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He Sees It! INFP’s & INTJ’s Meet in the Middle


Tonight, BT realised what I realised a couple months ago.

We are not that different.

BT (INTJ) and I (predominate INFP) have amazing similarities!!!


I really bother BT with my quirks (or even normalties), so when we (individually) realized this, it amazed us!!

Let me show you why:

When we really admit what we are feeling, we are feeling the same thing.

We are both very smart, (but quiet about it), on human psychology – we can just see it.

When I started watching the baby, I had a huge learning curve, and had to figure it out. I said stuff to her like, “Why are you always looking at me like you are wondering?”

When BT visited, he said, “Why are you always looking to me for approval?” He also gave her future advice, “Right now we want to hear everything you’re saying! Someday it won’t be like that, and people will just want you to be quiet. But experiment for now. :)”

And I said, “Someday, every little thing you do won’t be cheered. But it’s okay, it’s no less important.”

BT wrote an amazing essay that was pretty abstract, but very logical. He gave it to 2 of his friends, and they returned it without any comments except for, “You had some grammar errors that messed me up, and I didn’t quite get it.”

So, he gave it to me today. “Here.” he said, a little dejectedly.

I read through it. It was amazing! I want to share, but I’ll have to see if he’ll let me. I returned it and said that I thought it was terrific, and awesome. “Did you get it?” he said. “Mm-hmm!” I replied. “Wow! Okay. That’s cool.”

So, tonight, we were watching re-runs of Mythbusters – Men v. Women.

I casually mentioned, “I think it’d be fun if we did that… You know, because we.. like, we’re both careful….”

“And we are both so similar. I’m surprised how we can be so similar. Because I mean…”

“We are so different!” We said in unison.

“Yeah, and we take our time, and try to be precise.” We both agreed that it would be a cool test.

And I wanted to shout, “Alleluia!” because he said, “We’re suprisingly similar!” 😀 So, he saw it, too!


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

5 thoughts on “He Sees It! INFP’s & INTJ’s Meet in the Middle

  1. I would really love to read that essay and congratulations on finding your common ground with BT!


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  3. I’m an INFP but my two closest friends are INTJ’s. They are my logical better halves. My heart dictates most of what I do, but they are ruled by logic. I talked to one of my INTJ friends, who I refer to as Friend A on my blog, and I told her I admired her ability to not care so much about what others think. She told me that she admired my ability to be very sociable since she’s really introverted. But I’m only sociable with people I know or over the internet. No idea how that works actually XD I have social anxiety to some degree caused in part by being bullied in middle school and high school. If I’m in a large group of strangers I kind of panic a bit. I don’t know what my husband is. I should have him take the test. But he’s extroverted for sure. If I had to guess I would say ESTJ. INFPs tend to be very artistic because they feel emotions strongly.


    • Thanks for commenting!
      Cool! 🙂 It’s great to have friends that have skills that we don’t and vice versa.
      I have heard great things about the 16personalities test – a lot of people say it’s accurate in case you still want your husband to take one. 🙂


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