t be a baaadd idea.”
Later he soliloquized, first from the point from a co-worker.
“‘Why are you here on your day off?’ ‘Because I have no life… And my (family member) insisted.'”
“What?” I protested.
“Yeah,” he continued, as if conversing with his co-worker, “They said, ‘that wouldn’t be a baadd idea’ and that is equivalent to them saying, “YES” emphatically, because they actually had a slight preference,” I started laughing, “and in our world that is so rare that we try to act on it!” <— okay, I can’t remember how he said this last part, but that was the equivalent.

We also like to talk psychology, theology, and other things.
We started talking about joy, and happiness.
“Joy is the same as Love, I think. It’s like a choice. She may not be the best cook, the most beautiful lady on earth, but she is your wife, and you love her.” It was going to be one of those eloquent points, I could tell. 😀
“Same like with joy. It’s a state of being. Stuff may not be going well, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t joyful. She may make you a bad meal, or you may see someone prettier. ‘Does that mean you don’t love her anymore?’ No! You love her! It’s a choice you make.”
Well, that was just cool. So this post is sponsored by my INTJ and the interesting things they say.

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Tuesday Today .8

Just in time for Tuesday Today, the interwebs have graced us with a begrudging appearance. (Not enough of a presence to add pics, though.)
I have had a couple of wonderful days, a couple of horrible days, and some of that rare really fun time with my INTJ. Yay! I treasure those times, because they are so infrequent (vs. the amount of times that I am merely annoying to them), but that is always what I think of when I think of time with them.


Used the interwebs to catch up on these:
Malinda Reese’s new Behind the Scenes and Google Translate Sings videos.
Her Wrecking Ball video is hilarious, too. 🙂

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About that…

When one doesn’t sleep well, one can not sleep well for several days at a time.
When one does not sleep well for several nights, one’s days can run together.
When one’s days run together, one thinks that they haven’t posted, in like, forever.
When one thinks they haven’t posted, in like, forever, and one thinks they won’t be able to post for another forever, one writes a heads-up post.
When one writes a heads-up post, one’s mother wonders why.
When one’s mother wonders why, one realizes the truth is that it hasn’t been that long.
When one realizes this, one writes a corrected post, using “one” instead of I.
When one writes a post using “one” instead of I, one has trouble finishing the post…

I’m still having troubles with internet, though, just wanted to let you know I see that it hasn’t been long at all! Sorry for the silly confusion!
And see you later!