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A Happy Fourth

Photo on 7-4-14 at 11.26 AM #3

Fourth of July morning and I slept in until nine, and then I got up, flipped over, and went back to sleep until 10. 🙂

Awaking, I went and got my clothes to take Rimfire out. I wanted to wear my bright red flag shirt – but wasn’t sure it was best with my jeans. Then I remembered today was the 4th of July.

Yeah, some fourth.

Most everyone canceled their plans, “because of the storm.” But every meteorologist said today would be lovely. Oh, well, most people show a little pride in the day to day things, at least, even when plans are canceled, and I certainly do!

Who can blame me if I show a little sliver of belly if it’s a patriotic shirt.

Apparently, everyone. And everyone but me had plans this morning.

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