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Tuesday Today .8

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Just in time for Tuesday Today, the interwebs have graced us with a begrudging appearance. (Not enough of a presence to add pics, though.)
I have had a couple of wonderful days, a couple of horrible days, and some of that rare really fun time with my INTJ. Yay! I treasure those times, because they are so infrequent (vs. the amount of times that I am merely annoying to them), but that is always what I think of when I think of time with them.


Used the interwebs to catch up on these:
Malinda Reese’s new Behind the Scenes and Google Translate Sings videos.
Her Wrecking Ball video is hilarious, too. 🙂

Still getting these:

Frequent mild headaches. They happen most often when studying, but sometimes surprise me on many other times. Why?

Using this: — a search engine that is what I am using instead of Google now. They don’t record IP addresses or stuff. I like that not because of what I’m doing, but because of all the stuff done via aggregate information gathering. It adds up.

Loving this:
Oatmeal, chia seeds, raisins and nuts, mixed with water, let sit for a little while, then eaten. Great snack, breakfast, or late night snack <– It’s hard enough to sleep, much less when I’m hungry!

Not doing this:
Now don’t hate me people-who-followed-me-because-I-tried-vegan! It just didn’t work for me. Vegan = Terrible days + Felt horrible + Did everything I could but still got sugar crashes. I am still trying vegetarian, though, yay! It is great to be able to try different diets and if they don’t work not receiving condemnation. I still freak out if I don’t feel 100%. Should I know To “Err” is Human and that’s okay? 😉

Psyched about this:

“What’s wrong with your hair?” One of my FM’s commented sounding dead-serious 😉 . “It’s wavy… and shiny…”

My hair has kind of been a wreck for years struggling with undernourishment. I am so happy to have some normalcy of hair again!!!

Internet is still spotty. So see you when I can!

Have a terrific rest of your Tuesday, and great week!!!


What do you do on your bad days? Try to be alone? Tell a friend? Complain to a family member? Apologize? Sulk? It’s okay, no judgement here! There is really no right answer 😛 Bad days are hard, and they can be reminders that we need grace, too!!


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