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Took a Break, had a Blast

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For most, this is probably not earth-shattering…. I just wanted to share with you what my day was like yesterday when I took a day off from my computer.


It surprised me how much it changed my day. I am pretty techno-concious, and try not to use much time spending hours on computers and games, etc, but…

…it was actually quite different than a typical day for me. Haha. It was cool.

I took the day off from my computer so I wouldn’t research a question I had (one of those giant, global questions, I end up wondering about), and so I had to figure out different things to do on a day I had no plans. So, I ended up using some new ideas I’d had.


I tried suntanning, but got chased off by wasps, and so I suntanned inside. I turned the A/C up, pulled up my pant legs, lounged on the couch, and read a book. (This lasted about 20 minutes, until someone came home and I was like “Go ahead and turn the A/C down” 🙂 ) Suntanning for the faint of heart.


A different recipe , but this blog had a lovely picture...

A different recipe , but this blog had a lovely picture… Click to visit!

I did some more reading, and then I ate the rest of my 11 a.m PB&J snack (CCK’s Blueberry Muffin Bread (GF ), natural PB, and homemade J), for lunch, and made my “SteRuba”.

SterRuba: n. A meal I made up from a couple of other recipes, comprised of steak, rutabaga and carrots. Filling and cheap.

I wrongly computed the calculations of protein/carb ratio, and therefore added more steak than I needed, but here is the recipe – adjust steak to personal preference 🙂 :

  • 1 medium rutabaga (~ 7 cups cooked) – cubed and peeled
  • 3 carrots – sliced
  • 1 1/2 pounds steak (whatever’s on sale 🙂 ) – cubed
  1. Take carrots and rutabaga and boil until edible.
  2. Cook steak.
  3. Put together. Makes 7 servings. (15 grams carb/rutabaga cup)


Not since pre-recovery, have I enjoyed an at-home dinner that was actually worthy of a plate, with multiple food types and groups… Well, I made one for myself yesterday, and it was terrific. I felt great afterwards and had so much energy.

Somehow, after doing some post-dinner yoga, I decided to tackle a problem in my room, and ended up reorganizing it completely.

It is much better now. 🙂 Totally awesome.

So, I ended up not having any troubles non-computerized that day. I didn’t even have any of those sundry 20-times-a-day, questions I end up Googling throughout the day.

It might become something I do regularly. The Purely Twins actually said they wanted to get away from their computer more, too….

Just a couple of more notes I have been so excited to share!:

I have had an unprecedented great couple of hair weeks. I switched to Garnier Fructis 94% biodegradeable shampoo. I think that is working for me, as well as the (not neccessarily biodegradable) Triple Nutrition conditioner. It’s been pretty amazing having hair that is soft and not completely frizzy.

prodPureCleanShampoo 0060308421511_500X500

And when SP got his dental done, we bought him some soft toys to play with while his mouth healed (vet approved choice). Well, SP has ended up liking this toy even more than his previous favorite – and amazingly, though he chews everything else to bits, this has held up!


Have a great Friday, and happy weekend!

(If you happen to be wondering “What happened to the Blogging U challenges?” Uh… I will get back to that on Monday, I suppose. Both challenges were a bit more… erm… sad, as I have been dealing with some issues inside I’ve been thinking about, and so I would rather go bright and airy…)


Do you have 11 a.m snacks – right between breakfast and lunch? If so, what do you usually have?

Have you ever taken a day off from something and had it change your day? What was it like?

Have any recipes that you developed that you would like to share? Sound your creative horn!



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