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Procrastinating – I do it, too!


I’m not usually a procrastinator.

But today I was.

I procrastinate most often when I have calls to make.

I hate making calls! My adrenaline spikes, I get shaky, and hot. I freak out on the phone, and speak at 100 mph. My voicemails are completely unrecognizable as English.


I have TWO calls to make. And I don’t waannnnnaaaa!!

So, I’m catching up on Season 1 Good Mythical Morning and not doing:

  • deciding where my life will go
  • reading the 7 books I checked out of the library yesterday
  • catching up on World news
  • the dishes!
  • making a call that may (or may be a royal fail) determine my life future (I’m not even kidding on the importance of this call!)
  • writing my friends

Yes, I also procrastinate on writing my friends back. 😦 Terrible. I’m so worried about disappointing them, and hurting them. Yes, I realize this is terrible.

But, I did do some pressing research I needed to do while I was watching GMM.

These things will get done. I have to trust that I will get the resources I need to conquer this list. I’ll probably start on them (not the calls!) as soon as I write this post.

And hey, knowing what I procrastinate on, might help me do #1. Decide where I want my life to go. 🙂

Here’s to you workers and fighters of procrastination. Big thumbs up.

And to you who procrastinated – good job for giving yourself some time.


Did you procrastinate today?

How do you get comfortable making calls to total strangers?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

5 thoughts on “Procrastinating – I do it, too!

  1. I heard the weirdest advice about avoiding work you don’t want to do… “Just ignore that feeling.” That’s it. When there’s something you need to do and don’t want to, just ignore your resistance; like you would ignore a child that doesn’t want to take a nap. It sounds weird, but I’ve actually managed to get quite a bit out of the way with this approach! Try it!


  2. Hi. I procastinate a lot, sometimes I escape thru poetry, sometimes thru music 🙂

    With the job that I have now, it’s really hard to be shy. My supervisor coached me about it (cause I feel the same discomfort while talking to strangers). :))


    • Hi! That is cool. I’ve never thought of poetry as an escape; that sounds really peaceful.
      Aw, that’s cool that your supervisor coached you! I once had a boss who wanted me to work front desk; I was worried at first, but she actually ended up being really nice about it. And since then, I’ve been 100% more comfortable with working front desk in other jobs!

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