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In Heaven


One day, I wrote, kind of asking: “I want to know I can handle my dog’s death. I want to know I can handle LL’s death.” And on Dog Down Under I wrote: “Actually SP and LL (our beautiful cat) are probably the first pets I will see grow old and die of natural causes.

I don’t really know how I am going to handle it. I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t know how I am going to process this.

A family member has mentioned that they don’t know much about old people because she isn’t really with her old family members, and it’s the same for me. I am hoping I will deal with people and pets growing old, well.

If you guys have any ideas for helping me not worry so, or how to deal with pets getting surgery, or growing older, I welcome them!”

I received this advice from that post:

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.57.27 PM

Since that comment, I actually have spent more of my everyday moments appreciating them.

It was about a week ago, that we had to take LL into the vet. She seemed the sickest she’d ever been, but great in every other way.

The vet came back, grim.

She has leukemia. I would even euthanize her today.

I was weeping. I worried about distracting the vet.

We spent that next week following the vet’s instructions; caring for her symptoms and seeing if she would get better.

I watched Good Mythical Morning with her. Watched movies with her, taking every day, every minute, like it was her last – knowing it could be. We listened to her favorite music, and her favorite radio stations. She got lots of love and time with Rimfire.

Today she had a 2nd check up with a second vet, and she seemed to be improving. Her weight was even good. But when they came back, they said:

Her stats are all worse. Her red blood cell count is at 9.

We had a choice. Euthanize her now… or later.

Today, LL was farewelled to heaven. We are so glad to have known her.

She was an amazing cat. Everyone who met her, loved her.

How we met and what she did with us is a pretty amazing tale. Here is a little bit of her life with us.

While camping at a place, I sat outside enjoying the day after a good BBQ. I sat up, and lo and behold, a cat was sneaking past our campsite, no more than 2 feet from me.

I clicked and called her/him over. It paused, and came over! I called Mom out, and we spent some time with this cat. She stood on her hindlegs to meet our hands. Super sweet. And super pretty 😀

Mom had some cans of tuna for the trip, and she opened one and gave some to the kitty. I was kind of surprised, because Mom is always cautious of starting things that she knows are tenable. And animals are a big responsibility that she SERIOUSLY thinks over first, which is such a good attribute. I was so happy Mom was making this move 😀

As we turned in for the night, Mom set the can aside. I glanced at her, knowing what this meant. “In case she comes back tomorrow,” Mom said, shrugging, but smiling.

I think she stayed for a few days, but then she left. She was gone for about a week. I’m glad we had a long camping trip, because we would have missed her if we had left at this time.

I was hoping she would return, and even came up with a name for her (which didn’t stick). Then I looked up one time, and there she was, jogging across the campground. I ran out onto the wet ground in my socks, and called her over.

Instead of taking one look at this crazy running girl, and turning tail, she instead paused, and started running toward me. We walked back to our site, and showed Mom.

Mom gave her a name, that she lived like all her life. It mean “brave” and “courageous”. Before we left, we ran an ad, to make sure she belonged to no one. It was the most bated-breath week of my life. I both wanted the owner to turn up, and didn’t want to give her up. By this time, it was obvious Mom was going to take her in if no one else had, already. She was already living with us, keeping cool in our shade and getting fat on our food. (Which we had to correct later 😉 )

We got proof, beyond a doubt, that no one owned her, and we took a quick trip to the local shelter to triple check and get their opinion. This was LL’s first car trip. If she was going to be with us, she had to do well on this trip – we had to at least transport her home.

The shelter saw nothing wrong with her, pronounced her a boy, and we named her accordingly. While taking her out to the car we had a bout of miscommunication, and LL got loose, right next to the highway. It took a while, but we got her back. Whew!

She still seemed willing, so when we packed up, she came with us. She criss-crossed the country with us, riding in our laps, perching on armrests, and looking out the windows – like a dog. She was so cute. She loved the travels.

We put her in a bunch of situations, each one, ready if she decided to call it quits, but she took each one like it was nothing. She didn’t care. We even got a puppy, and she took that with everything else.

She loved vigorous rubs like a dog, and ‘down’ anything. And the dog bed.

LL was a brave kitty, inside and out, indoors and out. She was unlike any kitty I’ve known before. I’m so blessed to have known her, held her, and gotten to see her. She taught us so much, and was our companion, for so much.

Thank you, LL. And have fun in heaven. I’ll see you there. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “In Heaven

  1. Ok, NOW I’m crying— well done, you, well done… Glad u wrote and shared her tale!! : ) well done!



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