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As you have probably noticed from this post, I like to be prepared for things. I like to know that I’ll be able to handle whatever life is going to happen to me.

Stuck in a lifeboat because the ship was attacked by thieving pirate turtles? I’ll make sure I have the strength to fight and the resilience to survive that.

Getting old? I’ll figure out all the aspects and issues that I’ll face now, so I’ll know what to do then.

Living in the End Times? I’ll prep myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to be prepared for all of that! – biting scorpions, earthquakes, wars, and persecution.

The only problem with this extreme thinking, is that it takes a big chunk away from life right now. Instead of doing something because I want to, I’m doing it because it because something in the future might necessitate a grim outlook and a tough countenance.

I want to know I’ll feel qualified for what comes my way, but I had to realize that that wasn’t up to me.

It was up to God. He said that He would do that for me, so I need to stop worrying about being prepared by my own little wisdom, and live the life He set in front of me right now.

Plus it’s highly improbable all the things my mind wants me ready for would happen to anyone in one lifetime!

So, I made this quote, and I taped it to the wall at the head of my bed. Even though I don’t think it is proper grammatically, or something, it reminds me of the revelation to let God prep me for times ahead and stop putting myself through so much anguish.

Though it’s still fun to theorize about how I’d handle situations… (Like a pirate turtle attack? I just made that one up. 🙂 )

I thought of this, this morning, as I went to face a possibly life-changing event. I had done everything I could to make it a success, but had been hamstrung by several things beyond my control. So, I tried, didn’t worry, and if it made my plans change, I was still going to fit right into God’s plan for my life.



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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

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