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Tuesday Today .7

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Welcome to Tuesday Today!

Today’s challenge was for me to write about where I’d like to be, and what the setting is like – I haven’t ever really succeeded at writing those. So, today, I am accepting the “twist” from the Writing 101 challenge, and trying to give more of a “setting” to my Tuesday Today.

I woke up this morning rather sleepy. But relieved about this:

I didn’t have to shower.

I was actually cold this morning, and so being able to go shopping without having to hop in the water was nice.

Yeah, it would have felt like this.

Yeah, it would have felt like this.

I stocked up on necessities and a few treats and ate this for breakfast:Quest_Protein_Ba_515ef7d90de4d

I brought breakfast, but I was in the mood for one of these 🙂

When I returned, I did some different stuff – (not really descriptive, I know, haha). Eventually, with my ever-present companion, Rimfire, I went researching in my comfy spot. One of the pressing questions I had was was what the advantages and disadvantages of using a “bar soap” were. I had suspicions that they didn’t cleanse as well as liquid soap, as well as harboring germs.

Well, I read this:

Does Bar Soap Work Better than Liquid Soap by How Stuff Works.

And it ends up, there are no disadvantages to using bar soap. Yay!! It might harbor a little germs, but even with that, it cleanses the hands just as well as liquid soap. Bar soap advantages seem to me to outweigh the ‘advantages’ of liquid soap – Less waste, and (depending on the brand) for sure biodegradable, and (again depending on the brand) possibly better for skin with less chemicals. 🙂


So glad to know that using my new bar is good for me and the earth. Yes! I finally  bought the Cofee-Almond Zumbar 🙂

Later, I made dinner, but because I was not quite hungry, I took the opportunity to do a workout. This one from the Purely Twins:


I used 6 pound weights (sometimes) and 3 pound weights mostly. I also used the B-fits modifications and it was good-hard, not too hard like I usually try to do, because I finally did it with the modifications. 🙂

Additional modifications I did: I wiped out yesterday, and scraped my palm, so not wanting to endure lots of pain, I used the 6 pound weight on the cross-over plank pulls so I didn’t need to put weight on my lower palm. Worked well! (Like this)


Click on pic for this lady’s blog! (I just used her pic, I am not sure what her, presumably awesome, blog is about)

The hard thing for me, when I do “workout” – weightlifting, heartpumping – is that I don’t feel like eating after, really, and I know that it is advised to intake something to refresh the body, or something. So, I take advantage of these times when I am not hungry enough for my balanced, prepared meal so I can eat afterwards easily without having to think about what I need or if I need something post-workout.

I used this video for warming-up (I’m not very fastidious about doing warm-ups and cool downs, either), and stopped at like minute 3, ready to begin.

Afterwards, I cooled-down to this:

Fast 5-minute Cool-Down from Fitness Blender

I actually really liked this cool-down. As an endcap, I added two “warriors” and an overhead, bent over hand stretch.forward-bend


While I was doing the workout, I remembered that it was Tuesday, and the idea for this post came to me. So now I am here; listening to music, and typing you. Howdy, there!

I hope you have had an enjoyable Tuesday, and have a great rest of the week 😀


What is something you enjoyed this Tuesday?


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