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10 Moby Sleep Songs for a Baby (or anyone)

My first day watching the baby, I came prepared with CD’s.

Moby, Flamenco and other neutral background “songage”.

I listen to all sorts of music to go to sleep, but I figure neutral and instrumental was best when watching somebody else’s child.

(And side-note: Yes, I have considered Christian music, and it is awesome, and I have some favorites for sleeping from that, but Moby is doing the trick right now, so I don’t want to do something just to feel pious.)

Well, I had a very hard time trying to get her to sleep the first day, and after trying many things, I put on one of the CD’s.

She was sleepy in 5 minutes, and asleep in 15! The first day I only played the ones from the “Best Of” CD (CD is mentioned in captions).

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