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A Happy Fourth


Photo on 7-4-14 at 11.26 AM #3

Fourth of July morning and I slept in until nine, and then I got up, flipped over, and went back to sleep until 10. 🙂

Awaking, I went and got my clothes to take Rimfire out. I wanted to wear my bright red flag shirt – but wasn’t sure it was best with my jeans. Then I remembered today was the 4th of July.

Yeah, some fourth.

Most everyone canceled their plans, “because of the storm.” But every meteorologist said today would be lovely. Oh, well, most people show a little pride in the day to day things, at least, even when plans are canceled, and I certainly do!

Who can blame me if I show a little sliver of belly if it’s a patriotic shirt.

Apparently, everyone. And everyone but me had plans this morning.

I took Rimfire’s and I’s regular route. “Grrr, bark bark!!” Rimfire lunged at another dog. We had a quick “Sit, look at me,” training session and then moved on to our alternate route around the neigborhood. I felt like 5 minutes into the morning, and I had already been judged – by the walker of that dog. I just felt stares. Was it my shirt?

The guy on the corner had people and kids over. I didn’t even know he knew any kids!

Then I passed another home – out pops another cheery kid, with a fishing pole. It was like everybody had plans. And I seriously wondered what was with me.  “We slept in on the Fourth of July,” I told myself. “What are you, like the lamest people on earth?” It was my INTJ and I who had slept in. I have my reasons, but reasons didn’t help when I was groggy and defensive.

Well, the girl looked at me a little like a crook. And I thought, “It must be my hair and my shirt. I didn’t do my hair.”

As I rounded another corner, they were also up and about. With a boat. Of course.

It was so rare to see so many people. And I had kind of banked on not seeing anybody. So, I thought, let’s go to that place, where nobody will be. And if there are people they won’t mind you in your awakening state, and you’ll make sense of all this.

More people readying their boats, and their grills clustered with family.

As I got closer to my destination, I passed by some campsites. Aha, someone who wasn’t celebrating this morning! They were packing up camp.

I hurried into the “hole” that marked the beginning of my goal path, and took a breath. The tiny gravel crunched beneath each step.

The air was cool, covered by trees, and trees and vines tangled up with those trees. This is why I came here.

Rimfire trotted ahead, sniffing everything. I knew that even if I was to have a terrible judgy type of morning it couldn’t be  too bad when I swung by here. My biggest fear on these mornings is my reactions to them. I want to have good reactions, not just neutral ones. I can get my thoughts in order here, I don’t have to think, just enjoy, and everything makes a little more sense.

I forsook my traditious route – there is a little spit of extra path that seems to exist for no reason I walk on it just so it has a chance to have a reason – , and stopped in my tracks. SP had decided to mark a tree, only this tree had no roots, it didn’t even touch the ground. I looked up, and saw that it was giant hanging branch.

“Whoa.” I said, admiring it for a few seconds longer than one should while standing beneath a giant hanging limb, “All right let’s go!” – making a mental note to show this to my INTJ – and went towards the bridge.  Rimfire always trots along gayely here. It’s so cute.

Right before we stepped onto the planking known as “the dock” I looked left and saw a butterfly flitting around flower clusters. Awww. Then I stepped onto the dock.

Rimfire had already preoccupied himself with rubbing on something, and I gazed out over the running water, assessing any changes from the storm. Nothing. Just peace.

A dragonfly drifted along, flying with the stream.

I didn’t know that happened, I thought that was just in the movies!

I watched as a turtle tried to swim upstream. I watched, just watched. I walked down the pipe and plank construction called the dock, and heard the glug, glug, glug as the pipes filled.

I realized that no bees have ever assaulted me here. I don’t get too bored here. There is so much to see. I just breathe deep and think unconsciously. The air is so clear.The-desire-for-being-in

As I walk back I pass by that gargantuan tree limb in awe, making a repeat mental note, and take the no-reason spit and pass back into life.

Oh, those people weren’t leaving, they were actually setting up camp! Good for them. *sigh*

I pass by the people with their boats and their grills with my unkempt hair but also with a newfound supply of air.

I take a shortcut to my place. “Hey there!”

“Oh, hi!” I say back looking to the voice’s origin. It’s the only neighbor I know well-ish. 🙂

“Yeah, I saw the dog, and I was like, I know who that must be!” He said. I smiled.

When I headed in to get my laptop to write this post on-scene, I also grabbed my knife to follow Rule #9. 😛

Now, writing on-scene didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. Mosquitos absolutely bit me up, every step of the way, so I was only half-way to the dock, when another neighbor hailed me. I went over. I first connected with her by our mutual love of animals. And here we were again, talking kittens. 😀 We stayed for a while talking, and I apologized about my itching. She went to get some mosquito repellent/anti-itch product she was selling. She returned. “Oh, wow, that works really well!” I said. We talked more kittens, until she had to do something, and then I moved on.

Sometimes, when you’re unemployed, friendless, new to a neighborhood, introverted, thinking, don’t make friends easily, or just have a bad hair day, it feels like everyone is judging you. When people send you greetings, hail you with salutations, or just say “hey!” you can remember, it’s okay to be different, and everyone doesn’t dislike you. Be you, be different, and it will be okay.

And remember to take that break in your special tree place if you need. It can help! But people help even more! God bless America, (and thank you God for blessing America), and have a wonderful Fourth of July!!


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “A Happy Fourth

  1. I like your descriptions of your morning walks! Wherever there are boats and grills, those are the places I want to be! Butterflies and streams = serenity!


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