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That Awkward Blogger and Otherwise Moments


That awkward moment where you are running over to your friend’s house (who has the working fridge) with your milk in one arm and your butter and cheese in the other in your bare feet with fuzzy socks on because even in winter bare feet rule and you’d rather trot over awkwardly barefoot than regally with crocs on.

That awkward moment when you are about to reply to a blogger’s comment and say, “I found your blog via…” and then wondering if it was actually they who initiated contact, and thus they found you.

That other awkward moment when you are running back to your place from your friend’s with a bag of frozen green beans and some tofu and thinking this is awkward because you thought so about your first trip, but you’re smiling so big because this is so fun!

That awkward moment when you keep hitting “Save Draft” because you hope that as the page refreshes it will magically change your writing to say what you want it to say. (That is just me, isn’t it?)

That awkward moment when your non-myrmecophobic (fear of ants) family member asks “How bad was it?” (ants you sprayed) and you replied “It was pretty bad.” then you realize you should qualify it and say, “There were about 10.”

That awkward moment that I don’t even feel like sharing, but when you find a new band or music group, and pick your favorite in the band and then do some more research and realize they are WAY older or WAY younger than you and even though you didn’t do anything you still feel really weird and like you made such a faux-pas.

I just thought of/lived some of these and felt like sharing. 🙂 Because lists are awesome and sharing awkward experiences can be quite relieving to the psyche — “wait, they do that too?”

Then I read through all of them and realized I just lived through all these today! (Exception #4: that was a few days ago.)

A lot of times it seems awkwardness stems from the illusion that others have no doubts as to what they are doing, or how to compose themselves, or perfect knowledge, and have perfect memory. That others are perfect. That isn’t so, is it?

Have a terrific night!


What is something awkward that has happened to you? And just in case I don’t say it enough, these questions are always open, whether you view this a day from now or a year from now. 😀


That awkward moment when you are trying to review a post but also trying to talk to your family and you don’t know which is better – making sure your post isn’t offensive or listening to your family who knows what are doing but still talks to you and you can’t focus on either 🙂 I love my family and I love my blogging, and when they collide it makes life interesting. 😀


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

4 thoughts on “That Awkward Blogger and Otherwise Moments

  1. Hehehe gotta love those awkward moments!


  2. That awkward moment when you’re having a rather intense conversation in your head and someone notices that you’re fussing at yourself out loud. That’s a common one for me.


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