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Evening Yoga for-ya Back-a

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Every so often, I get home, I am getting dinner, washing dishes, and I feel it.

Like a cramping in my lower back.

So, I go to my lounge-area, and try to ‘reverse curve’ it. But it doesn’t help, it just temporarily makes me forget about it.

Then, when I go to bed, and lie on my back to read some ‘Bond. James Bond’, my lower back starts to really ache. No matter which way I turn, it just hurts. 

Which is weird, because what do I really do with my back? Bake. Sit. Drink water. Not that strenuous, wot wot.

So, I thought, “It starts hurting around dinner time, when I’m standing in the kitchen… I’ve tried correcting my posture, and such, but it doesn’t seem to help. What if I…”

So I made this yoga routine to do in the evening, before or after I do all my standing and walking. I figure it will help with posture, if that is the problem. It will engage my back. It will stretch my back. It’ll just loosen up the area of trouble.

So far, it seems to have helped!! Yes!

I don’t need no fancy mattress. (Or maybe I do, but this is working fine!) Besides, back pain from your mattress is “supposed” (according to the interwebs) to be only in the morning, and mine is only in the evening.

So, my evening stretch routine, in pics:

Cat-Cow-PosesSpinal twistrbk-yoga-downward-facing-dog-lgn-21571371-1

tadasana-1Mountain pose (tadasana), not just standing 😉 I cannot find the origin of this picture, much apologies. Stand up straight, feet together, rotate thighs “inwards”, pulling the crown of your head up to the sky. Rotate your shoulders and drop your arms, turning palms outwards. And just breathe. 🙂

pg-yoga-for-back-pain-04-full-1And reverse it, too, so that both legs have a turn in front.


pg-yoga-for-back-pain-07-full-1If you do this, and make fists (not anxious ones) it’s supposed to be extra good for your back. 🙂

butterfly-poselunge pose(I like her pants! 🙂 )

Every picture that I could link, is linked to where I got it from, which also means it is linked to instructions for the pose!

I do it in roughly this order, adding in some other stances and poses as I feel like, and “whatever feels natural”.

“Okay, let’s warm up. Just do whatever feels natural.” Penny says.

“I am” says Sheldon continuing to stand stock still. ~ Big Bang Theory

I hope you enjoy, and hopefully it helps you, too!

For more great exercises, some links that I got these pics from! They will also give you instructions for each pose:

Everyday Health’s best yoga for backs

Post on Gaiam’s blog “Yoga for Lower Back Pain”


Do you have any problem areas you’ve come up with creative solutions for?


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