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Maybe She Writes a Horsepad


I was sitting down to my laptop, to which I have a plug-in mouse.

As I plugged it into my friend’s outlet, I remembered that as my computer was charging I also had to plug-in the mouse. The outlet does something wrong causing my laptop to shock me. Terrible, but nothing I haven’t dealt with in the past. 🙂

However, with her slick tabletops, the mouse doesn’t always work so well, and so I usually grab a nearby mag and use it to create whatever it is the mouse needs to read the signals. (I’m pretty techno-detail oblivious!)

Well, in a rare moment of money-spender idealness, I thought of what I’d like on my dream mousepad – A HORSE!, and what horse-art I’d like on my mousepad – my favorite horse painter, Lesley Harrison!

And I exclaimed, under my breath:

“Maybe she writes a horsepad!!”

Hmm. Yeah. That doesn’t make sense. I think you meant:

“Maybe she makesmousepad with horses on it!”

This is why some people get frustrated at me, (and I get frustrated at myself when I can’t figure it out) because my brain word-wise works in mysterious ways, that I can’t even understand. This was such a prime, not-even-trying-to-communicate example that I thought maybe it could provide a code to figure out future missaid phrases.

Like the Enigma in U-571.

Have a terrific day!!


Do you have a classic spoonerism, messed-up words, or crazy phrase you’ve said?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Maybe She Writes a Horsepad

  1. Facebook is always referred to as bookface XD
    Loved the post 😀


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