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Just overflowing with Positivity Over Here


I wasn’t aware of it, but it looks like the universe is telling me I’m taking everything pretty positively. I got a terrific e-mail from my friend, and she mentioned it. I asked BT and I pointed out the most “morbid” and “downer” parts of my sad post, and he was like, well yeah! You NEVER mentioned the fact that she like DIED.

I thought it was pretty funny because I was concerned about being so morose and morbid. I’m glad that it didn’t come off that way – at least to BT.

And my Pandora station is telling me this too.

Here is a basic sampling of some of my Pandora staple standbys. — That is, not every song on my Pandora reflects this poistivity rule — I have lots of different types of music on here, but it was funny how back to back I had this music that reflected my sunny disposition which is very me. Of course, people who know me can debate this, but internally these songs go right along with my intellect.

Have a wonderful weekend!

My last 5 songs on Pandora:

Colbie Caillat’s Think Good Thoughts:

Ingrid Michaelson’s Be Ok:

Joy William’s One of Those Days:

If you haven’t ever heard this one, I highly recommend a listen! I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it!! It’s got such a bouncy tune and tongue-in-cheek lyrics and is super fun to sing along with 😀

Jack Johnson’s Upside Down:

Yes, how I wish this wasn’t only associated with Curious George – I can’t find another version – but hey, it’s a cool song, really! 😀 (Even BT had heard of it, and he doesn’t watch curious George, either.) Not that there is anything wrong with Curious George, he just isn’t really in my age group — and I never really liked all the trouble he caused 😦

Train’s When I Look to the Sky:

This was the first time I’d heard this song in a LONG time when I heard it on my Pandora today. Not my fav song, but the chorus is just catchy enough, ya know, that it got a thumbs up. 🙂 Thanks Train for making another just-irresistible-enough chorus — gerrr!! Though 50 Ways to Say Goodbye will probably always be my favorite from him. 🙂 Come on! It’s got a Spanish mariachi backup with RIDICULOUS lyrics? What – you haven’t heard that song? I’ll include it!


Do I seem way too okay for just having my first pet die? I’m worried about looking heartless because I look and sound okay. I’m still sad, but I know she is okay now. And I am trying to flow with my natural getting-over-ness of things, but I hope it’s not too quick for others. And of course I’m fine on the outside, but not all the way through. Parts of me are still sad, ya know? I just don’t know what is the proper emotion!!

BT actually gave me some cool advice when I told him this while Leonna was in hospice: “It’s an emotion. That means there is no right or wrong.” He explained it, but of course, now I can’t remember what made it make sense 😀

Anwyays, usually I can mirror my actions by following the example shown by someone gone through something similar, before, but I know no-one who has just had the same thing happen, so I HAVE NO FRAME OF REFERENCE! Lots of lost over here, but hope I’m doing well, and not offending anyone *bites nails*

What are some songs that are chararcteristically you on your Pandora or playlist?


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2 thoughts on “Just overflowing with Positivity Over Here

  1. I think it’s great that you are coping so well. Sad things happen, but dwelling too long is damaging!


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