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Somehow Saying Something Sunday

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I’ve been working really hard, playing hard, and thinking lots, and that is not a good combo for spitting info back out to the world.

I’ve spoken to people, chastised myself for what I’ve said, and what I didn’t say.

I have had terrific days, though.

I got tea! Three teas!

I found an amazing movie, typed lots of posts.

I recorded new vids, and tried to dye my hair (it didn’t work.)

I wonder if when an INFP says, “I shouldn’t have said that!” How many times that they should have. How many times are we wrong?


I’ve been thinking about, you know, what my impression would be when I die. What could I change in my everyday life? Is there something I could change that would make me actually less stressed out and more of who I want to be?

I’ve come up with yet another business idea.

I’ve eaten a tonfeeling like I’m burning through the cheese I bought and tortillas that Mom gave me, but knowing that it’s not really true. They make a terrific, surprisingly-good, quesadilla. Galbani mozzarella, and sprouted corn tortillas microwaved for 20 seconds. The quesadillas have finally returned! However, I’m so hungry I eat like 2 at a time. (Or one, and then one 20 minutes later.) 🙂

I had a good longboarding session that BT was surprisingly optimistic and cheery about. He even said, “Hey, and you did good, too! I don’t want you to think that just because you can’t do blank that you’re not progressing, too.”

I’ve been making a wishlist, and coming up short on ideas! Haha, who has that happen?

Have a terrific end of your weekend and a great Monday. I’ve got a lot to do before a deadline in the next few days, so I may not be able to post for a few days.


How was your week?

Did you watch a great movie, read a great book, or rediscover a great meal recently? 🙂


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