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The Rest of the Longboard Adventures

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…so far.

Day 4, BT and I showed Mom our boards, and everything, over at the park. She hadn’t seen BT’s, much less known that I’d gotten a board.

Well, pursuant to my mental note the day before, I made sure to ride my board standing. I felt a little shook up, but nothing went wrong – everything went well!

BT did several U-turns – a feat, they say, on the board he’s got – and kept improving. I completed my first U-turn (using 2 whole lanes) — sitting. 😛

It wasn’t long in the noon-day sun before we asked Mom if she’d like to give it a whirl.

She did! Even though she’s older than us, and has some physical health issues that BT and I don’t have to face, she far exceeds us in capability to pick things up from stone dead turkey. (Yeah, that’s not a phrase…)

She was on the board in a flash, and riding (whilst explaining what she was thinking) down the road.

Then she switched boards to ride mine. BT then took his board and taught himself how to power himself with pushing.

Mom wanted to make sure I’d ridden enough, so BT said, “Maybe one more ride.”

“But if I only have 1 more ride, that ride is going to be bad – it always happens.” I said half-jokingly.

“Okay, 2 more rides.” He smiled.

Well, my first ride was actually good, but I went ahead and did the 2nd one anyway. I just did one ride standing and my final ride sitting. Then we went home.

Other than that…. in the last few days, we’ve been practicing at the slight-slopping road. Yesterday we had a great time.

BT kept practicing his push-offs and U-turns. I found that I had become super comfortable on my board.

I also found that I really need to work on my turning, because I think I’m turning so hard, but am doing nothing at all! Haha! And thirdly, that I can ride goofy and regular. So, that’s good.

So here’s to getting outside! Have a great Thursday!


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