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Tuesday Today .11

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Almost done with this:

Buried Prey: I get about 2-3 hours of reading when I watch the baby while she sleeps, so I have sped through the book really quickly! (I am not advocating any book or anything, I just like trying different books, especially if recommended to me by someone I value.)

Effectively training Rimfire:


Hey! It’s working! Rimfire had has serious separation anxiety (only recently detected), and so we are trying to help him out. My combination of training is seeming to help for the symptoms are improving after just a couple weeks. 3 cheers for Rimfire! (If you want help with your dog, let me know! I’ll be only too happy to help!)

Listening to this worm in my ear:

I once heard that Germans say that “song stuck in my head” as “worm in my ear” – I prefer our way of saying it, but I thought it was cool to know. 🙂 Listened to Colbie Callait’s Brighter than The Sun earlier and I had it in my head tonight. Such a fun song!

Eating this:

My trail-mix has become indispensable. I bring all my own food to the job, and if I bring something that gives me a head ache, it’s tough luck.

When I found that this not only made my blood-sugar steady (despite low protein), but also caused no headaches, it was a winner:

Only just a little ago, I was wishing I knew how to make my own trail-mix, now I am!!

  • Oatmeal (rolled oats)
  • Raisins (6-10)
  • Nut (almond, cashew) (8-10)
  • Opt. – Unsweetened coconut, chocolate chips, etc!

Put in little container (I use 4 oz), and shake into mouth or use a spoon. Enjoy!

Sharing this:


Chocolate Covered Katie’s lemon bars – enjoyed by all! Me, Mom, BT, Rimfire, and everyone else I’ve shared them with!

I was playing with Rimfire, when I sat down to eat lemon bars. Eating non-guiltily has changed a lot since recovery – I sat down with the baking dish as a post-work snack to eat as much as I wanted (there was 1 left).

Rimfire came trotting over, and dropped his ball and looked at me.

It seemed like he could be saying, “Will trade ball for lemon bars!” Hahaha.

Well, I caved the second time he asked, and gave him a teeny taste. I didn’t expect him to like them – I went overboard with the non-measured (when will I learn? when it stops being fun!) organic lemon juice (~$1 at our organic store for 4oz) – but he ate it, and then asked for more! (He does like some baking better than others.) I gave him another little taste before I finished the pan. Love sharing with him 🙂

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!


Do you have a worm in your ear? Dost du habe einen wurm in deine uhre?

 (my translation of the German phrase in English – I don’t know the original German phrase.)

What is it?

Do you share foods with your dog?


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