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Blogging 101: Challenge 7: Compare/Contrast — Booth and Gibbs

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One thing I like about watching TV is how there are some great character examples.

Movies tend to tell true-to-life stories, or have a flawed main character and they are only 1-3 hours long.

TV shows, on the other hand, have an option of starting where the movie ends — the character is developed, moved through some tough stuff, and their story is backset to the main TV show’s theme.

As well, TV shows can go on for several seasons, each made up of 10-20 episodes in which small progressions in character can be made.

This can make for great exemplars. If you related to someone in a series, if you see them have an “Ah-hah” moment, it may be that you can “Ah-hah” at that moment, too.

One position that I’ve learned about through passive observation, seeing others in that place and now TV, is… well, never mind, but both Booth and Gibbs are the best examples I’ve ever seen.

I started watching NCIS way before Bones, but I like them both so much (if they cancel Bones after this season, I will be so bummed!!!!) I have found great character examples in both shows.

Today’s challenge was to compare and contrast something. Anything. Somehow I happened on this idea. The twist was to create a dialogue between the things/people (they had some great links on creating dialogue if you wanted to check them out) but I won’t do a dialogue today. 😉

Agent Seeley Booth - Bones

Special Agent Seeley Booth – Bones

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs - NCIS

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs – NCIS

Special Agent Seeley Booth is an FBI agent whose main motivation is to not make the mistakes his dad made and to be a good “whatever” – dad, husband, friend – is needed. His dad was a drunkard who hit and beat young Seeley, so he grew up with his granddad.

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs grew up with his Dad in a small town. He wasn’t well-liked, and he has a rocky relationship with his dad which they try to iron out.

Booth had a son with a girl, and wanted to marry her, but she didn’t want to. Parker is with his mom and dad alternately.

Gibbs married, once, and had a daughter, and is haunted by the fact that he could not be there when they were killed, and the fact that he took murderous revenge.

Throughout the series, Gibbs comes to more and more grips with this, and after Abby dug up the truth accidentally, I think he felt like he could finally let his revenge killing go because everyone knew about it. “A drug cartel-related killing in Mexico 15 years ago? That doesn’t sound like something I need to know about…” NCIS director says.

Booth really wants a life-long relationship, but doesn’t know what he is doing wrong because every lady he dates eventually doesn’t pan out — until Bones. Bones has to grow inside until she is ready for Booth, though, so Booth has several girlfriends until Booth and Bones start dating.

Gibbs sought peace through a series of marriages, but I get the feeling he is just resigned now, and is focused on furthering the well-being of his team, and the people he protects.

Booth can be impatient, especially when something isn’t going the way he wants in his personal life. He is extremely protective of Bones (Dr. Temperance) before, after and during their eventual marriage just because she is a female and his partner. It’s really sweet.

Gibbs’s relationship with Abby is the sweetest thing. She is in essence his surrogate daughter. He has an immense store of patience with her… her “quirks”, worrying, and chattering.

Booth believes in God and is offended when someone crosses that belief.

Gibbs isn’t said to be religious or not, but he knows that someone must have a code to live by. Encouraged by his wife, he wrote down rules he had for himself, and now has a “code” that most anyone who really knows him knows. Anybody know #9? (Comment below!)

Gibbs has an almost omniscient presence which could be due to any number of things, practical and mystical, but you get the feeling it is definitely aided by his observing; he rarely is the speaker, but is the driving force.

Booth, when Brennan says something beyond his comprehension, he acts short, but is very patient with their major disconnect – as is Brennan back. He always gives her room to grow, too.

When someone has earned Gibbs trust – which could take a long time, or one amazing act – he never lets it go; you are good with him, and he will have your back, and defend you against anyone or anything.

Gibbs comes across hard-hitting but you know he isn’t stone. He may not say that he’s glad you’re here, but the absence of the contrary tells you he is. However, he is soft in his choice of reprimands – a couple words, a Gibbs-slap, or a glance is enough – he never uses excessive force — with his team that is. 😉

With Parker, Booth does everything he can to make sure he (Booth) won’t come across or look anything like his (Booth’s) abusive dad. He respects his son, and thinks the world of him, giving him chances to think for himself. “Just talk to him like an adult,” he advises one of his girlfriends.

Gibbs is always ready to go to bat for something. You can’t pull the wool over his eyes easily.

Both Booth and Gibbs have great advice to give to the ones they really care about. Booth has helped Brennan out of her shell by using “illogic” and helping her “do something bad” by dining and dashing (he paid for it) so her “frontal lobe won’t shrink” (one of Booth’s illogics), and giving her advice that doesn’t always make sense but makes her think.

Gibbs helped DiNozzo over a big load of guilt of not being able to save 2 kids from a burning building when he was a young adult, by saying, “You saved 1. If you had tried to save her, you BOTH wouldn’t have been here, doing what you’re doing, saving others.”

Gibbs and Booth have a lot of things in common, but I don’t know if they would do well in a room together!! What do you think?

By the way, — I’ll resume Tuesday Today next week! … maybe… never set in stone that which you cannot carve… I just made that up. I can’t carve, so I guess it works.


Are Gibbs and Booth good examples for you, too?

What would it look like if Booth and Gibbs were working a case together?

Did you know anything about Booth/Gibbs before this?

Do you have a favorite character from a TV show?

What is Rule #9? Do you adhere to it?


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