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Tuesday Today .12 – Morning Routine


Today’s Tuesday Today will feature my morning routine, so you can see what it’s like, the natural changes I’ve made, or chosen in it, and probably have a couple laughs! if it’s very different from yours. 🙂

Wake up and do this:


Not my photo! Click on photo to see story and more pics.

I get out of bed, and get Rimfire out of bed, too.

Natural Change: His bed is made from recycled material. Around $5 @ Walmart.

In the bathroom I have this:


Zumbar soap. I am very passionate about using biodegradable things, because if we use things that we, humans, have synthesized and they aren’t biodegradable, that means that it will last forever. Nothing breaks it down, as far as we can tell. So, although we can’t save the planet (according to my beliefs), that is an issue that I think is very important for everyone to realize. 🙂

Natural Change: Replacing my Softsoap usage for a biodegradable bar soap has cut down on our soap usage by 1/2! (I also am switching to natural, biodegradable shampoos and conditioners.)

My morning beauty routine is this:


If my face feels good, I leave it alone. I brush out my hair, and put it into a style (today: side braid).

Natural Change: Cutting back on man-made cleansers and makeup helps the environment. (But mainly, I just don’t like washing my face, or using makeup! 🙂 Using no hairspray on my hair is also good for lots of things – my hair, my house, and probably the earth… )

As soon as I can, I do this:

This is someone's actual artwork for sale. Click pic for link!

This is someone’s actual artwork for sale. Click pic for link!

I take Rimfire out. I used to not like all the long takeouts I had to do, but now I enjoy being outside, and doing it. 🙂

Natural Change: No change at all, actually. I am required to pick up after Rimfire, and considered switching to biodegradable bags. However, my internet research revealed that biodegradable bags don’t degrade in landfills. So it really only helps if you are composting. So, I still use plastic (but recycled from the store) until I can make some major change like composting, or such.

Breakfast looks like this:


Okay, I will admit I have some ‘not nutritionist recommended’ habits for breakfast. I don’t eat until like 3 hours after I get up. I’m just not ready. But my breakfast is right now some kind of cage-free (this is important) eggs , non-GMO (this is also important) grain, and something sweet.

Natural Changes: Using cage-free eggs helps the chickens. 🙂 Using the bulk section to get quinoa and oatmeal reduces waste (especially when I bring my own containers – just make sure to get a tare weight before if you do this.). Non-GMO is really important (this is kind of boring, warning) for not having eventual weeds that are resistant to chemicals, they possibly cause allergies and autism, and some GMO plants cause insect death. I wrote a research paper on this subject, so I can tell you more, but I don’t want to bore you!

Train Rimfire with this:


I am separation-anxiety training Rimfire. To help out with this, I leave a treat with him when I leave.

Natural Change: We buy Rimfire treats without Phosphoric Acid (or sugar – we want to help the teeth he has left!) and treats with all ingredients that we understand 😉 Even some ‘natural’ treats add Phosphoric Acid as a preserver (Zuke’s Naturals is one I know, for sure.)

Bring this:


Now, I drink a lot of water, so I bring my own water to work, so that I don’t wear out their offer to drink their bottled water. We refill some sturdy made-for-refilling gallons with Brita filtered water, and that provides us with water for every adventure!

Natural Change: Not buying bottled water helps reduce waste, and not drinking all of my employer’s water keeps the neighborly-ness alive 😉

That is my morning for you! Super simple and leaves me with time to chat, research something, or change what I planned for lunch.


I want to hear! – what is your morning like?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

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