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Outfit for Thanksgiving – Vote!! :D

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Hi, everyone!

I’m having one of those rare ocacssions where I’m actually having a very social Thanksgiving.

The great thing is, it’s with a friend.

The other great thing is, I just got a haul of free clothes.

I tried them all on, and some of them passed the family vote — but not all of them have my vote yet. They’re too new, too unexperienced by me.

I do love playing on my fashion apps (Covet Fashion or Clothia anyone?) which is funny, because I am totally non-clothe minded in real life. But I style away on those guys and LOVE it.

So, would you like to help me vote on which is your favorite for a friend and family Thanksgiving gathering?

Have fun and vote away!!

1. India-styled solid bright pink wrap skirt with 3/4 black shirt with sequin neckline, (and black tights?).

2. Jeans and long tan mesh-like sweater.

4. Velveteen pants and the long tan mesh-like sweater.

5. The India wrap skirt with a cap sleeve light blue shirt with semi-open back.

6. Velveteen Chinese-stylized mock-neck shirt with stretch cargo jeans.

What do you think? I know it’s pretty late. I might not get any votes, but, hey, that’s fine 🙂 I love weighing in on things like this, so I wanted to put it out there! 😀 (P.S. Voting open today, too! :D)

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! and Happy Thursday, everyone!


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I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

One thought on “Outfit for Thanksgiving – Vote!! :D

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