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Super exciting news!!

I am going to be starting some series!!

I signed up for a Photo 101 course. This isn’t a photo-centric blog, but photos do stand for thousands of words. And I like taking photos, so I signed up! Like Blogging Uni, I’m not sure how many will actually make it to the blog, but hey. Something to try!

Also, one of the many things I complain about about myself (due to other’s complaints) is how much I GET EXCITED ABOUT THINGS!!!!!!!!!

I get very happy about things. I like to jump up and down, clap my hands. (I also like to run around like a nut with my dog… (Or all alone, shhhhhh!!!)…. but that is sorta unrelated.) I will smile as broadly as I can, I will go on and on about it (to myself), and be super happy!!

I contain it though, I’ve even successfully killed it off, before.

But recently, I have been prompted to let it out, though, despite it’s annoyingness. Hmm.

I’m just like, “No. I can’t risk it.” Buuut….

Rough draft :) Leave opinions and ideas below!!

Rough draft ūüôā Leave opinions and ideas below!!

Well, on my blog, it’s all about me!!! (Not really). But, I can be more of my annoying self on here, and I won’t bother anybody who doesn’t want to be, and so I plan on starting

GEEKING OUT FRIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An entire post once a week explaining what I geeked out over that week!

verb (used without object):

to¬†be¬†overexcited¬†about¬†a¬†specialized¬†subject¬†or activity,¬†or¬†to¬†talk¬†about¬†it¬†with¬†excessive¬†enthusiasm¬†(usually¬†followed¬†by¬†out): “I¬†could¬†geek¬†out¬†about¬†sci-fi¬†for¬†hours.‚ÄĚ

That is the definition of “geek-out” and that is why it feels appropriate to that super-happy emotion and actions I do when related to some really, absolutely, actually unimportant thing. Well, sometimes it’s great to share and know anyway. I love hearing what people are excited about and loving at any given time. ūüôā

Coming up with words to explain my happiness over something is more difficult than I can say, so I’ll pretty much share it, say a couple things about it and leave it up to you to decide what you think.

I am really looking forward to it! — You could even say I’m geeking out about it. ūüôā (If that term bothers you I’m really sorry!! It’s hard to find a good term for this. Leave your suggestions below!!)

Also, I plan on starting another series, but that will have a post dedicated to it all by its lonesome! ūüôā

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!


Do you “geek-out” over stuff and what is your favorite term for it?


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