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Blogging U: Challenge 1 – Just Write :) — Title: From My Brain To Yours

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Today’s challenge was very complicated. I am supposed to “Just Write” for 20 minutes. Ergi bars.

What is causing me anxiety is not only knowing where to start, but knowing if I will be sharing this. Because, as stated in the challenge, I don’t have to.

If I don’t share, I can talk about topics like horses, and weird stuff.

If I do share, I have to shy away from all personal topics. As well as make it reasonable to read.

Really, who wants to read a bunch of nonsense written in a flurry of 20 minutes.

Actually, topics are coming to mind, and I am starting to have a ton of fun!

I feel sorry for anyone reading this, though. I often feel sorry for anybody on the receiving end of my thoughts, words and ideas. I feel they are so inferior and un-understandable. Wound that be overstandable?

Remember to breathe. Respiration is important, and really cool. I have Mulan’s “Reflection” in my head right now. It came right after “Express Yourself” from Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Now I am really nervous, because I have a countdown timer, and my nerves are going nuts, because I don’t know how much time I have left and if it is going to go off in like 2 seconds.

Unfortunately, I get adrenaline rushes really easy, (I’m pretty sure that would be the correct clinical term), and then my sugar spikes, and I am pretty much in a lurch unless I use the insulin that has poured out to enable to me to fight or flee.

I get them when I am about to play a friendly competitive game with a roomful of strangers (like a Purse Game (fun!)), or like now when I a timer might go off. Hahaha, I’m easy.

So, I am writing. Now I feel like I am floating in a river, and I don’t have direction, but the day’s so nice, it doesn’t matter.

I mean, come on, I’ve got A/C, my kitty’s fur is a constant delight because it is sticking up like a spiked-‘do, and my dog is snuggled up against me. I also just had lunch and a sweetened protein shake.

So life, in general is good. And everytime I look out the window, for no reason, and see my cat, I also see a painting one of my FM’s just did that is absolutely specatacular. You can see they inherited the art genes. 🙂 I don’t mind, they enjoy doing it, I don’t. Give me skill with an animal over a color palette anyday – I love art, just not doing it. 🙂 Kinda the same thing goes with music – love it, but don’t enjoy making it. I

Now I feel like that whole paragraph for some reason came off derogatory toward artists, starving artists, and great artists, and composers, and musicians :“`( Which is why I wrote so much after I was done with my point…

Did you know that I am actually wondering if I am actually closer to an INFJ personality – sorry not trying to incringe on your personality, J’s – research has not proved one way or the other yet.

Now I am thinking that if I were really a person who liked paper, books, handwriting, and Sherlock Holmes, I should NOT have typed this post, I should have written it, like the prompt suggested for people who like handwriting.

And then I think I should delete all of this, maybe my handwriting one will be better.

And then I get a huge load of guilt.

And then I write I have “a huge load of guilt” and I feel happy.

Am I messed up? Or human? I vote human. — and still figuring out life.

Breathe. Why am I speed typing? Haha. I am concerned that as soon as the bell rings, I will hit upon an amazing subject.

May Favorites!

I’ve been enjoying Lenka’s “Everything’s Okay”, and Rosi Golan’s “It’s Been a Long Day”, and also making a new Instrumental station on Pandora, and really been enjoying listening (and making up dances for) my Musicals music station on Pandora.

Also, this May, I enjoyed new movies and new TV shows – I usually haven’t tried this many new media forms – and so that was fun.

I could try my hand at fiction? Maybe that is what they wanted me to write. Is it cheating just to write my thoughts? Why am I so concerned about rules? Because they are important for people to live in peace with everyone. Why didn’t they provide more? *sigh* Probably because


So tempted to look at that clock. . .

Breathe. It’s supposed to be a subconcious thing.

I am so stressed. It’s better than being in a new room of people, though.

I wish I could get a group of people who like to play the sports I do.

*Scratches Head* Are my thoughts extra random? Or is everybody like this? Time.

Hey, hey, hey! Look at that! I did it, and ended on a note, actually that made a good ending sentence. Miraculous. So cool.

By the way, the challenge actually had clearer rules than I remembered in the heat of writing. It clearly said “nonsense acceptable” and “don’t think”. I think I succeeded on the first, and failed on the second.

Thank you challenge makers! This was a great idea (and I don’t really want any more rules, I just kind of wanted them then.)

(I was going to go back and make clearer some of the things I wrote, but I decided that because they were usually misplaced modifiers, and punctuation, or something that could use a synonym, that it wasn’t a big enough deal, and it was worth it to see it straight from me head.)

In thanks for dealing with the zaniness, I will also post a post I am really excited to share! A recipe for a Summer S’more!

Have a Magnificient Monday!!!!


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