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Peacock Origami

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Photo on 6-12-14 at 7.11 PM

‘E’s a bit crinkly, wot? — I had been tweaking him quite a bit by this time, sorry.



Wall space.

Adds up to = Can I make origami?

I have tried inventing a design before; they usually ended up a papery smallasboord of folds.

I kind of wanted to make an oragami front of a horse to tape on my wall as if it was jumping out. Call me inspired by this ūüôā :


This lady makes art out of books! Amazing, but I am still not sure about using books for art… But she wants to preserve books, so hey, it’s all cool.

So I looked up “origami” images and then looked up the¬†favorite things I’d seen – “horse”, “dolphin” and “dragon” – but all of the simple designs, I wasn’t pleased with the result, and the difficult designs¬†were… well, difficult.

Photo on 6-12-14 at 7.10 PM #2

Well, a little ready to do something hands-on and not really finding the episode of a “Bit of Fry and Laurie” as entertaining as some, I decided to start folding some paper I had slated for the garbage.

Somehow, I made a peacock!

So, without further ado, here is a how to if you want to make your very own origami peacock display.

Photo on 6-12-14 at 7.11 PM #2

1. Take a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

2. To make a square out of it, fold like this:


3. Cut off the excess.


4. Fold in the edges (opposite of how I did Рfold away from the mountain fold).


5. Fold one side in 1/2-ish, again.


6. And again, one one side, but both sides of that side — (this is why I added step-by-step photos – ¬†my instructions are deplorable!)


7.  Fold up towards the mountain fold a section to make the head. (From here on out, my pics may look slightly different, because I forgot a step, but essentially it should look the same.)


8. Now make a beak!


9. Now make the beak more realistic, and add a “legless body”. Do you see how I made a second fold in the beak, and a second towards the tail?


10. Now fold a tiny section at the top of the tail down.


11. And smooth out those corners, by making 2 diagonal folds on the sides.


12. Now, there is a little flap beneath the body and extending to the tail. Fold that out, mostly, to widen the tail.


13. Start accordion-folding the tail! On one side…


…then the other, folding toward the mid-line.


14. Make the tail “widen” and “spread” by making the folds (at where my finger is) manipulated to do so.


15. Now make the neck more neckish – puff it forward, and thin it by pinching the corners.

#16    #17

16. You are done… basically. Time to make it look even better.

This is what it looks like ¬†without any pinching, and smoothing — (the weight holds it steady).


17. I want the tail higher, so I turn it to me, and make the tail crease harder.


18. Lookie! A “prouder” peacock!






Have you ever done any origami?

What is your favorite origami design to make?

What crafty things do you like doing with paper?

What do you think of my peacock? Is it peacocky enough? (Honest feedback welcome! It is, after all, my first attempt, so I won’t be offended.)


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