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Photography 101: Movement, no wait! Moment


I washed the dishes, donned my jacket, wriggled Rimfire into his sweater and set off to take a picture of Movement per the Photo 101 challenge I had just read.

Or did it? I got so caught up in the idea of the “blur” and such….  Actually, wait.

When I’d finished reading it I did remember thinking of the challenge as finding moment, but my brain simplified it and told my eyes to look for previous photos with movement because movement is fleeting.

Find movement, find moment. But I forgot all about moment, and went to take a photo of movement.

Silly me.

I even thought a sentence to go with it: This is what movement looks to me. Such a cheesy line, I know, but that is what my thoughts think in when they manage to think in words. Things like archetypes, cheesy lines, and cliches.

At least part of the time. No questions about expansive answers to the secrets of my brain please. I’ve been having enough trouble looking like I’ve got it straight in these last few days.

Not feeling good 😦

Anyways, Rimfire and I had a pretty lovely time going to take a picture of movement. We went down to the dock.

Where am I supposed to find movement when the light is fading fast? The dock!!

(I also took one for the Architecture challenge. Thank goodness I didn’t misread it as… there really aren’t words like architecture, are there? Hmmm…..)

Man! Those architecture photos are .. man! Yeah! Awesome! I can’t wait to share them!

I am just now looking at the photos I took, while I am writing this post. Thus the experiential nature of my writing.

This is my favorite photo from my batch of “Movement” photos. (Man, I feel so post-modern, saying that 😀 )… but it wasn’t any of those that I planned to share!



And here is another. I took several of the water (all the while turning my camera on and off, telling the exhausted battery, pleading with it… “One more photo, please… I won’t use flash! I promise, just one more easy photo!” Then being amazed at how the camera saw ephemeral blue skies and woody grey trees in the water, where I just saw (beautiful, but none-the-less) brown-green, reflections, and telling the battery, “One more, one more pleasssse?” … then I said I thought I’d found the one which I would share, but when I got home, non of them looked right. They all were like 😕 and so I shared another water-movement-reflection picture, instead. 😀 Right?

Right. Of course that makes sense.

I really need to get out of my head, but I’m too scared to go anywhere else!


Uh-huh. We’ll leave all that for another time, and just get through tonight. 😉

Many thanks for being with me on this journey.


It’s last light at your place and you want to take a pic of something moving. Where would you go?


I actually got a little bit out of my head!! Just now, I’m feeling a little better. Blogging really helps. 🙂


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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

2 thoughts on “Photography 101: Movement, no wait! Moment

  1. I think your photos are beautiful. Lord of the Ring-ish And I like the way you write – fun


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