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Blogging U: Challenge 3 – Three Songs

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Few topics you land upon could make me quite as happy. “What are 3 of your favorite songs?”

“You mean I get to share?!!!?”


However, I got a far too overwhelmed, as I often do when trying to condense a large store of information into a condensed summary-ette, and happed upon the idea to share with you my dog’s 3 favorite songs.

This is not a cop-out, really. I truly get bowled over with emotions and the intense effort of trying to harness my flying horses of ideas and thoughts into some legible, intelligent, and most of all, true-to-how-I’m feeling sentences. So, if it feels like a cop-out, just let me know. Until then, enjoy my interpretation of a dog’s emotions. 🙂

I think he actually has some favorite songs. Whether it is because I am dancing around to it and he joins in, or because I’ve seen him actually drift off to a song, these are the three I think he might pick. 🙂

Round and Round – Imagine Dragons

I had been trying to keep Rimfire quiet during a phone call and noticed I had caught Rimfire’s attention while this song was on with my subconscious actions and lip-syncing. So I exaggerated it and had a lot of fun acting it out for him – with big “round and round” hand motions and lip syncing. He was surprisingly attentive. Usually, he’s like, “Okay” and turns away after one verse.

God’s Not Dead – Newsboys

Fun to dance to, and has got a great energy! Energy + great song + dog toy = playtime!

Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) – Groove Armada

I know there was a particular song that Rimfire went to sleep to. I made a note of it in my mind. Now I can’t remember. However, this could be it. It is on and he is sleeping quite soundly to it. Plus, he stirred when I switched songs 🙂


Do your pets have any favorite or least favorite songs, you think?

What is a song you like?


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