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In preparation for the weekend… here’s a list of movie recommendations! I like lists.

I often find myself in the position of wondering what some good movies are to watch. And apparently I am not alone (because I found a blog post on someone’s blog about this, but now can’t locate it…).

So here are some that I “surprisingly” liked, and some of my favorites!


A State of Mind: a movie about North Korea. I think back to it often. Surprisingly, documentarists were allowed access into North Korea to record how they prepare for their annual festival and other routine life. Amazing. Sad. When Kim Jong-Un ascended, I was able to make much more connections having seen this, whereas otherwise it would have been another piece of information – not that it is influencing my day-to-day life, but goes to show how well the filmakers did at conveying what life is like in N. Korea. (Which is important… this is hard to convey…)


The Avengers: One of my favorite movies!


Hilarious, and always bound to make me laugh: The Court Jester and The Inspector General; can you get more droll than Danny Kaye?


Despicable Me and DM2: Both awesome!


The Dinner Game: Foreign funniness!! Alliteration aside, it would better be described as hilarity. Absolutely amazing. If you know French, I’ve read that The Dinner Game is even more funny watching in French – I am surprised because I was having trouble catching breath in the English version because I was laughing so hard 😀  (By the way, the English remake is “Dinner for Schmucks” — completely different, from what I’ve heard.)


Who Am I: One of my favorite movies, and I have no idea why.


Tell No One: Oh my gosh! Sometimes the French miss my tastes, other times I find their movies to absolutely blow me away.


Trouble With the Curve: So sweet. Just kind of a fun movie. 🙂 (Sorry to include a Clint Eastwood movie… I watched this before I knew more about his personal life.)


Premium Rush: I found this movie on Netflix, and when it came in my family kind of bemoaned my choice, and when the menu came up and it was a still picture, we wondered about how good it was going to be…

…after 20 minutes, we were hooked. Through it, we were like, “This is cool!”, and at the end, I got a “Good choice!” 🙂 — It was simple plot-wise, but because it explored a sector not many of us experience (being a bike messenger in NYC), with just enough character development-sub-plot, a ton of awesome bike tricks, as well as neat special effects showing how the brain works made for a fun ride (excuse the pun!).  By the way, I’m pretty sure the actor did the bike tricks – how cool is that!

That’s all!

After I made this list, I shared it with my family to see if I had selected some winners. I could tell it was good because, as I read the list, a lot of “Oh yeah!!”‘s and “Oh-hoh-ho, that one!!!” and finger pointing ensued. We can get quite excited about stuff every once in a while 🙂

By the way: I only hold that each of these movies have some good qualities, not that they abide by every rule in the Book… Some of these are safe for any age group, but others, I can’t remember at what age it would be appropriate, or there might have been scenes that our remote took care of… DVD’s are handy that way… but they all have great some upstanding story points!


Are any of these movies new to you?

Do you have any fav movies you’d like to share?

Would you like more movies/books/TV shows recommendations?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. My recent favorite movie is “Big Fish” by Tim Burton. I love his movies!


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