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Not how I usually am. In fact…

I don’t think I’ve ever felt grumpy before.


But I think that is what I’m feeling yesterday, and today.

Grumpy. 😦

I ran out of food. I didn’t even know. Then I was hungry and I had nothing.

My back hurt harder than it had ever before.

My cat is acting out.

This morning, it was even worse.

I had no food prospects. And I needed to hitch a ride to do any shopping… BT had offered, so shopping was going to be later today, as he ran errands.

But last night he did exactly what I thought he’d do when I told him my costume idea. I’m grumpy about that.  And that is wrong of me. He moved on, and I should, too.

And we’d first be going to his judgemental hair guy.

My hand was weirdly tingling. And it hasn’t stopped.

And my work is currently a frustratingly hard short project.

Then every time I tried to take Rimfire out, a dog was there.

On top of that Rimfire was especially aggressive towards them.

To help get LL out of her mood, I was making her morning mealtime an adventure. At first, it was joyous, playing with her. But I started to get frustrated at her for playing dumb on how to use her treat ball. AGgggh. I shouldn’t get frustrated like that at her, and even though I didn’t show it, I hugged her after, and said I’m sorry.

I was cold, dehydrated, and hungry.

My hair had also gone dirty. I just washed it!

So, French-braiding it was. 10 attempts later, my hair was actually looking pretty good. Still hungry. No prospects. BT doesn’t like my clothes. Waaaah.

When I come out, Rimfire is shivering.  I don’t like seeing my animals in discomfort. I lay my favorite sweater over him, and he actually stops shivering. Another bright spot.

Well. If I stop thinking “I’m grumpy” and just do my best today.

I’ll be okay, I think.

Right now, BT and I have had a great morning. Rimfire is snoozing next to me, laying on the pet’s fav blanket that is also draped, enveloping me. I’m also wearing my favorite sweater, and LL is sleeping on my lap, head on my typing arm. God is always good and will always get us through when we trust Him.


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