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Geek Out Fridays – Merry Christmas to You(Tube)?


Rough draft :) Leave opinions and ideas below!!

Happy Geek-Out Fridays!

This week I have had a few things to be happy about. (A few? Oh, well, yeah, you know what I mean — things that entered the contest for being my subject of Geek-Out Fridays. 😀 )

But these were what stood out to share!

I do not wear anything on my face, really. But I do like to experiment, and I’m not half-so-bad at it as I would have myself believe.

In short, I inherited FIVE lipsticks from my mom that she didn’t need anymore. LIPSTICK! I have never had or used or liked lipstick, but these are pretty good, and they pretty much match me, so they don’t break my “natural” ideaology. 😀 And its fun to play around with them!

Okay, now I am always on board the “It’s TOO EARLY” train when stores bring out their Easter/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas commercials and “specialty” shelves. Uck!

BUT — I have been listening to Christmas music non-stop this last week. (Sorry.)

It just so happened that after I saw Idina Menzel and Michael Buble having such fun with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on YouTube and Pandora offered me a station with today’s Christmas hits, I said

Sure, I’ll give a listen!

And I’ve enjoyed it mucho much! That doesn’t mean I’ve hopped on the “Let’s buy a Christmas tree in November” train or anything (don’t worry 🙂 ), I’m just loving getting a jumpstart on the jollity. Plus, I was helping make Christmas flyers, so it got me in the mindset!

Then, when I visited YouTube, again, I saw another song, and it made me laugh so much!

So this week, I am geeking out about Christmas music (and their videos)!

#1. Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

This is so cool of an idea! The kids are like doing the whole thing 🙂 And Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé changed the lyrics some and it’s more kid-friendly (thankfully!) I like this version a lot better than any I’ve heard in a long time. 🙂

#2. Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas is You”

I had no idea this was such a catchy song! I had it stuck in my head for a couple days 🙂

What I thought of while it was going around in there was how awesome it would be for John F. Daley and Carla P. Gallo (Sweets and Daisy in Bones) to cover this song, Bones Season 4, episode 26, style.enhanced-30713-1412286861-17

Remember that? When John F. Daley’s band (Dayplayer) came to the Bones set and got featured in the “alternate reality” episode and they totally rocked out that song? I could totally imagine Daisy on the jingle bells and Dayplayer on vocals. So cool!

OH! I JUST FOUND IT!!!! bones_endbeginning-sc29_0189

Here is the song that made me think that it’d be so fun for Mr. Daley and Miss Gallo to cover All I Want for Christmas (keep listening past 30 seconds 🙂 The chorus bears resemblance.)

#3. Straight No Chaser and Kristen Bell “Text Me Merry Christmas”

2 notes: 1. How have I not heard of Straight no Chaser before?? and 2. This song borders what I am comfortable sharing, but I’ll tell you beforehand, so you know that. 😀

This song was on YouTube’s front page and so I gave it a wary try. So glad I did! I was singing along with Kristen Bell, before 3 lyrics were over. Even though I hadn’t heard it before, it just had that quality 😀

And it had me laughing! Uncommon, I’d say, for a song that is semi-serious (like not a comedy song.) Very cool.

It also had me nodding. Like, “yup, I get that.”

But it also had me disagreeing.

I’ll break it down for ya.

[Bold: Equals “relatable.”

Italic: Funny!

Strikethrough = Borderline]


This holiday
You’ll be far away
And I’ll be all alone
So please remember
This December
To fully charge your phone

Text me Merry Christmas
Let me know you care
Just a word or two
Of text from you
Will remind me you’re still there
You don’t have to add much to it
One smiley face will do
Baby text me Merry Christmas
Cause I’m missing kissing you

Text me Merry Christmas
Make my holiday complete
Though you’re far from me
Say you’ll brb
That’s a text I’ll never delete [[I keep so many texts]]
Choose just the right emoji
One that makes me lol
And if you text me something naughty
I promise I won’t tell

Kristen and Mike:
I don’t care if you spell things right
I just want to hear from you tonight
Stroke those keys with your delicate touch
And type those little words that mean so much!



How are you


Miss u

Miss u too

Xmas sucks without you

I know lol

Love u

Love u 2


Kristen and Mike:
A facebook message isn’t quite as sweet

A need more from @you than just a tweet

A snap on snapchat doesn’t last

Kristen and Mike:
And voicemail? That’s from Christmas past [[What! NO!!!!! I think it’s way more meaningful!]]

Text me Merry Christmas
Send a selfie too
If you do, I’ll go
‘Neath the mistletoe
And pretend my screen is you
Show me that you love me
Text xo to kiss and hug me [[I was wondering if something changed, because I saw people using these when I didn’t think they meant kisses or hugs, and I was wondering if I was out of the loop! 😀 ]]
I’ll be right here waiting
For my pants to start vibrating
Baby text me Merry Christmas
And I will text you too
This Christmas
It’s the least that we can do

Merry Christmas!

Read more:  Straight No Chaser – Text Me Merry Christmas Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I almost always send out holiday texts to my friends. Sometimes it feels like the only time we connect, and I love it when I get a text back. It shows they still are cool with me being in their circle, even if it is once a year.

(And I still reallllllly like Christmas carols; but discovering new Christmas songs is not something happens that everyday! 😀 )


Have you found any Christmas songs you are newly loving this year?

What is something you are loving this week?


Author: Arctic Hare!

I write Naturally Dreamy and have a lot of fun with that!

4 thoughts on “Geek Out Fridays – Merry Christmas to You(Tube)?

  1. Oh, I love anything Michael Bublé! 😀


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