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Tuesday Today .12

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Summer is here!! Let’s play guess the fruit!

Breakfast included this:



Princess — quick what’s her name?! — (doesn’t pressure just make you forget the name, haha? Sorry, I let my mischievous out) is a popular character in Mario. Click the pic, and you will see the file name — her name and the fruit I had for breakfast. 🙂

I like Yoshi or Luigi best, though. True story.

Lunch was this:


Did u jus c antelope?!?

Had it with cheese, and stuff.

Paperwork was held by this:


(If you click on the pic, it will take you to a short history page – the answer is in there in the middle of the 3rd paragraph 🙂 )

A bunch of (non-flying) them acted as a stand so I could read the paper while I typed it into a computer – pretty convenient paper easel!

Picked these:


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers… only the peppers I picked weren’t pickled … yet. I picked yet another 2 banana peppers from my plants!  They are insanely hot, so we try to pickle them. We have a full jar!

My bellpeppers are having a much harder time. It’s going rough. But… I picked my first red pepper this morning! Yay! This particular pepper won’t be pickled. 😀

I hope you enjoyed “Guess the Fruit” and are having a great Tuesday! 🙂


What fruit do you look forward to in summer?

What is the most unique thing you’ve done with fruit? From recipes, to games, to art, we can use fruit in a lot of ways!


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