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My Magic Pants


(This post is serious, as in, I am not pretending, or wishing I had a pair of pants like this, I actually do, and they puzzle me. Disclaimer: I was going to use the word magic to describe them, due to the unexplained nature of their coolness, but this is Naturally Dreamy, after all, so Dreamy Jeans it is, for now – Vote above! 🙂 (You can vote as to which title you like better, just cuz, from experience, wishing you had a pair, or as to how I described them, etc.) )

When I was recovering and gaining weight, my Mom took me out shopping for a couple pairs of pants. It started because I needed a pair for a costume (Katniss, anyone?), and then when I got a dirty job, I needed a couple more. It was gr–(My cat just almost erased my whole post 😛 ) — It was a great feeling to have pants that weren’t making me feel like I needed to hold my breath, but terrible feeling to have to by one size larger, and one size larger.

So when I first got my Normal Jeans, and my Dreamy Jeans, neither one had anything special about them. In fact, Normal Jeans actually became my jean of preference because they felt more comfortable.

When normal jeans superseded my other pants in comfort, I put away all my others, because I didn’t want to disappoint myself by not fitting in them. (Putting them away, is moving them to the bottom of the stack… I have some fancy orginization systems, I tell ya).

Well, several months later, and tired of wearing the same jeans, I *gasp* dared to venture down the stack into the most recent of the older jeans. I put them on and *shing!* they fit! As I apparently hadn’t changed sizes, at all, it seems I didn’t need to retire them in the first place! (I am talking 4 sizes difference, and the same fit — commercial clothing and shoe sizes are so variable!!)

So, I wore them that day AND HAD THE BEST DAY I HAVE HAD for a long time. Best day.

Then, I went back to my Normal Jeans.

So I looked for a change-up again, this morning, and decided to try my “Magic Jeans” on again, and see if the were right for the day, and Wallah! not only were they fine for the day, I also felt… a little… different?… again!

So, in my wish that I could bottle up this feeling and distribute it to the whole world (and me on my bad days 🙂 ) — I write this synopsis, and hope you have a pair of magic pants in your wardrobe. If you don’t, take mine for a while…

First, for comparison,  Normal Jeans:

When I put on Normal Jeans and look in the mirror, I feel like me. Dressed in jeans and a shirt, and ready, but unprepared to take on the day.

Normal Jeans are comfortable, I can do anything in them, and frequently do. I forget I am wearing them, which is a handy feature — No “no, not my silk skirt!” issues for these rough and ready pals. 🙂

Normal Jeans are kind of annoying, though, because the zipper has a little issue. So, if I don’t wear a long shirt, I feel the need to cover it up constantly because it looks partially undone. I am always pulling up my sliding vertically jeans (okay, they may be a bit big), and pulling down my shirt (even if it is already down) before I meet the world.

And my Dreamy Jeans:

When I wear Dreamy Jeans and look in the mirror before I head out, I see a girl ready to take on the world, and having everything she needs to do so with people being able to take her seriously. (THIS NEVER HAPPENS, at any other time. In any other universe, for me.)

Dreamy Jeans gives me a little moxie. I take bigger, longer strides, just for fun. I smile to myself like I have an inside joke betweeen me and myself. I hold myself a little more confidently. (That may well be the keyword here, folks. I, for once, feel confident.)

It is great fun to have these and wear them. I know that having expressed how I feel in them is likely to take away their “fantastic power” (once expressed, my feelings have a way of no longer being there), but it is worth it to not lose the feeling, so rare, and, I am pretty sure, not given by only earthly factors such as fit, stretch material and nice days, but from God adding a little something, so I can understand a little something. 🙂

I so wish that I could send you Magic Jeans in a bottle. But until I can, stay awesome, my friends. And let me know if you have something like it?



Do you have a Magic Garment?

Or a Dreamy Garment?

Or accessory?

What’s it like for you, wearing it?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

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