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Day 3 of the T-Man Longboard Crew

After Day 1, that night, for the 5th time, I looked up Craigslist longboard prices. I found some encouraging news! I could get one for under $100 – in good shape, from a respected brand!

When I thought of wanting to get one, though, my throat floated up, and my brain started to pulse and my breathing quickened — no, not anticipation, fright!

do not like making decisions without thorough thinking – money decisions get put off, and off, and off. “I probably don’t need it. I don’t need it…” The thinking goes. Or “I want it now, but how do I know if it is a passing desire that could have been avoided simply by waiting? We’ll never know, unless I wait!”

I stop wanting most things in about 2 weeks to 2 years.

So, while BT encouraged me to go ahead and contact the seller, I went the next day (Day 2) without engaging them. “So did you do it?” BT asked when I got back. Nope.

So, on day 2, we did some more slight-sloping road stuff.

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