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Exploits of the T-Man Longboard Crew


I’ve been absent and I have a backlog of stuff to tell you!!! The internet’s been intermittent, and I picked up a new sport, and been working (YAY!) and so I haven’t had time to post, so sorry.


This picture does a good job of showing what you have to do while longboarding – lean to steer and stay on the board!

See on Thursday, INTJ started his sport. On Friday, we practiced it again. On Saturday, I bought a board. And well, today (yesterday..) is Sunday.

So, there is so much new stuff when starting a new sport, that I want to share it all. I will work really hard on making this make sense! 🙂

So this is about Day 1:

The T-Man Longboard Crew (name still to be determined) has begun.

It is made up of BT/T-man (still a nickname for the blog) (“my INTJ” family member), me, and Rimfire. With one longboard between us 🙂 — and that longboard is BT’s.

You can fault BT for a lot of things – most stemming from the cynicism and judgemental-ness that comes from his personality – but he is not stingy. He is super sharing.

So when BT got interested in longboarding, he shared it with us.

It wasn’t long before I wanted to do it, too. Show me anything, and I will want to do it. It’s bad. But I usually don’t act on any of it.

So, when BT ordered, and got in his longboard, the very first day he had it, he took me out to ride it.


Now BT picks things up fast, and remembers them short. I pick things up slow, and remember them long.

So, after I got off from work I was dead-tired, and my separation anxietied dog was active, and BT was excited.

We took ourselves out to the sloping road (less than a 20 degree slope), brought Rimfire with us, and BT showed me his stuff.

BT bought the longest commercially available longboard – and it still feels small for him. I can sit on it, with a dog, quite comfortably 🙂


We traipsed back up the hill, Rimfire trotting along in the grass, rubbing along when he could.

Your turn, BT indicated. I decided to do my first run sitting. It was still like “AAAH!”… and super fun.

So I got the hang of leaning to turn the board, and running it into the grass to stop it.

See, we have no idea how to stop the board, yet. So we slide on over to the grass, and let it stop itself. Just so happens this perfect strip of grass before the more car-ridden road begins is in front of someone’s house. Seems like every time we start riding, we look up, and they are there – when they weren’t before 🙂 We give them a good show 😀

When BT was on the board, Rimfire walked by me was curious as we walked along with BT, but responded to my guidance.

When I was on the board, Rimfire walked by BT – oh-too-protective – didn’t want to leave my side. “She’s gonna die! She’s gonna die!” A few more runs and he was more used to it.

So we did a lot of experimenting. Dog + board + 2 creative people = fun I will try to remember for a long time. It makes me smile when I remember it.

BT worked to get Rimfire comfortable with the board as soon as it was out of the box, so when I wanted to ride with Rimfire, Rimfire wasn’t too uncomfortable.


I sat down, took Rimfire, gave INTJ the retractable leash (so it wouldn’t startle him if I dropped it) – and we were off!

It worked well till halfway down the slope, when Rimfire decided he’d had enough and jumped off.

Rimfire has only recently started to have off-leash training.

So I took hold of his collar (while still steering this board) and he ran along side. It was warm, and he was already panting, so I tried to get him back on.

Rimfire understood, and tried to jump on – eh, it didn’t work, I wasn’t ready.

So for the third attempt, I gave a hefty pull on his collar to give him some extra propulsion, and he made it on, and we rode the short rest of the way.

BT took every other turn, and improved some each time.

He also made sure I knew I could jump off if I needed – sometimes you can see people’s love for you at the most unexpected time when they put your safety high above any other priority at the time – *warm fuzzies* when it comes from friends and family.

I rode feet (vs. sitting), one time, and decided to jump off, but then the board also stopped, and I landed good, but fell sideways on the pavement – I laughed and laughed. Rimfire was surprisingly ambivalent, not even noticing I’d gone down.

Another time, BT rode off and I jogged along side with Rimfire. It got to be a little slow at the end of the slope and Rimfire was already jogging in front of BT.

“Here! Hand me his leash!” BT said.

I gave it to him. And he said, “Hey, run out in front!” If I ran out in front, Rimfire’d follow me.

“Are you sure?” I wasn’t sure BT was ready for the tug.


So I ran and called Rimfire. Rimfire followed me, running in front of the longboard in a straight line. At the end of the leash (it’s retractable), Rimfire felt the pull.

I encouraged him. “Come on, come on boy! It’s okay [generally pulling is discouraged 😉 ]!” Having a pass to do it, Rimfire dug in, and BT felt the energy, but stayed upright.


Rimfire pulled BT and generated lots of speed, until BT got to another slope of the hill, and Rimfire wasn’t pulling – he was losing leash distance, actually. So BT passed the leash off, and I made a big deal over Rimfire and we watched BT finish the run, far farther, and faster than we’d been able to get – thanks to Rimfire. We laughed. “That was awesome!!!” we said.

We were going back up the hill, and I said, “Can I ride your board back up?” I’d been wanting to do this since I’d seen a skateboard. Ride a board by arm-propulsion up a hill.

He agreed, and I got on, asked if Rimfire could ride too, and set up like this.

Meeee  Rimfire

B    o    a    r    d           —->


I held Rimfire’s leash in my mouth – the big knobby case – and started pushing. It felt hilarious, it was hilarious.

BT took out his phone to take pictures. Even though it was dim, he was able to get some.

It’s meant a lot to me – BT sharing his interest, BT sharing his board, BT making accommodations for “my” dog, BT being so nice and kind the whole time.

That’s the adventures of Day 1. I will post about he adventures of day 3, next (because I can’t remember day 2…)!


Have you picked up any new hobbies this summer?

Have you ever made a snap decision that ended up being a good decision?

Do you skate or longboard?

Are you good at sports?


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2 thoughts on “Exploits of the T-Man Longboard Crew

  1. Picked up boarding this summer as well! Good stuff!


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