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Lotsa, lotsa…


Today’s challenge was to photograph a swarm.

But I didn’t want to title my post that because, as soon as I read it, I got even more creepy-crawlies added to those already existing from playing around photographing in the dirt and ant-crawling leaves.


So, I called it lotsa lotsa.

My first thought on this was to photograph a ginormous amount of foliage I had seen covering a neighbor’s acreage.

But then, I looked around at other’s takes on this challenge, and ones that made me go “huh” with a smile, were those that they photographed a swarm of something inside. (Not meaning to offend any fellow bloggers here, sorry!) It inspired me that it didn’t have to be nature, although nature offered beautiful swarm photos.

Anyways, I saw several that encouraged me to take a different take as I took.

I heard that the construction crews were busy at it today, nearby, and so I thought I’d take a mosey over, and shoot my bow and maybe take a pic of a “swarm” of arrows. (Wait, is that an ant? No, false alarm. Proceed.)

Then I realized the tire treads – which were deeply imprinted and had been gone over and gone over – would do very nicely. A swarm they were.

So, I grabbed my camera (which I still hadn’t fully charged, but had 14 minutes of juice) and headed out.

It was fun getting down and dirty in the name of blogging!

I also took a picture of leaves for good measure.

The sun was so bright, I couldn’t tell how any of them were turning out – I just used my instinct and years of mutual benefition with my camera to try to take some usable ones.

And, BT has warned me against pointing my camera right into the sun because I could damage the camera. So, I do know about that, but I really like the way they look!! But I really don’t want to hurt my camera… Any hints or tips on that?

While I was there, I saw a vulture soar overhead set against the clear blue sky and decided to take a picture.

But, I missed him as the battery decided to die, but thought he might come around again. And he did! And again. Took some shots just for fun.

Overall it was a beautiful supposed-to-be, but not, chilly day out!! With bright sun and bright blue sapphire skies!

Now, I do have a media restriction on this kindly-provided-for-free blog, so when I take photos with my camera-camera, then I must select selectively which ones I share.

At least I was. Then I accidentally added them all together, and they looked so good as a group, that I decided 1. not to pick and choose, and 2. not to put them scattered through the post.

Hopefully I didn’t overkill it.

(Guide to gallery for newbies, like meself:


  1. View photos as-are below (which aren’t the whole photo) and go on your merry way in your merry day.
  2.  View photos below, hovering over to see my comment on it (on applicable photos).
  3. Click on any photo and see the photo in it’s entirety. Comment is also included in this view-version. And it gives you scroll-arrows so you can see them one- to the -next to the -next! 😀 It does take a solid internet connection, though.

The sunspot photo works best in full size – – the purple isn’t very visible smallerized.)

Who knew construction sites could be so pretty?

Well, actually I’ve gone to construction sites at the 5’o clock hour before, where everything is golden, while riding my bicycle… and yeah, that was absolutely pretty. 😀

The construction workers (and their giant trucks) started coming back as I finished my photographing and so I scurried out of there.

Have a terrific day wherever you live!! 😀


Do you have a favorite photo from above? (Not trolling for votes here, just it seems a common/popular question for the participants of the photo challenge, so I thought I’d put it out there that I was open to input.)

Do you like taking sunspot photos or close-up photos? I love playing with the focus, so that is why I like close-up photos!

Do you like visiting construction sites?


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2 thoughts on “Lotsa, lotsa…

  1. I love the last picture best 🙂


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