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In the Kitchen with… me!


I have decided to take a re-stab at veganism! Maybe. I’m still undecided, actually.

And today, one of my FM’s has the day off, so I decided to make a vacaliday out of it.

Vacaliday – n. A word for when I can’t decide whether ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday’ is better suited for the situation.

So, after having an immensely pleasant evening, last night, letting our DVD player be on the fritz, and playing games, reading and going to bed (so much more fun than watching a movie (for the rare 1% like me!)) I was well set-up to start my vacaliday.

This morning, I crawled out of bed, took SP for a walk, and grabbed my computer to take a look at what I could make for a vegan breakfast.

I settled on this recipe. I love CCK’s “fat (thick) pancakes”! They are absolutely delicious!

For once, I decided to follow the recipe, but that doesn’t mean that my baking is without “mishaps.”  What does baking look like for me? The following!

My whole recipe hinged on the last of my almond milk. Having no room for error on it as I had no more, I went with the recommended method of cooking and indeed separated wet and dry. I measured the milk, and it was just shy of 1/3 cup. “Well, the bubbles touched the 1/3 mark, I should be good,” I thought.

I started measuring the dry goods. A little bit of brown rice flour. A little bit of cornstarch. A little bit more brown rice flour. Pour it in the measuring cup. Another dash of brown rice flour. No, I think it needs more. Another little dash.

(My fail-free Gluten Free flour recipe – 3/4 Brown Rice Flour, 1/4 Cornstarch is the ratio – works really well!)

“Add 1 tsp cinnamon” – ah, dash it, just add a couple dashes! 😉 English pun FTW!

Baking powder — always use less than CCK says (that is my own mental note on how I like it), so 1/2 teaspoon. Let’s put the rest back in the tin. Half gets tossed back in, the other half gets thrown somewhere in the air/counter. Woops.

I needed some melted butter, so I turned on the flame for the skillet I was going to use, and melted the butter in there, which also pre-oiled the skillet.

I wait until it’s done melting and pour it into the wet ingredients. Now, as the skillet is prepped to receive the batter – good and hot – I remember, I still need to wash and chop the apple! It is Apple Pie Pancakes, after all. Shoot!

I turn down the skillet to low-low.

At the sound of me chopping an apple, Rimfire comes over.

I don’t know what I’d do without SP to cook with me. I spill flour, Rimfire likes flour. I don’t need that piece of apple, I send it on down. 🙂 When I cook at other’s houses and don’t have Rimfire with me, I have to remember to change my whole regimen, it seems. It’s amazing how much we use his vacuuming feature…

(If you cook with your dogs, just remember that there are foods that are poisonous to them. Usually the foods are considered toxic because of a poisonous-to-dogs substance that may or may not be in them/your dog may or may not react to. So, I will not state any here because it really isn’t absolute – exception, chocolate/coffee. The theobromine/caffeine is no good for them.) Moving on.

I mixed dry into wet (yes, yes, woops 🙂 ) and mixed not-too-much, turned the skillet up, and poured it on. Awesome!! They cooked up great.

Rimfire really wanted some, but I made him wait. He’s been getting just a little beggy.

Then, about half-way through, I gave him some. He approved 😉

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Do you cook “with” a pet?

Have you ever tried a vegan breakfast?



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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with… me!

  1. Cool to hear that you’re trying a vegan diet! I’m a plant based blogger over at my site
    Health Room. Feel free to check it out sometime if you fancy trying some different recipes or if you are looking for any support. I’d be happy to help as much as I can 🙂



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