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Tuesday Today .13

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Happy Tuesday!



Loving this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.41.13 AM

Screen shot!

Loving the Google Doodle today!! 🙂 It cheered me up – I found it directly I had some “bad” news. Nothing cheers me up like star-gazing 🙂

Grateful about this:

You know that big possibly life-changing thing I mentioned here? Well, it was easier than I expected, but I did so terribly that it is possible it will, indeed, be course altering. Oh well, so far as we can tell I might have failed because I am good at some things, and that is a good reason to fail. :/ Half smiley face!

Anyways, what I’m grateful about is all the encouragement, and it’s-not-a-big-dealness I’m getting from my family. 🙂

By the way, this:

By the way, the thing I said here that I wanted to share, I won’t be able to. Sorry 😦 I didn’t get permission.

Why am I giggling at this?:


The phrase “Intent to tweet.” It just sounds funny! When I say “tweet” something, the url has tweet/intent right next to each other, so I thought of this.

Found all these!!!:happiness-111276

I was looking for a simple illustrated graphic of the word “tuesday” like this “happiness” on Clothia. But instead, I found these!




TTT-Animals05It’s actually not that many, is it? 🙂

Listening to this:

When “Problem” (Ariana Grande) isn’t stuck in my head (I neither endorse nor dis-endorse this song – it merely gets stuck), or some Ingrid Michaelson addictively catchy tune (Be okay, be okay, be okay), then I have these going around!!

I love these songs – they are so me (#1,2) , or at least mirroring my efforts in the world (#3). I like the music videos to #1 and 3, too. Especially 1. It was a stroke of brilliance to put those horses in, I tell ya. Or maybe that’s just me. 🙂

Love Runs Out – One Republic

I like non-partisan media. This song neither supports nor denies anything. It’s just cool and I really enjoy listening (and dancing) to this song! 😀



Not sure where this comes from, but click to go to blog I found it from!

Believer – American Authors

Hehe! I am a believer that things will be better! So this song is super cool for me. And then it’s got that flute, or something, in the background, so it’s like cool.


All About that Bass – Meghan Trainor

Thank you, Meghan! I first heard this song on iTunes radio, and I was like ‘eh’ — but I love the fashion in the vid, and the pink — it’s so pretty!!! (I’m like that person who never likes something for the reason you’d expect! haha. Sorry!) And, I mean, the point of the song, awesome!

I like tuning into VH1 (I love the interlude they do between songs with their logo — yes, I’m weird!! It just sounds like morning) and catching the latest songs and videos. I am sometimes disgusted with morals presented or points made, or something, but I am most often pleasantly surprised with new media. Also, it helps that VH1 blurps out offensive material. Sometimes I don’t even know a song has a crude word in it until I show somebody it on YouTube, because Pandora, radio and VH1 all blurp them! 🙂

Blurp: n. The more subtle method of “bleeping” something out. Instead of using a beep! or other sound effect, they mute and se-burble the word so it grazes over, and sounds like a continuance of the last word, or the start to the new one, or a breath-pause.

Se-burble: n. the sound of machine-garbled words for the effect of a blurp.

Say those two words 5 times each, and you’ll have a better day. 😀 Or not. Maybe I’m just easily amused. Like I thought of this, “To be happy… 7. Never pass up the chance to say ‘Abu Dhabi'” Anyways…

I want to do more of these:

I want to do more Movie posts. I have found I have a lot of ones I’d like to categorize and share. Would you guys enjoy that? If there are no comments one-way-or-the-other, I will go ahead and do them!

Just so you know this:

I started this blog being like “Yeah! I’m going to be a terrific conveyer-writer because I want to be and I started a blog!” It doesn’t work that way. I am having just the same amount of trouble as I do in all areas of my life, in making things shine. It seems like when I do something, it becomes ordinary, average. My rooms always fall short, and my fashion is blase, and my eureka words come from inside and go ffff…. fizzling out. I don’t know why.

And I want to be able to fufill my mission statement of “come put your feet up where life is naturally dreamy”, but I always seem to have an edge, or urgency that defies my efforts to be a “wha-da-da-da” (imagine a camel walking), person, style or room. Basically, I don’t come off as breezy.

I’m working hard. 🙂 I want to be a more enjoyable and easy blogger to read.

So, thank you for staying with me as I try to improve my articulation, ideas, writing, and mind. And my blog in general. I keep finding buttons and being like, “Oh, that’s what that does!” 🙂

That is it for Tuesday! Have a terrific rest of it!


Do you like the songs I mentioned? Do you not like the songs I mentioned? I am curious, let me know why!

What media are you liking, recently?

What are you grateful about, failing, finding, giggling at or listening to, this week?


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