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A blog about my life as an INFP living with an ESFJ, INTJ, and my pup. I blog about earth-friendly living and life through my eyes – not necessarily in that order. Come put your feet up where life is Naturally Dreamy!

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Almost done with this:

Buried Prey: I get about 2-3 hours of reading when I watch the baby while she sleeps, so I have sped through the book really quickly! (I am not advocating any book or anything, I just like trying different books, especially if recommended to me by someone I value.)

Effectively training Rimfire:


Hey! It’s working! Rimfire had has serious separation anxiety (only recently detected), and so we are trying to help him out. My combination of training is seeming to help for the symptoms are improving after just a couple weeks. 3 cheers for Rimfire! (If you want help with your dog, let me know! I’ll be only too happy to help!)

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